Today’s News: Julie Tries to Go to a Social Event and It Ends in Tears! (Also: Water is Wet).

So basically my brother was like “come to the concert in the park with me!” and I was like “AHHHH!” but I wanted to go because my bro is awesome but also I didn’t because people+crowds+loud+germs+PEOPLE but I decided to go anyway because I was going to be BRAVE dammit, but then we got there and we sat in the middle of this huge sea of obnoxious people and there was just so much stimulation and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be at home, so I left after 15 minutes. And then I cried all the way home. Yay.

BUT I had a really stellar outfit on and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so ta-da! (Don’t mind my cry face. But I thought it would be good to document the cry face so one day I will look back on this post in 2020 when I can eat food without washing my hands first and I can sit next to strangers without internally cringing, yay)! Sigh. Anxiety sucks. But I’m on some great medication and I’ve got a super supportive family who thinks it’s great that I’m writing a book. 

To all my anxious peeps out there, giant hugs for making it through the day. There are good things out there.

Fifteen years l o c k e d in a dream world with his siblings was enough to last him another lifetime, Kol Mikaelson had decided. If one had asked the Original Vampire a month ago he would have confidently said that he planned to run from his shattered life and never return. But the Mikaelson had felt compelled to return to New Orleans. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping to achieve. Did he want REVENGE or simply to mourn? In this moment, however, all Kol cared about was the hot red liquid that was flowing into his mouth. “Here to join the party?” He called halfheartedly, pulling his lips away from the neck of a now dead woman and turning to face the person.

drew ophelia from spf!! which is basically a webstorycomic collab between @ramflega and @gabriellamentry, you should definitely read it :>

But suddenly you catch yourself being surrounded by brand new people and it’s different, of course it’s different, but you have to remember that if the past was meant to be the present, then nothing would’ve changed.
—  Ten words story: I held hands with this boy tonight as we watched scary movies in my basement and it feels like i’m finally moving forward.

Bad guy, good lips (Andy Biersack fanfiction)

I think im getting better, dont judge me

Words: 803

Warnings: none

Y/N – Your Name

Y/F/N – Your Friend’s Name

[Chapter 1]

Chapter 2

You remembered you have to hurry back to Y/F/N to meet her at the cafeteria. When you finally saw her you quickly grabbed your food and sat next to her. You found it weird she didn’t ask where were you for so long but you thought maybe it wasn’t that of a big deal. As you finished lunch you and Y/F/N went back to your classes. You two didn’t really talked the whole day and you didn’t understand why. When all the classes was over Y/F/N turned to you: „Y/N, so how are we gonna go home today?” you were a little bit surprised that she finally said something. You nervousily answered: „I-i have detention today, sorry about that, and i know i didn’t told you that.. I will call you later when I’ll be at home.” your friend looked suprised and she asked: „What the fuck did you do? Are you insane? You’ve never been in detention , what are you parents going to say?” „Calm down, you dont have to worry bout that, and none of us should. They probably won’t be that mad” You said as you stood up said goodbye to your friends and slowly walked to detention. On the way you were so scared what kind of kids you will meet there. But suddenly you remembered Andy’s going to be there too so you just gonna sit next to him and survive it somehow. You stepped into the classroom and only 3 kids were there, you’ve never seen before. Andy wasn’t there yet so you quietly sit down to the furthest table trying to avoid the eye contact with the others. As usual Andy arrived a little late. He immadiately looked at you and smiled, you smiled back at him hoping he will sit near you. But instade he sat next to a group of guys, probably his friends. You felt sad but you let go of that feeling and tried to survive this horrible time.

It was finally over. (Thank god!) You quickly packed and headed out of the school. When you felt a hand grabbing your arm at the school’s front door. You shivered cause you had no idea who could it be, you turn round and you saw Andy standing behind you. You didn’t answer him you just went out the door almost running. Andy ran after you to stop you: „Hey, Y/N what’s the matter now? Why can’t you answer?” You took it kinda as an insult so you shook your head and walked away. „At least can I walk with you home?” he shouted to you. You turned around and nod at him. ‘Well, maybe we can know each other a little bit more and I dont have to walk home all by myself’ you thought. You waited for Andy to catch up with you.

On the way you two haven’t really talked. But then Andy finally spoke up: „Why are you ignoring me that much? I know we dont know each other well and you might think Im an asshole but believe me im actually a nice guy” he said with and awkward smile. You turned your head at him: „Well, you’re right we dont know each other, so you might be a creep , following me home so after that you can stalk me” You said jokingly and you both laughed. „No I’m not” he laughed. „You’re funny Y/N, and different, not like those fake girls. I mean that in a good way tho, I mean the funny and different part” he blushed a little and you saw it so you started to blush too. „Thank you Andy, maybe you’re not as much of an asshole either.” you gave him a big smile. You two talked all they way to your house, Andy lived further than you so he stopped saying goodbye to you. „It was nice talking to you Y/N, see you later then” he said with a smile and started to walk away. But he quickly turned back around and said: „Actually, can I have your number? I don’t wanna look like a creep you know just i thought we might know each other that much so, and that we could call each other whenever we need something or…” you let out a smirk and you didn’t even know why you did that , but he was so cute trying to find his words and you were happy cause of the thought that maybe he likes you as much as you like him. „Yea i gotcha Andy, here…” you changed numbers and finally said goodbye. You took one last look at him while you walked towards to your front door. You felt like this was one of your best days after all.

[Chapter 3] [Chapter 4]

How the couples spend christmas


*attempting to buy a christmas tree*




Hinata: GENUIS!111!!!11!


*struggling to get everyone gifts*


Suga: *bought their presents in July* Lol rip


*baking christmas cookies*

Yamaguchi: *reading recipe* …and just a pinch of salt

Yamaguchi: *lifts Tsukki up*

Yamaguchi: *tosses Tsukki into the batter*


*decorating the tree*

Asahi: *putting ornaments on the tree*

Asahi: *picks Nishinoya up*

Asahi: *places Nishinoya on the tree*

Nishinoya: HEY

Asahi: lol I thought you were an ornament whooooooops your just so tiny lol


*Oikawa bursts into the room*

Oikawa: bABE i BOUGHT US MATCHING SWEATERS *holds up santa sweaters*



*wrapping presents*

Kuroo: Kenma you’re not helping me at all

Kenma: *doesn’t look up from ds*

Kuroo: *begins to wrap Kenma*


*also shopping for a christmas tree*

Akaashi: Just pick one already