Okay but have you guys noticed how gentle and emotional Sehun is. Sometimes I’m so moved by the way he loves so openly, gives so much of himself away. Do you guys remember that letter he wrote for the exo members? Remember that time he cried when asked what he prayed for? Sehunnie is so sensitive. People often think he’s a lil detached because his face can be stoic but Sehun is so soft. He feels things so strongly and sometimes I’m so scared because the world is so harsh and Sehun is so gentle, so full of sincerity and love and I hope the people around him try their best to protect him. This is so cheesy but I honestly love Sehun so much. If I could, I would legit bottle sunshine so he’d always be warm. I’d bring down star dust to light his way. You know, the the usual.

things i am literally crying over rn

- yoongi and namjoon remembering the exact date of their first album release

- yoongi and namjoon at home, wondering if they’d ever perform at MAMA

- yoongi telling namjoon he’s worked hard and it meaning so, so much more than even we know

- the bond between the two of them, formed over years of fear and hope and pain and endurance

- yoongi finally being able to cry on stage, because this is reality, and it hit him so hard, that he couldn’t even speak