“sharks aren’t vicious!!! they’re like huge puppy dogs!! they’re big sweethearts and i dont understand why people are scared of them!!”

“sharks do not attack humans in the way movies constantly portray them. sharks are curious, inquisitive animals and many bites come from sharks who “test bite” humans in order to see what they are/if they’re a threat, but that one initial bite can be fatal. while sharks are not monsters bent on hunting and targeting humans, human who hand feed them and treat them like any other animal causes more human-shark incidents (sharks can become used to humans feeding them and thus bite at a human to find fish). sharks are not blood thirsty maneaters, but they are an extremely powerful animal that deserves respect and should be admired from a distance.”

Imagine 8th year harry and draco getting past their animosity

and one night when harry can’t sleep he’s wandering around the castle and stumbles upon draco who also had nightmares, so they kind of just start walking around the castle together at night when they both can’t sleep, and at first they walk around silently but eventually they start stilted conversations that turn into hesitant smiles and then easy banter

and then one night during their walks they come across the mirror of erised, and harry automatically knows what it is, even if the mirror’s image has changed to include a blond standing beside his parents. It makes his heart ache, that he desires something else that is so out of his reach, so he tries to ignore the ache and instead he asks draco what he sees, just a little curious, and draco just gives him a droll look and says “what do you mean, what do i see? it’s a mirror, potter, obviously i see you and me”

I just… I just….. the line “Christine, I love you,” isn’t particularly complex or revolutionary. In fact, it’s comprised of one of the most common and overused phrases in the English language…. and yet, in the context of The Phantom of the Opera it just… means… EVERYTHING…. here is a man who has never known how to love or be loved, who tried to show it in all the wrong ways, finally learning how to just BE vulnerable and express the depth of his feelings in just a few words… heck, he basically stole the line from someone else in the musical… But when he says it it has so much tenderness and beauty and, well, love! And he doesn’t expect anything in return for this declaration, he just wants her to know. And that’s it! The depth of the Phantom’s change of heart expressed so emotionally and beautifully in one line….. gah

things i love about avatar: the last airbender
  • katara calling sokka out for being sexist, to his face, loudly, no beating around the bush, in the first five minutes of the first episode
  • katara literally fighting the patriarchy, and winning
  • suki telling sokka that she’s both a girl and a warrior, and being one doesn’t cancel out the other
  • sokka’s character development 
  • the sheer diversity and quality of the female characters (of whom there are a lot compared to most cartoons)
  • aang didn’t have to compromise his beliefs by killing ozai, and he wasn’t seen as weak for finding a way around it
  • toph 
  • everything about toph
  • zuko’s character development
  • azula’s portrayal as someone sad, rather than as someone to mock, especially in light of her obvious mental illness (at least, that’s how i saw it, if others saw differently i won’t argue, i haven’t got the ‘bad’ mental illnesses)
  • uncle iroh
  • uncle iroh’s relationship with zuko and it’s development through the show
  • the clear message that power is nothing if you have no compassion
  • the message about it being okay to dislike your family if they’re abusive (zuko, toph to a point), and that found families are just as good, if not better
  • the characters respecting aang’s philosophies about nonviolence and compassion
  • aang keeping his cheerfulness and sense of joy, even through rough situations
  • the message that you can’t do everything alone, and needing help isn’t weakness
  • that time sokka got high on cactus juice 
  • “that’s rough, buddy”
  • “death is an illusion, and so are pants”
  • you know what
  • the entire show
  • the entire show is what i love 
  • the
  • entire
  • goddamn
  • show.

Vex - always saving, and bargaining, and haggling. Constantly aware of how much money and valuables the party possesses. Never wanting any of them to be stuck without a way out, never wanting anyone to go hungry. Well aware of the way people look at those they perceive to be lesser, keeping something in her pocket to find a way around that if need be. 

“We need 25,000 gold coins worth of diamonds to bring him back.”

“I don’t - I don’t have that!”