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i just want to draw my boyfriend in peace and yet sai, and my computer in general, are just NOT having it.

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Prompto being adorable or maybe lost his camera and cute girl found it? <3

Okay but this was super cute (and I accidentally deleted this before I could save it the first time, end me.)

ANYWAY, I had a lot of fun writing this both times I wrote it (I started from scratch with no plan), enjoy.

(It was longer before I accidentally deleted the original and then forgot how it went :/) 

Prompto wasn’t sure when it happened, one minute his camera was in his hands and the next it was gone. He didn’t remember when he had lost it, or how, but the moment it disappeared his heart broke. Quite frequently on his walk to the car he would reach for the strap to snap a quick pic- then his heart would sink further. He hadn’t ever lost his camera before, the thought of all the memories being gone stung. There were so many things that had happened since they had begun their journey- he felt even more worthless without his extension. Prompto basically saw himself as the camera boy, without his camera he was less of a person.

Climbing out of the Regalia, he couldn’t help but feel naked as they walked towards Lestallum’s hotel. His eyes kept falling to survey the ground as he fell in step beside Noctis with a frown on his face. It’s not that he wasn’t happy to go back to their resting place, he was just hoping that they wouldn’t return empty handed. The camera had been gone two days now, but it felt like a million. His heart was breaking- he didn’t know how much more he could take.

His eyes raise as a hand shoves him, his eyebrows furrow as he moves to tell off Noctis- but he stops when his gaze falls on someone else. It’s then that he realizes his friends are several paces ahead, surveying the scene with just as much interest as he felt annoyance, frown on his face as he look at the newcomer in confusion.

“It really is you!” The girl exclaims, beaming up at him, “I’ve been looking for you for ages!” She exclaims in relief, resting her hands on the male’s shoulders.

Uh?” Prompto’s eyebrows furrow as he looks back to the guys for help. Not that they would provide it, he was on his own this time.

“This camera is yours right?” She continues, pulling a silver contraption from the satchel she had slung over her shoulder. “I saw you leave it at the cafe yesterday, you should be more careful!” She chides, offering the camera to him.

He can’t help but want to explode on the spot, not only was he getting his camera back, but a cute girl had found it too. But, she was chastising him for being careless. In fact, he now remembered why he had lost his camera. It had been when he was too busy staring at her across the street to actually pay attention to his surroundings. He hadn’t once looked back after running off to hide his infatuation, and now here he was faced with her again.

“Thank you so much,” he’s grinning like an idiot at this point, “Maybe I could make it up to you? You went through a lot of trouble returning this.”

“Make it up to me?

“Yeah! As a date- maybe?

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college is great :) you study for 4+ hours :) and then the professor sends out an email saying that his syllabus is wrong and you read the wrong chapters :) so now you have to read 3 other chapters :) before tomorrow’s lecture :) or else your studying schedule gets thrown off :) and you freak out :) because :) anxiety.

concept: Lance waking up on Earth in a soft bed with warm sheets. Outside heavy rain patters at the window and the sound of thunder is the single most comforting noise in the world. The war is over. There is a pale arm draped across his bare chest, and both of their jackets are hung over a nearby chair. His phone buzzes from the bedside table and he reaches out a blind arm to check it, and finds a message from his mother, and one from Hunk. His phone background is a photo of all of the Paladins. All the things he loves are in one place. A soft piano medley plays, just barely audible above the thunder. Everything is fine and he is home. He turns over and goes back to sleep.