overall, when it comes to shipping there’s always discourse and disagreement, and on this website there’s people that take shipping to a whole other level and it just…makes me extremely uncomfortable and is the main reason why i don’t normally ship anything or express my thoughts over something i may ship

people may see this this as being cowardly, but i just don’t like hate and people being mean to each other, so shipping is something that i try to avoid talking about on this blog, since that’s not my main focus, and i mainly see a lot of fandom drama and hate over ships. my main focus is on a plot line of a show and its characters and how it’s delivered, and i love expressing my love over a character and how good a show is, not a ship.

so I apologize if i ever answer questions about ships and i appear uncomfortable and all that or if you send in an ask about a ship and i don’t answer it…its because i don’t want to start any discourse, and i want to keep my blog a friendly place where people don’t have to worry about ships.

Yesterday, my students decided I look like Dipper and refused to call me by my name. Today, they noticed my plaid realized that I dress more like Wendy.

“Oh my god, you’re like a boy Wendy! I’m going to call you Wendy now.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s ‘Wendo’ to you, kid.”

Now my kids and all their friends in other classes shout “WINDOW!” whenever they see me, to the deep confusion of everyone else.