Okay buckle the fuck up because I’m pissed

Romani people exist okay? We exist, and we experience racism, and prejudice and fucking casual hatred and erasure and constant, never ending microaggressions and if you are a white activist I can almost guarantee you are not fucking helping.

Stop giving the total number of Holocaust victims as six million, it was nearly twice that. Better yet, just stop using the Holocaust as a rhetorical device in general if you’re not Jewish or Romani.

But okay fine you wanna talk about the Holocaust? Lets talk about the fucking Holocaust.

Did you know entire dialects of our language went extinct because everyone who spoke them was killed?

Did you know Romani children were the favorites of the Nazi scientists for experimentation because they were easily bribed with chocolate and toys? Josef Mengele (May he burn in every afterlife) sewed two four-year-old twin children together, back to back. Their names were Guido and Ida and their own mother had to kill them out of mercy.

Non-romani and non-Jewish people need to stop comparing what is happening to the Holocaust because guess what? You don’t understand our fear. You don’t understand how we’re feeling. I watched the fucking president sign an order to ban Muslim people from entering this country and now I cant stop having nightmares about brown triangles and fucking gas chambers.

and you do not know how this feels, you do not understand the visceral cultural memory that exists in ever Jewish and Romani person; I guarantee you do not get it.

In Mississippi you can still fine a Rom for moving to your county. Texas law refer to Prostitutes, Vagabonds and G*psies in the same breath and fines all of them $500 for existing in public. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to even be Romani without a license. A license to exist, a license to be allowed to be alive. And that’s just in the U.S, where I live. Romani children in Europe still go to segregated fucking schools

And I don’t have an Instagram anymore because I was sick of seeing white girls appropriate my culture and call themselves g*psies as if it wasn’t a slur, insisting that they just love my culture so much and yet none of them are willing to defend me against the Nazis who want to finish killing my people

I wonder if my survival will be predicated on how happy I can keep my racist white family. I wonder if they will be the ones who turn me in. I look at every white person around me insisting that we need to give Trump a chance and all can see is their backs turning on me when everything goes to shit.

I cant even go shopping without seeing t-shirt slapped with racial slurs, watching businesses being built atop my people graves, see our suffering reduced to an aesthetic, as if Romani aren’t still forcefully sterilized when they go to the hospital for cold medicine

Are you fucking listening? Do you understand what I’m telling you? I’m not a prop, im not an aesthetic, im not fucking Halloween costume, im a real actual person whose people are suffering I am so fucking sick of leftists and so-called activists who refuse to acknowledge that Romani people even exist, let alone try to, gods forbid, help us.

The only gadje I ever see defend Romani people are Jewish people. And that’s great, Jewish people thank you, but why are the only gadje who care about us getting murdered by Nazis the one’s who are also getting murdered by Nazis?

Stop talking about fucking “peaceful transitions of power” and “don’t fight hate with hate” and “if you punch Nazis you’re just as bad” stop fucking telling Jewish and Romani people they are just as bad as the monsters who fucking slaughtered millions of their people

Fucking hell I don’t even know what the point of this post is im just so fucking done with your shitty activism and your half-assed defenses and your “listen to both sides of the argument even if one side is LITERAL NAZIS” nonsense and your refusal to listen when people call you out on your bullshit im just done

im rly excited for the shape of water bc it seems like it’s gonna be such a loving story??? like it rly seems like we’re gonna get a monster/human romance story that revolves around true love and bonding and learning how to communicate w/ each other [through ASL too!!!] 

like im just,,, so fucking ready for this lovey dovey monster movie


my bby im crying with you ;____;


Deku, you shine brighter than the sun, as always. q_q

my sleeping and poor precious boys ;;;;;;;;

and I almost die here

because it’s THESE frames in the manga that WEREN’T

ughhh…. my heart’s still beating so widly
this episode it’s too emotional.

that’s all.

so for those not in the know, t-ara debuted in 2009 with 6 members (jiyeon, hyomin, qri, eunjung, boram and soyeon) and got their first win on jan 1st 2010 with “bo peep bo peep”. they continued to win with most of their comebacks until 2012 as they were extremely popular, on par with snsd and kara at the height of their career. 

their last win was on feb 24th 2012 with the song lovey dovey. after that was released, everything started going downhill. their company added an 8th member, areum, to the group (after previously adding hw*young as the 7th in 2011) and then The Bullying Scandal™ happened in mid 2012 during day by day era. they were hated so fucking much that in late 2012 (after hw*young left) when they came back with sexy love (now 7 members), companies tried to postpone their own group comebacks bc they didn’t want their artists promoting at the same time as t-ara. in 2013, areum eventually left the group and they were back to their original lineup as 6. however, the impact left from their scandal was so huge (and their company just let the scandal happen, they didn’t provide any support or offer any real clarity or statement until THIS YEAR) that korea essentially shunned them. they were sworn at, no one wanted to see them on shows, members were pulled out of dramas they were supposed to star in, the brands they were endorsing didn’t want them anymore. they were hated by Everyone. so they went off and found success in japan and (especially) china, but every time they came back to korea, they were faced with more and more hate, people telling them to stay in china, they didn’t want them in korea. 

