my headcanon is that every wednesday morning, the swan mills family goes to granny’s for breakfast after which emma and regina walk henry to school, purposely try to embarrass him in front of his classmates by giving him goodbye kisses and hugs. afterwards, emma takes regina’s hand and walks her to her office, regina gives emma a goodbye and thank you kiss on the cheek and then emma walks to the sheriff’s station smiling like a lovesick puppy

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I follow you because you are good at what you do, your funny, and you actuality reply/listen to the people who follow you. All in all, it's because you run an amazing blog 😉

I actually let this weird throat sound out of my mouth that is not socially acceptable and was by consequence looked at weird by several people.

haha, but ily and thanks for stopping to take part in this mess of what is apparently a blog. 

Isolate || Open AU ||

{I suggest listening to this song. It really inspired this starter}

The roughness of the ground was one of her only comforts. She shivered, hugging herself closer. She prayed the small gears in the box wouldn’t freeze in the desolate weather. She sat holding her sign mutely, looking down at her blue fingertips that held the box. 

‘No home, no job, no food.’

The soft metallic sounds of her winding up the box once more rang through the cold streets, people rushing past without a second glance. Amy kept her smile soft and kind, the smell of a passerby’s hot chocolate bringing soft tears to her eyes. 

A little girl walked over, putting a couple coins into the hate and Amy offered her a soft smile before the music abruptly stopped. Panic slowly set in as Amy lifted up her little music box, trying to find the problem. she wound it up and even took out the key and put it back in but nothing worked. She gave up, looking down as tears fell down her yellow burning from cold cheeks. 

She had nothing left. 

anyway i just really wanna take a moment to say thanks to everyone in this fandom. i mean that. i met a lot of amazing people who are some of the nicest, strongest, most talented and amazing people i’ve ever known. through this lil show about baseball and following your dreams and living up to expectations i met some of the best people ever.

i truly love n cherish all of you n am so thankful this show brought us together ❤️ go pitches ⚾️