A week ago you said to me “do you believe I’ll never be too far? If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”.
The fact that we can sit right here and say goodbye means we’ve already won, a necessity for apologies between you and me, baby, there is none.
We had some good times, didn’t we? We had some good tricks up our sleeve.
Goodbyes are bittersweet but it’s not the end, I’ll see your face again


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;


reference for anyone who wanted another look at maui’s tattoo of moana over his heart

oh and here’s mini-maui waving goodbye to moana for that extra bit of heart-stomping feels. now go forth all of you and draw mini-moana being cutes with mini-maui.

can i just cry about this cup of china squad selfie phichit took

because oh my gooooddddddd everything is so good

  • phichit looks. so perfect. fucking hell look at his smile and his eyes and im crying moving on
  • guang hong is precious as always
  • leo is also being his adorable energetic self. hes so happy and pure
  • chris never misses an opportunity to flirt with the entire world
  • georgi’s grovin to some invisible tunes over there but hes with the squad and hes SMILING and looks like hes having a genuinely good time?? he seemed like he wasnt going to be the friendliest person towards everyone but here he is, partying with the crew (hes kinda more off to the side but hes STILL THERE)
  • VICTOR AND YURI(yuuri? idfk) BEING PRECIOUS AND LOOKING SO HAPPY TO BE THERE :’D victor’s not back with the older coaches, he’s out front with his student and boyfriend and former rivals and has his arm around yuri,,, theyre so close and happyyyy my heart is weak
  • SO
  • GOOD
  • FUCK
  • happy family photos make the heart melt bye

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Remember when Baby called Michael a dummy? She was referencing an inside joke he had with his sister. One would ask a question and the other would answer with "Because ,Dummy,...I thought it was obvious." She thought if she reminded him of time he spent with his sister he'd be more willing to help her and her friends.


magnusandalexander replied to your post “highwarlockkareena replied to your post: ok but…”

My first thought was….seriously??? lol But damn it looks so good???

im crying bc this entire time i’ve seen ppl go “he must be doing magic” and i was like can’t an asian man do normal tai chi in peace must it always be mystical????

but here these white writers come ajefoja i’m eating my words 

mhmmm sso anyways heres that ship art made of spite

like hear me out, im not a fan of mchanzo, but you!! you who do you do you and it looks cute and im glad you having a good time

for me, mc .gen ji is my bread and butter

but i also notice i get of people follow me through mc ge/nji and they are just sweethearts about my art BUT LIKE 


ok imma rant some under the cut, just to keep this somewhat short.

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u know when ur into jjp and u look at all these other wonderful g7 ships and ur just like why? y has the universe chosen for me this dark path..why can't i detach myself from this pairing no matter how hard i try.....

HOLY SHIT,, YES OHMYMFDDJ,,, thats me all the time…….. honestly i cant believe how addicted to pain i am,,, jinson is literally out there waiting for me to change my url to jinsonrise again n im here crying over the fact that jinyoung hugged jaebum’s snorlax plushie before realizing it was jaebum’s n putting it aside……… ughghfhfjdf,,, what did we do to deserve this fate anon we r good people .

ive never had a notp much less a notp that was becoming the fandom’s main ship let me tell you this is a wild time and a whole new experience for me

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Hey Fran! Although weve never really interacted, ive been following for i think a year and a half? more? regardless, over that time a lot of stuff has happened, and although i dont really connect with some of your more specific posts, you seem like a really fantastic person. you've stood up to so much shit, and stayed strong and beautiful. im sorry if this blog is no longer a good place for you, but following such an inspirational person has been a pleasure, and i wish you well from here on out!

Thanks :). Honestly the problem is that I’m someone who get really anxious very easily, especially when I see predators getting lauded and accepted. And trans girl tumblr is such a tight community, theres no way I can still be here and not have to see posts from rape apologists, reblogged knowingly, without basically blocking well…everyone like me. Which I guess I could do but it would require cutting ties even with friends, just so I could elocate to like, history tumblr or russia tumblr, which honestly seems like more trouble than its worth at this point. Tumblr helped me discover myself and make progress as a person that I desperately needed, but now I realize I am incapable of staying here without losing my mind because of what I’ve learned about the people here. I’m glad for the people I got to meet, and its sad that this is how everything turned out, but I’m not wanted here because no one wants someone who will harsh the fun by calling out when shit is fucked up and wrong.

  • troye: lol btw releasing a ep heres a snippet, oh and everyone has already heard it but you guys havent, and yeah im filming a music video for it next week lol #TRXYE
  • fandom:
  • fandom:
  • fandom:
  • fandom: i just came here to have a good time and honestly i am feeling so attacked right now

just under $900k raised in 24 hours. thank you jack and caiti. thank you everyone who entertained on the stream. thank you broadcast team. and thank you rt community. #FORTHEKIDS