IwaOi headcanon just because v( •́  w •̀  )v

  • When they were kids Iwaizumi secretly liked putting flowers in Oikawa’s hair 
  • At one point Oikawa and Iwa-chan ran away from home (hid under the slide in the park) because Oikawa’s mom was considering moving
  • During elementary school Oikawa wouldn’t go to the bathroom unless Iwaizumi went with him 
  • Sometimes when Oikawa gets midnight cravings for random things he jokes that he’s pregnant with Iwa-chan’s baby so he has to take responsibility and buy him snacks.. at 3 in the morning
  • Oikawa sits behind Iwaizumi in class so he can trace little hearts on Iwa-chan’s back 
  • When they’re alone Iwaizumi is actually really affectionate with Oikawa and without even realizing it
  • When Iwaizumi wakes up while Oikawa’s still sleeping, Iwa-chan brushes Oikawa’s hair with his fingers and kisses him good morning before going off to make them coffee and breakfast
  • Iwa-chan’s favorite pose to watch movies in with Oikawa is, Oikawa between his legs, hugging him from behind, snuggling on their sofa just so he can see the faces Oikawa makes while the movie plays
  • Oikawa stopped going to the hair-salon because the only one he trusts with his hair is Iwa-chan 

Sometimes I think about that kid Zuko saved in Zuko Alone and I wonder what the heck happened to him but I know for sure that Zuko probably sent that family a huge pile of gold or something to compensate as well going huge lengths just to see if the older brother was still alive somewhere so he could be sent home

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Interesting idea for the Stand Swap thing: Sethan doesn't talk much, or at all, but Alessi is the most talkative Stand on Earth

Sethan usually only communicates through grunts, whether joyous or angry, and if really enthused you can get a full sentence out of him. Alessi constantly talks his ears off, which can be annoying, but can also lead to getting Sethan more pumped up during battle, seeing as though the more he allows himself to be taken by chaos, the stronger he becomes.

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I started listening to twenty one pilots because of you and now I'm being sucked in and iTS YOUR FAULT AND IM TOO DEEP TO GET OUT

mwahaha fall in love and feel the pain with me