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Evidently Sebastian Stan threw away all of his fan gifts from con!!!. @pumps61 on Instagram worked there and said they were by the dumpster after it ended!!!

Just bc one worker says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Damn, how long have you been supporting Seb that you’d believe instantly that he’s the type of person to do that.

i still cant believe ‘shes pretty but she knows it’ is meant to be an insult like…ur genuinely disgusted that someone is happy w their own appearance is this really what u want to say im going back to bed

tony is rhodeys CLINGY POSSESSIVE BOYFRIEND regardless of whether or not theyre actually dating

tony will jump on rhodeys back and wrap all his limbs around him and insist on being carried to the couch. sprawls over rhodeys lap and chatters at him. if rhodey doesnt begin playing with his hair within three minutes tony will physically move rhodeys hand to his head and frown until he starts petting

at parties tony will stand uncomfortably close to rhodey, bumping into the arm rhodey uses to hold his drink or shake ppl’s hands. loudly calls him ‘honey bear’ in public. if rhodey doesnt pay attention to him tony goes and finds something irresponsible to do so that rhodey has to chase him down (blow on the dice, honey bear)

basically tony is a huge hassle. and rhodey is into that

so I started the sword of summer last night and so far we have

  • homeless protagonist
  • possible interracial gay couple that acts as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to magnus (also they’re a dwarf and an elf??? how very lotr)
  • deaf character
  • use of sign language
  • muslim co-protagonist
  • no romantic plot between the main guy and the main girl