Clair de Lune - a film by Lexi Walicke and Amber Manoski


AAAAHH!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! tangerine is just 🍊👌 shes a cutie

also did you know

tangerine quartz is a sacral chakra crystal which means it promotes creativity and sexuality

so yes, id say shes having a nice time B^)

This will be the last part of the Kumatetsu drawing~






T_T I made some mistakes in this drawing, and I was like alright then, just deal with it.

Hope you guys love it and I’m very sorry if it takes forever to draw because I’m very busy right now, like I have things to do internship thingy and it’s gonna be started soon for me (17th June 2016)

so uh, yeah,,,,,,,,