Strangeness and Charm

Fandom: Owari no Seraph

Chapter: 10/?

Pairing: YuuMika

Summary: “Starting from today, you’re one of us.” Lacus grinned. Yuu frowns because he doesn’t know what exactly he meant by that.

Mika giggles when Rene groaned and Horn shakes her head.

“Say, Yuuichirou.” Lacus leaned in. “Have you ever been to a fight club?”

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Main sources of villainy in Les Mis:

  • bourgeoisie
  • capitalism
  • patriarchy
  • abuse of law
  • corrupt government
  • corrupt people in power

When explaining why Les Mis is still relevant in a modern society:

  • read the previous list
  • realise that at the very base of things not much has actually changed
  • accept that the underlying messages are still very much relevant
  • be afraid and very, very angry

concept: Lance waking up on Earth in a soft bed with warm sheets. Outside heavy rain patters at the window and the sound of thunder is the single most comforting noise in the world. The war is over. There is a pale arm draped across his bare chest, and both of their jackets are hung over a nearby chair. His phone buzzes from the bedside table and he reaches out a blind arm to check it, and finds a message from his mother, and one from Hunk. His phone background is a photo of all of the Paladins. All the things he loves are in one place. A soft piano medley plays, just barely audible above the thunder. Everything is fine and he is home. He turns over and goes back to sleep.


 g od okay here we go i got this ask this morning about hux wearing white and i cant remember exactly why i said what i did except i DID remember eventually and i spent fifteen minutes hunting down this gif and then i Knew, i knew in my heart that i had to draw hux in the stupid evil uniform alright thats it get out of my face

this is not an au dont ask me about this i just wanted hux in a dress and phasma and kylo are there to protect the emperor/student council president??