alright gang
lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??

I get to spend an entire weekend with the boy starting friday afternoon and im so excited

i made this last night when i was tired and a little bit concussed help

marmawashere replied to your post “I move out tomorrow and into my school apartment, and I am pretty much…”

You’re moving out? That’s really cool! I’m sure you are gonna be alright. I wish you good luck!


Aaahhh yes I am!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I’ve been packing for like, a week straight, IT NEVER ENDSSSSS (except for when it ends tomorrow lolol); I probably shouldn’t even be on tumblr, I should get back to it XD There are so many boxes… many……… (」゜ロ゜)」

c: And thank you so much *v* 


First off
SORRY THIS IS SO LONG and i meant to post this yesterday but i forgot and i was too tired
BUT boston comic con this year was so much fun and i really enjoyed it and i made a few new friends while i was there
And i also got some really cool stuff so im just gonna kinda list it off
1 & 2 were from the same booth and i got this amazing gravity falls poster created by @pellican as well as a little bill while i went to the con dressed as bill and i gotta say
If i had more money i would have bought more prints because their art was amazing and the little bill on the dollar made my day omg
3 while roaming around the cos-space area i saw this just overall cool gravity falls image and idk i just really loved it and after i got it a kid made me dab as bill so 👌🏼👍🏼yes
4 just really cool art of space and i wanted to get many more prints because they were all so amazing
And i have seen the artist on tumblr but i do not recall their name nor was it on the image so
But still this is amazing work 👍🏼
6 there was a booth handing out stickers with your preferred pronouns and i just
Was so happy omg
And finally
9 & 10 @owlturdcomix (Shen) was there and one of my amazing friends @the-gay-trashcan heard me say that i loved his comics and ended up getting me his autograph and also wrote my name on the back :,) thank you so much omg 

I could say much more but i dont wanna make another post
But i also got this cute little keith pin and sticker from the same booth as the keith poster and i also got a little mika key chain from ons and a little bill cipher charm as well but i dont have pics of them
anyway im done for now 

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Hiya, I'm really sorry to unload on you its just I had really bad AS grades and now I've completely lost motivation for next year. Im dreading going back and I was wondering if you had any tips/advice? Ps: I hope you had a successful results day :)

This post is so helpful + informative when it comes to bad grades! Also remember this is just one batch of results! By trying again, looking at how you went wrong last time can really help you achieve what you want! Best of luck!