song theory: walking in the wind

so after seeing this tweet from julian about the lyrics of walking in the wind, i’ve been analyzing the song a lot more when i started listening to it.

it was a sweet incorporation but i’ve suddenly felt a different tone from the song from this discovery and now i have a different interpretation of what it’s about.

before the album was released got leaked, there were rumors swirling around that ‘hey angel’ was about harry’s grandma.

hey angel is obviously not about harry’s grandmother but that doesn’t mean the other songs aren’t.

then we have the billboard article where julian said, “There’s also a song about losing someone (but not Malik),

and at the time it was published we thought it provided some comical passive aggressive release from their side but i’ve always wondered why julian felt the need to emphasized that there’s a song in the album that’s about losing someone that’s not zayn.

take note of who wrote walking in the wind,

and then there’s this verse:

and i’ve always thought this was a weird way to describe zayn - specifically since they used the term ‘child’ - and now i finally see why.

in conclusion, i think one direction just made one of the most beautiful lyrical ballads about losing loved ones that may not be in the world of the living but will always be with us in our hearts.

I kinda just want them to go on roadtrips and be happy together


for some reason I always though that black was just a scene wipe to the heart scene. like a normal black bar or something


I seriously dont know how that didnt click for me before.  Like i feel dumb. I mean it goes by really fast sure. and it goes from zooming out TO BEING AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE……..but still i cant believe it just didnt click.

Today’s Rick and Morty episode

My reaction: Motherfucking Dan Harmon Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Rick and Morty bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit 

God damn created Rick and Morty then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Dan Harmon man

Motherfucking Spider-man Spider-man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit Dan Harmon I’m very tired

No man I’ll just talk about Rick and Morty all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about Rick and Morty fuck dude I just watched it a minute and a half ago fuck Dan Harmon man he fucked over Rick Sanchez crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Chaos Chaos did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Rick and Morty I don’t like dying I can’t think of who the fuck invented Rick and Morty All I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented Rick and Morty who the fuck invented Rick and Morty