however, this year FINALLY the scandal was cleared up, and hw*young (who everyone sided with at the time) was exposed as a liar and a fake, and basically t-ara shouldn’t have been blamed for everything bc it all turned out to be one ugly lie. but the lie Ruined their careers and the girls weren’t able to win ANY awards since february 2012. but today they FINALLY FUCKING DID. knetz shunned them for 5 fucking years over NOTHING and they finally got a win. im so angry it’s taken 5 years to get them another win and this is supposedly their last comeback and then they disband, which is such a bittersweet ending. but im so happy ppl finally woke up and got these girls what they deserve, even if boram and soyeon aren’t there to share it with them.

obviously there’s a lot more to say here about them, their history and the scandal in general, but i dont wanna make this post too long im just so fucking proud of them and im so happy korea finally woke the fuck up after 5 years. please support t-ara, even if this ends up being their last comeback, please support them all the way through this.

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oh my god i just read two rotten apples and holy fuck their relationship is so terrible i feel so bad for her goddamn idk why i feel so hurt but pls make jungkook suffer

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yo… ik everyone will disagree wit me but the relationship in tra is just way too toxic like why do i feel like shit when even if im just the reader. im so fucking mad why is jungkook such an asshole n why is the oc so easy UDHDHJD

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it fucks with my mind how horrible jk is to the oc in tra i didnt do anything productive today bc i felt like shit LMAO

drabble #3

COUNT → 3.519

GENRE → smut | crack

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | penis in mouth | explicit language | penetration | graphic dirty talk | dick riding | the occasional sarcastic quip

LINKS → 1 | 2 | 3 | 3.5COMING SOON

note → i didn’t have this in mind with the current story line of two rotten apples, which you can read the first part here. so kinda consider this drabble just like. i dont even know. i have no idea. i think as the story goes on. ill link the drabbles for where i think they are in the story. the other two happen later on so they wont be linked yet until more parts are released!!!!!!! anyway i wrote this in a state of anger and perspiration!!!!!!!!!!! if u dont like my characters. or dont like the story. u could just. consider this: close out of my blog and never come back. no one was forcing u to read this. so i didnt appreciate these msgs. i understand u were venting but u didnt even say anything positive about the story so how could u expect me to respond positively??? anyways g’nite

The skin of Elise’s knuckles lightened as her fists clenched on the kitchen counter. She’d been dicing onions for a breakfast omelette but Kale’s noises from upstairs were distracting her as they drifted to her ears from the vent above her head. The kitchen was directly below their shared bedroom, so she could hear every single sound he made, even the bed creaking under his weight.

Washing her hands quickly, she grabbed a nearby towel to dry them off before heading towards the long, twisting marble staircase leading to the upstairs hallway, following the grunts and groans of her beloved husband.

As she peered into the bedroom, she gasped at the sight before her. Kale was lounging on the mattress, a rose placed between his succulent lips and a single cut from one of the thorns garnishing his lower lip. He probably should’ve cut all the thorns off before placing it in his mouth but he was never the smart one. His chest glistened under the light of the full moon, even though just a few seconds ago, Elise was making a breakfast omelette and typically those are made in the morning. She just didn’t have a good concept of time and made breakfast omelettes at night and steaks at eight o’clock in the morning.

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TREY: we fucked up last season, the fandom hates us. MATT: then this season give the fandom what it wants TREY: What does the fandom want? MATT: *holding a pile of gay Fanfictions* some gay shit...we should also sprinkle some "the main four and no adults" too. TREY: I don't think- MATT: *already writing Fanfiction involving forbidden love between a white man and an native American man* don't think, just do


