so really? that was it? jack just said that because he wanted to save face? he was only denouncing pewdiepie because he thought that’s what would avoid the “negative backlash” and, when it turned out to have given him more of it, he just turns tail and runs??? he’s seriously letting pewdiepie fans bully him into backing into a corner again and spouting the usual “b-b-but i still support him!! i still stand by him!” bullshit rhetoric that keeps his subscribers?? 

grow a spine, jack. i really love(d) you, man, but don’t turn into a limp dishrag all of a sudden because people are demanding that you “stand with pewdiepie” even if you have clearly said that a) you still do as a friend, and b) still don’t agree with his actions. tbh it’s a bit sketchy that you’re still supporting him as a friend at all, considering that this is clearly not the first time pdp has engaged in jokes like these that you disagree with, but that’s entirely within your right and i can’t tell you what to do in terms of your friendships. but as a youtuber you have a responsibility to your young, impressionable viewers to denounce his wrong actions, and stand by what you said, instead of folding like a house of cards and indirectly downplaying felix’s actions.

  • what she says: lol shameless is dead to me
  • what she means: my heart is broken. never has a show and its characters possessed my being in its entirety like this. mickey milkovich is among the purest and most important people in my life. his unshakeable loyalty to those he loves will forever leave me awestruck. his bravery and courage will forever rouse me. his unconditional devotion to ian gallagher will forever redefine my expectations of love. never again will i be able to look at a snickers bar the same way. or orange juice. or jack daniels -which presents a problem given i want to drink myself into a fucking oblivion. "don't" will always mean something. "what you and i have makes me free" will always mean something. "i'm worried about you, i love you" will always mean something. "will you? wait?" will always mean something. "you're under my skin" will always mean something. this show has ruined me, body and soul, but it can never take away who mickey milkovich is and what he meant to me and so many others. i will go on living as a bundle of broken nerves, and the memories of the boy with the bleeding heart will forever haunt me.

Ok. I read ll 7. I don’t understand why are you all people sad and crying. The issue was so funny with such a happy ending. And about the ending it was so cute. Nobody died. Fangry and Kaput being friends. Tailgate and Cyclonus finally admitting their feelings for each other and getting married and fucking living their lives together happily ever after like the are supposed to be. Right… rigth? 😭😭😭😭😭😭 jro why why do you hurt me like that. Is it so hard to write something happy.