for some reason I always though that black was just a scene wipe to the heart scene. like a normal black bar or something


I seriously dont know how that didnt click for me before.  Like i feel dumb. I mean it goes by really fast sure. and it goes from zooming out TO BEING AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE……..but still i cant believe it just didnt click.


I’ve said this before but I cannot emphasize enough how much I love seeing fan accounts with selfies as their icons. You deserve to be loved/ celebrated the way you love/ celebrate your idols. Forreal. Instead of shit talking yourself today (cause you know we all do it) try looking in the mirror/ taking a selfie and say “holy fuck I’m cute” and don’t take it back. Regardless of the little things you may dislike/ feel like you need work on/ what people pick on you for. That’s all just noise. You’re more than enough. You’re marvelous, individual, incomparable and cute as fuck. 

Happy 22nd birthday Ariana Grande ♥ (June 26, 1993)

What if at the end of big time dreams its just the whole cast singing all together for one last big musical number all gathered around the palmwoods pool and the final note is this gif, them all fist pumping in the air, while the screen fades to black and the familiar “and the musical journey continues” in neon blue letters illuminates the screen and it cuts to credits and thats the end.

The worst feeling
just came over me.
It’s like the unexplainable
pain you get when something
just hurts, but you can’t
really explain why.
Like how you feel when
your stomach drops,
Or how you can feel
your heart literally stop
just for a couple of seconds.
It’s been long over but it
doesn’t mean it no longer
hurts me.
The worst part is no
one even cares anymore.
At this point I’m like a
broken record player.
I just repeat the same
sad song over and over.