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Hi mom! I'll (hopefully) being going to Japan in my next school year! Im very worried about how bad i am at reading kanji. Any tips? โ™ก

Try to make yourself mind bridges, like for example the kanji for ‘Watashi’ looks like a girl in front of mirror. Or just try to read Japanese text with google translate at hand to translate while you read to learn the most important ones. I hope you have a great time! Also people survived in Japan without being able to read kanji, so don’t worry too much :)

I GOT ACCEPTED INTO THE GERMAN PROGRAM AT OLE MISS NEXT YEAR!!!!! AND THE ADVISING DEPARTMENT SENT ME AN EMAIL AND WAS LIKE “girl I’m pumped ur interested in getting ur pre reqs for med school, totes hit me up when the school year comes around and we’ll def plan out ur schedule so u can balance ur German major with all the pre med stuff” except it wasn’t that informal but still it got me really excited because IM GOING TO COLLEGE NEXT YEAR?????

Anyway pray for me because I’m working on my scholarship essays right now and also my essay for the honors college and I also need to speak to the admissions office about what to do for recommendation letters since I’m homeschooled. AAAAAAAH IM SO EXCITED THO BECAUSE IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL ILL BE IN GERMANY IN A YEAR FROM NOW? PRACTICING GERMAN AND STUFF AND IM SCREAMING ALSO ILL FINALLY GET TO GO TO OLE MISS FOOTBALL GAMES???? AND OXFORD IS SUCH A PRETTY TOWN AND I HAVE A FRIEND AT OLE MISS WHO’S DOING PRE MED STUFF AND SHE SAID SHE’D LET ME HAVE HER NOTES FOR ALL THE PRE MED CLASSES AND IM SO EXCITED ABOUT LIFE RIGHT NOW??

i think it’s so cool that by the time my slfl show happens i’ll have been here for one year