Sometimes I think about that kid Zuko saved in Zuko Alone and I wonder what the heck happened to him but I know for sure that Zuko probably sent that family a huge pile of gold or something to compensate as well going huge lengths just to see if the older brother was still alive somewhere so he could be sent home

what makes me mad is that i can’t even tell how i feel here on tumblr anymore, i mean– it’s supposed to get lost in here, right?  just for you to get it out, but i dont know what to get out, i dont know what exactly i feel and what cases it, i just know i’m angry, embarrassed and not caring at all. and i don’t know why

I hope we get some pics from that Kevin Spacey thing tonight where Colin is dong some reading or something (with like a thousand famous people I never realised what a big deal Kevin Spacey was lol!) also I’ll be crying in a corner if colin takes selfies and stuff with fans. as usual. 

Today had been an enjoyable day for me. I get to see so many Maki’s arts. And lots of NicoMaki too. NicoMaki overload today it such a bliss I’m so happy. I wish Maki’s birthday is everyday lol.

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omg i never imagined u would receive hate?? what is there to hate on this blog? have some love to make up for it ♥ ❣ ❤ ❥♡ ɞ ʚ ღ

It was mainly during the second/third year of running this blog. Somehow out of no where, more and more people followed, so more opinions on who or what I posted on here started arising. Luckily, I have an amazing bunch of followers, so every time I received one hate message, I had like 10 love and support messages to make up for it. So I was never that bummed out. It was mainly about posting too much on the boy, or posting kpop on a “taiwanese” blog. But don’t worry, I don’t get any hate messages anymore. All the love from our cpop family scared them away :P Thank you for sending some love!!! We need more positive energy in the fangirl world <3

I’m in so deep that I can tell if I’m listening to the Japanese version of a BTS song before the singing starts. WTF? how is that even possible?

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k i have no idea why u reblogged tht from me and im gon regret this but,,,, “Who would’ve thought a sweet thing like you would have such a secret?”

 “Who would’ve thought a sweet thing like you would have such a secret?”

 “Give that back, Leo-Leo!” Again and again she jumped, reaching for the item held in his grasp. Sadly, higher and higher he stretched his right arm, easily preventing the petite woman from reaching the fuzzy object.

 “I have to admit-” His mouth terribly stifled an amused cackle, “-I know having animal ears are wonderful, but I didn’t expect you to love it so much that you want to have one, Love.”

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