I feel like I need to wear a sign that says “I’m sorry I’m in such a foul mood please forgive me in advance.”

sometimes i wonder if true love really exists anymore ?? having someone geniuenly worry for you?? care for you?? look at you with such fond and loving eyes. a person you can give your body and mind to, a person you can call yours and yours only??

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Hi, it's the first pronoun validation anon. My name's Eliza and my pronouns are they/them <3

Everyone! This is Eliza! They’ve got a cool name and I bet they have a hecking awesome face! I fully believe they can defeat dysphoria and kick it in the FACE! Also they did the lil heart thing and I love that. I hope they realize they are very hecking AWESOME and NEATO!

Best Wishes in Beating Back Dysphoria!

~Mod Isabella

but what about afterwards?