Things i learned at 22

Be nice to the monster under the bed. Give them a proper name, something that can be shouted in surprise at the odd tickling sensation at your ankle. Be considerate with a regular sleeping schedule, you will both feel grumpy on three hours of sleep. They do not need to feed regularly but should you get crumbs on the floor do not feel bad you are providing a nice treat for them. Sometimes the monster under the bed is a metaphor and sometimes there is a sentient clawing black shadow with breath the temperature of winter waiting to snag in its hellish embrace underneath you’r bed frame. 

stereotypicalantagonist  asked:

I used to watch this show called Monster Hunters when I was 12 because of my genuine interest in unknown species (also I was 12. Like yes the show was bad). And my dad would mock it all the time and regularly turn to a different channel. And what did he turn to? A show about aliens. Every. Damn. Time.

Ugh. I used to watch Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit and my dad used to mock it. Well look at me now, dad. I have a blog. HA. 

anonymous asked:

How do you know you love someone?

you kinda just… know. many people (usually younger people, though i have seen it happen in adults + elderly people) say they love someone because they either feel like they should or they want to. you cant force that feeling.

usually, you start to love someone when you get to know them. you accidentally memorise their schedule without even realising (ah, its monday. they wont be able to talk until later) or just feel really happy if you see something related to them. you tend to think about them a lot, but i guess it differs from person to person.

ive only felt platonic love. i am not in love, though this is mainly based of what i have felt/what i think it would feel like.

one last thing: do not say you love someone if you know you do/if youre trying to manipulate someone. if you think this is an okay thing to do, get the hell away from me

Don’t imagine the elves of Mirkwood watching their king change after their queen’s death.

Don’t imagine Thranduil going mad with grief and loss and putting on a stone façade so nothing will be able to hurt him as much as this did.

Don’t imagine him chugging wine down to erase all the good she gave him.

Don’t imagine him drowning in alcohol to erase the memory of her.

Don’t imagine him working himself half to death every day to distract himself from coming back to an eternally half empty bed.

Don’t imagine young Legolas, still grieving over his mother, having to put his feelings aside and care for his father, emotionally unavailable and delusional, because he’s the only thing close to family that he has left.

Don’t imagine Thranduil quietly asking young Legolas to sleep in his room to fill the other side of the bed because he can’t stand subconsciously waiting for his wife to fill it.

Don’t imagine him panicking because the smell of her is fading off of her pillowcase and clothes; and no matter what he does, he can’t make or preserve the same smell and feeling that she left behind.

Don’t imagine him sobbing into her pillow, cursing himself for not being able to be the safety blanket he promised her he’d be and not being able to keep the one good thing in his life alive.

Don’t imagine him in a drunken stupor, stumbling around his room and crying out for his wife to “please come back” because he just can’t take it anymore.

Don’t imagine Legolas standing outside of his father’s bedroom and hearing his father’s cry out elvish words of immeasurable agony and thinking that this is what love really is.

Don’t imagine him and all the times he’s come dangerously close to fading because he got too sober to bear the weight of life on his shoulders.

Don’t imagine Thranduil not being able to tell his son that he loves him because he’s too scared of being attached to someone that might break him all over again.

Don’t imagine Legolas bottling every one of his emotions up for the next hundreds of years because he can’t afford to feel when trying to heal his father.

Don’t imagine Legolas knowing that, despite everything he might say, that deep down, his father loves his little leaf more than he can say.


There’s no other place that I’d rather be

With you by my side, yes, we’ll drive to the sea

I’ll sing you Sinatra, let’s love and be free

No reservations and no minor key

I’ll give you my heart, if you’ll give me yours

No need to hide it,

For you I adore

If you see me shine, it’s your love I glow

So give me a shortcut which nobody knows

Shortcuts- Kero One feat. Sam Ock