this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu

i spent too much time on this– so I’ve been toying with the idea of an RPG!AU! Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about D&D or fantasy/RPG settings… (fhkdjs blame my nerris muse for this…) The colours are in no way final, either. Preston gave me a hell of a time…

They’re all older as well! Anywhere from mid-late teens/early-20s. I have most of the cast’s classes and alignments sorted out; I would’ve started out with the main 3, but Max and Nikki are harder for me to nail a design for.  Hit me up if you’ve got some thoughts on this or would like to know about the other characters before I draw them!

I’ll put all my current headcanons for these 3 under the cut ↓ ↓ ↓ (Classes are loosely based on the many from D&D, but I wanted to keep things flexible so m(_ _)m) 

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continuation of this and this!!!

this was supposed to be done b4 second season but AAAAAAA

edit: btw if u reblogged b4 i fixed the mistake i made pls ignore the mistake ty HAHAHAH


Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

Thinking about Adrien obvs.


Chrona, my good friend Kaib’s awesome character! @kailuxart

wavemaker9 replied to your photo “i had an Emotion and im exhausted so heres a very quick and bad draw…”

also congrats on making her your official Child now

thank you and thank you for letting my Original Character (dont steal) interact with your muses for all these years

I’m in far too deep already…

I’ve been trying to figure out lately why this whole ace discourse thing makes me so uncomfortable, and I think I’m at the point where I can put this into words. It is late so forgive me if this doesn’t make a ton of sense. Putting this under a cut because it got a little lengthier than I was expecting.

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This will be the last part of the Kumatetsu drawing~






T_T I made some mistakes in this drawing, and I was like alright then, just deal with it.

Hope you guys love it and I’m very sorry if it takes forever to draw because I’m very busy right now, like I have things to do internship thingy and it’s gonna be started soon for me (17th June 2016)