i love paul yore’s artwork so much. its fucking amazing and yummy and he inspires me.

today he told me to not care about what people think, that its good not to fit in, and just keep drawing.. and ugh.. that made me feel so much better about not getting in to that university. 

one of my inspirations gave me such good advice.. and i didnt even ask him. he just messaged me randomly. i feel like i can do anything if i dont let others bring me down (i sound so fuckin cliche but w/e). i am happy.

im so jealous of the ones that are in love. not fake love, or just being infatuated with someone. like actually being in love. knowing everything about each other and being able to just stand back and look at someone who thinks you’re perfect. not wanting to be anywhere else but with one person. the feeling must be so scary and yet the best thing in the world. i wonder what its like.