a bloodborne-ified percy derolo bc i imagined whitestone under the briarwoods to be all corrupted like yharnam

that fcking interview with dan w**** left me just wow how amazing louis is as a person, how fcking considerate and strong he is, how he can see the good in EVERYONE even those who have not been nice to him… and it’s mostly all because his mum, his mum who died but letf him with so many lessons learned. And it hurts cause Louis deserves so much better, and he still wishes his mum would still be there with him but he doesnt want the sympathy… he just keeps going and working for what he wants. and im just so emotional


*lays down* this issue hurt me too tbh aaaaaaaah

this is pretty early on in the comic, but still some spoilers for mtmte issue 15 if you havent read it yet!

dialogue under the cut!

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every time i watch the ep w maggie talking about how she was outed i cry bc im terrified of having a similar experience with my family, theyre extremely homophobic and im so scared whatll happen after i say im a lesbian. my mom thinks i cry just bc im an emotional person (which i am but its not why i cry at that scene)

it’s not always safe to come out, and that’s something that really needs to be remembered. if you can’t come out because you’re afraid of what your family will do, that’s okay and your identity isn’t any less real just because you aren’t out. you’re under no obligation to tell them anything.

but imagine having a lazy day with niall where he is all cute and his hair is fluffy and he’s just wearing those grey sweats with his white boxers peaking out while you’re wearing just your really cute underwear and your glasses and your hair in a big messy bun and his big “the who” tee-shirt and he sitting in front of the couch with his back leaning against it playing fifa and you’re sitting behind him with your legs hanging over his shoulders reading your book and scrolling through twitter and you can hear him in the background cursing cause he keeps losing and finally he just gets tired of losing so he puts the controller down and pouts and you look down at him then go back to reading your book and he turns around and starts rubbing your legs and placing light kisses all over them and you just continue reading because its at a really intense part and then you feel his tongue lightly trail up and down your inner thighs and then you put your book aside and then he hooks his fingers in your panties and pulls them down and eats you out and i jusT

i am so excited and happy for them. this is the first official single; so it’ll be on itunes and stuff and i hope we all buy it because they have worked so much on this album- they have worked so much for this to happen and they deserve so much i wish i could hug them i just- im getting emotional