my mum is cleaning but she didnt vacuum the rug and its like? you have two animals living in this house with you so whats the point cleaning stuff if youre not going to vacuum, nobodys gonna be fooled by the non-dusty mantelpiece if the floor looks like a wild muddy yeti rolled around on it

one thing im gonna love about warm weather while on campus are all the DOGS people are walking around

im gonna pet them all

Name: Jana
Time and date: 1:50 AM, 24/03/2015
Average hours of sleep a night: 5-6
Last thing i googled: catholic emancipation
Birthday: December 10
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight
Height: 167 cm
Favorite color: black//white
One place that makes me happy: L E B A N O N
How many blankets do i sleep under: one usually
Favorite movie: i dont have one… (probably the breakfast club though)
What i’m wearing right now: a shirt my best friend got me!! 
Most used phrase(s): omg, like +its equivalent in french/arabic
First word that comes to mind: fruit
What i last said to a family member: tu fait chier
Favorite beverage: im a boring person probably water
Favorite food: bananas!!!
Last movie i watched in theaters: Asterix
Dream vacation: honestly everthing im gonna do this summer
Dream wedding: i dont even think im gonna get married 
Dream pet: DOG
Dream job: make up artist (lol)(im serious)

my dad just had a Talk w me about how i need to look for a place to stay bc we’re gonna get kicked out by my aunt+uncle soon and he’s not gonna be able to find another place to live for a long time so basically i have to: live w my mom which Isnt An Option, live with Friend which is completely do-able but id feel like shit for doing that to her family, or  i can stay in a shelter somewhere w my dad


thelegendofsugarbear asked:

When you get this, say 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people that reblogged from you. ✨

holy shit???\

  1. my binder??
  2. gorillaz make me super happy im listening to the plastic beach album rn
  3. talkin to my friends!
  4. sleep oh my god im so happy when i sleep
  5. petting cats (and occasionally dogs)

im probably not gonna send this to 10 people probably just 5

i forgot what i was gonna say but then inremembered so oh yeah i feel a little anxious but im by myself in my room and im gonna pet my dog and everything will be cool