[[ M:  aaaah -  Thank you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  I dont really think shes popular or anything like that, considering im to shy/awkward lately to have her rp or meet people. As for your first question I really liked doodling so i made a blog/tumblr to upload them. About for the other question.. This is just my opinion but i think it depends on the owner of the character? 

For example if you really like your oc i think others will kinda noticed it? And might end up liking your oc too ……but if you keep saying you are bored with it or pretty much show how much you disapointed of it you are.. the others will notice and slowly feel the same way (?).  Nothing wrong with that really, even myself decided to put a bit of attention to other ocs, but i guess that has a bit to do with how others will feel about an oc blog. Anyway :> like is said im glad you like ven, ill try hard to keep drawing her and finish all those gijinka asks  ]]