I love when youtubers are recording and there is a mirror or something reflecting them and you are just left to realize that these idiots you love are just gigantic nerds sitting alone in their room, talking to themselves.

Sometimes I think about that kid Zuko saved in Zuko Alone and I wonder what the heck happened to him but I know for sure that Zuko probably sent that family a huge pile of gold or something to compensate as well going huge lengths just to see if the older brother was still alive somewhere so he could be sent home

I just bought Dragon Age Origins >:/ I’m still gonna play da2 first and no one can stop me

omg tho how did it end up like this??? I was a simple child. Playing sims 2. And now suddenly I’m playing all these game games???? I mean Fire Emblem was bad enough but at least that was nintendo and nintendo is chill. But this. This is like a game game a rEAL gamER kind of game wtf

How much time did I spend on this? Doesn’t matter.

How much do I love this ship? Too damn much.

Seriously tho; both of them are grizzled, father figures with morally dubious backgrounds and enormous guilt complexes. You give them a bottle of whiskey and they’d spill their guts to each other in no time.

…..I should go outside

Ive only been in Japan for 6 hours and ive already indulged a love live purchase.
If any of my friends do translating - yo theres like a whole manga chapter and a whole love live retrospective thing. Along with some stuff about Sunshine too (the subunit name voting + more) KEEEN TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS.

oihina headcanons (im in too deep)
  • okay, so even hinata can get a little nervous about oikawa's fans. it's not like he's too jealous--but they kinda scare him. nonetheless, oikawa notices hinata's nervousness and holds his smol boyfriend's hand whenever his fans are around.
  • kenma gave hinata a pokemon game, and immediately hinata set out to find the pokemon that resembled his teammates the most. of course, he nicknamed his milotic after oikawa. they're both pretty glamorous.
  • hinata tried very hard to make chocolate for oikawa on valentines, only to fail miserably. oikawa ate it nonetheless.
  • they have so many pillow fights during sleepovers. oikawa's pretty competitive, but he always lets hinata win anyways.
  • hinata dips his french fries in his ice cream. oikawa cringes almost every time, until he tries it himself.
  • when they go out shopping, they'll have ridiculous competitions. who can find the most ridiculous decorations? who looks sillier in which sunglasses?
  • hinata has nightmares or sometimes can't sleep, so oikawa's usually cuddling him--or talking to him on the phone when he can't actually be there.