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what's the sad jimon song??

tribulation by matt maeson

here me out

Darling, can’t you see
I’m a broken man
With addictive tendencies
And I think I love you
But I don’t ever think I can
Ever learn how to love just right

So run away from me
Run as far as your
Dark brown eyes can see
Just as soon as you know

That I don’t ever think I can
Ever learn how to love you right

jace has spent his whole life believing that to love is to destroy. he was broken down by the man he thought to be his father and has gotten into a pattern of self destructive behaviour and recently drinking away his problems. but now hes met simon, this beautiful silly man whos flipped his heart inside out and its hurting him because he doesnt now how to love properly. hes scared that his own self destruction will destroy simon too. (also simon has brown eyes so)

Oh and all the ways that you won’t bend
Are the only ways I live my life

no matter how bad things get for simon he would never turn to drinking to solve his problems bc hes seen first hand what addiction can do to a person, but jace doesn’t know how else to deal with his own emotions and turns to alcohol. 

I think I’m better on my own
But I get so lost in you
I think I’m better on my own
But I’m so obsessed with you

but despite all of this, jace is selfish and he cant let simon go bc hes so deprived of love and happiness that no matter how afraid he is he cant go back to feeling alone.

this was really long and im sorry but im having a lot of feelings about this song