SJM Making a book series...

Sarah J Maas …
*In her kitchen with a magic blender*

  • Just a little bit of beauty and the beast
  • Some Tam-Lin
  • Ooo and a Dash of Hades and Persephone
  • A little bit of myth from ancient greece
  • And a bit more from Faerie stories and folktales
  • Ooo I might add a pinch of hunky Scottish male from those alpha romance stories
  • Oo and a witch, I like witches
  • Damn I forgot to add a second love interest for my main character, better put that in quick.
  • Oh wait I should add a third love interest because that would really confuse my readers and the ship wars would be so fun to watch. *rubs hands together*
  • Right! All Done, time to turn on the blender

Fantastic - a new book series.

Things i learned at 22

Be nice to the monster under the bed. Give them a proper name, something that can be shouted in surprise at the odd tickling sensation at your ankle. Be considerate with a regular sleeping schedule, you will both feel grumpy on three hours of sleep. They do not need to feed regularly but should you get crumbs on the floor do not feel bad you are providing a nice treat for them. Sometimes the monster under the bed is a metaphor and sometimes there is a sentient clawing black shadow with breath the temperature of winter waiting to snag in its hellish embrace underneath you’r bed frame. 

you really think that you’re smarter than toddlers? a kid just made eye contact with me from his stroller and telepathically told me that einstein’s theory of relativity was in fact, false, and apa cited his sources. think you can beat that? grow up.