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anonymous asked:

Hey! Pssst, will you write some Pynch first times for me?

mmmmmof course dear child

  • first kiss to start??? yeah i think so
  • they’re at the barns, working on waking up the one of the cows
  • they’re so close they can feel it, there’s a lot of tension and hope and fear because they’ve tried so many times now 
  • adam is nervous mainly because he’s not sure if ronan can handle another failure
  • they are both so stressed out lately, gansey has been distant ever since he found out about his looming death and they are both so worried about a million different things, they need this
  • ronan’s heart is beating incredibly fast as he places a blanket over one of the cows
  • this is it, it has to be it
  • there’s this long beat where nothing happens and ronan can feel adam shifting nervously next to him and he’s not breathing because oh god he thought this time for sure it would work and-
  • the cow just let’s out this long breath and blinks it’s eyes open
  • there is a beat where literally they both do nothing, like its not computing
  • he’s laughing and running around and adam is smiling so big like the biggest smile ever and he’s saying “ronan you did it i knew you-”
  • and ronan just takes adams face in his hands and kisses him full on the mouth
  • adam just goes stiff because he’s so shocked 
  • ronan pulls away really quickly and is just blushing so hard like “oh god i’ve just ruined everything ohgodadamdonthateme-”
  • and adam just grabs the front of his shirt and pulls him back down into another kiss
  • when they break away ronan is flushed and awe struck
  • adam has this dopey smile on his face and he says “you just surprised me that’s all”
  • :) kill me

I’ll just do a bunch of separate first time posts so this isn’t like a mile long