Here goes. This is the weakest I’ll ever be with you. I’ve missed you. Some days not all. But I was fine, I was doing really okay and I think every time I’m doing my best that’s when you come and fuck it all up. You were a huge disappointment. You repeatedly let me down on days I needed you most, where I needed you to comfort me and just love me. You were not there for the longest time. So you can see why it’s hard to trust you again? Telling me I’m the one does not convince me as much as I want it to it doesn’t because you’ve crushed that hope of mine that YOU were the one and I was that to you. Because you don’t treat people that way you don’t when you’re in love with them. I can’t tell if I miss the idea of you or if I miss you. I’ve been crying a lot because you give me so much anxiety and I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. I hate that you’re doing this while you’re not here because I just want to see you I want to yell at you I want to hug you and I want to kiss you but I can’t. And the anxiety is eating me alive because I want to just call you and talk to you about everything. You know me I’m the kind of person that needs to deal with things at that moment. And I can’t do that yet. I’m really terrified. I don’t think it’s because I’m Afraid of how much I think I love you but how much you’ll hurt me next. Let’s face it, you’ll hurt me again. You do not know the pain I felt losing my best friend so many times and me always being so good to you. And now I leave for 2 Months and now I don’t want to anymore because I want to stay with you. What does that say about me really? That I let any person control my life? I want you to call I want you to talk to me I want you to annoy me because I really don’t want to stop talking until you come why can’t you fucking see that? You’re proving everything I’ve said about you and you don’t seem to care. and it hurts. You brought back all this pain and anxiety you don’t see that either. Im thinking about how I felt when you left every time, how you literally broke me. There’s no other way than to describe it that way. The night I called you drunk was because this guy kissed me and I instantly left and went home and collapsed onto the floor and just cried. All i wanted was you. It made me sick to my stomach kissing someone else. Im trying to believe you. Im trying to believe you’re different I just don’t see how that is true or how you will prove it. I think the number thing I hate about myself is that I am a pushover. I will always forgive you and I hate that. I hate that Im talking to you, I feel weak for even crying about you right now. But I want to get back to where we were. I want you to make me fall in love with you again, I truly do. I’m just scared Im so fucking scared of leaving now and I don’t know what will happen when Im gone. But were not talking right now, and I don’t know what I think of that. You’re proving me right, i hope you see that. So idk what I’m trying to say here I really don’t. But just call. Fuck, just call please. 



Chris Schistad

I’m literally so happy. From the second I started watching Skam I literally grew so weirdly attached to p Chris bc i was like “there’s no fucking way his entire personality is ‘I like hooking up with girls (+boys)’” and as soon as he started popping up throughout the seasons with Eva I fucking knew it! I literally posted so fucking much about them on my old tumblr (deleted) and I got shit for thinking Chriseva was a fucking thing BUT I WAS LIKE NO FUCK YOU GUYS IF WILLHELM GOT HIS REDEMPTION CHRIS NEEDS TO GET HIS TOO ! And this fucking clip is literally what I’ve been waiting for bc he looks so in love and he wants an actual relationship for the first time ever and he met her mom and he fucking spent the night and neither of them freaked out WHICH MEANS THIS WASN’T OUT OF THE NORM AND GUYS IM JUST SO FUCKING HAPPY I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF WHEN CHRIS IS OVER HERE LOOKING AND SMILING AT EVA LIKE THAT AND HIS LAUGH AND THEIR MOMENTS AND JOKES AND PLAYFULNESS EVEN THOUGH HE BROUGHT UP SOMETHING SEMI SERIOUS! My OTP is canon and this is all I’ve ever wanted (except a p chris season but ya know….)

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One of the things I loved about dans new video is that it captures exactly how depression feels for me? I mean, I always feel like I’m on an island instead of a hole, but the whole disassociating and seeming okay resonated with me so much and ugh I love this boy I swear

dude it was so wonderful! like ok. im a psychology major and i was a bit nervous about the video bc i was worried it’d say a lot of things about mental health that were myth-y or like,,, “this is the RIGHT WAY” or something, but it’s DAN and dan doesn’t do shit like that and this was literally the PERFECT video and im just so…. fucking…. HAPPY gdi

i used to be sad all the time but now im just so fucking angry. im angry that im up until three in the morning every single day with the thought of you stuck on replay because no matter how many times i try to shatter the record, my record player has your voice memorized and you are all i can hear in the quiet of my room and you are haunting me and you’re not even a fucking a ghost and i am so tired of being haunted by the living. i am angry because every song is about you. every song brings me back to you and reminds me of your eyes or your voice or your laugh and how it was a melody to my ears, how it was the thing that soothed me on my darkest nights and how now, i am implacable and my music is so loud all i can hear is the song that’s playing but between songs your name slips in and it kills me. im so angry that you slipped away from me. no. you didn’t slip away because i held you so tight and you pried my fingers away from your ribs and you pushed me away without any hint of goodbye and im so angry that i let it happen again. because i thought this time, you’d be the one who stayed but again, someone has left me. and i was convinced that i was finally locked down but you keep getting in and i know it’s my fault because i cannot stop leaving the key under my “welcome home” matt and i know nothing is inviting about letting ghosts of past lovers inside of your very own house but jesus fuck this is the only way i can get by without suffocating and choking up my lungs and im afraid that bullet holes were never just scratch the surface wounds because i have a war zone in my head and the bullets keep grazing my chest and there is nothing romantic about the way you force me to swallow gun powder because now i am a ticking time bomb and you convinced me it would save me but i am afraid if i hear your name im going to explode and obliterate everything in my path. you have made me destructive but still i am open arms for you and i am so angry at myself for letting it happen again but i must keep you alive and the only way i can reach you anymore is by turning off the lights and waiting for the haunting with tears streaming down my face and shaky hands, i will close my curtains, shut off the lights, and wait. i am ready for your return. i am not scared anymore. haunt me, please.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write due to the fear of you reading it // ig writingmyself