Far Beyond the Stars - 6.13

Little Things

I thought I’d try doing warm-up pieces before I write longer things. What do you think? 

Genos liked everything about Saitama, but it was the little things that made the fire in his chest burn all the brighter. A cheerful tone, a simple smile. A small gesture, like a hand steadying his elbow or a warning to be careful or letting him have the bigger portion of a shared meal. Even the idea of sharing meals was thrilling.

It was obvious to everyone around him. Genos was head over heels.

He’d never intended to fall so hard. At first he’d been downright distasteful, and then suspicious, but slowly and surely, if one could even call it slowly, Genos could hear a phantom heartbeat in his ears when he so much as looked at Saitama. His admiration had taken him too far. Little things reminded him of his Sensei, like sale signs fluttering in the wind and light glinting off a perfect dozen eggs. Being away from him made something in his chest clench up, as if, while out of sight, Saitama would disappear and never come back. Or worse, something might happen to him.  It was too soon when Genos realized that his goals had changed, and part of him had, too.

Family, he’d called him, without even thinking about it, but hours later he could still hear it over and over. Saitama was family, and the thrill of having someone to care for again was frighteningly sweet. But it wasn’t quite the whole truth. He wanted Saitama to be more than family, closer than family. Maybe even to build a family with him. The thought of making a family with his idol was one too great to bear, and it took him a very long time to cool down from it. Recovery was impossible when tiny hands and little smiles kept waltzing through his mind, upsetting whatever balance of imposed boundaries he’d been able to reconstruct after the last time he’d ruined things for himself. But this one might have been too much. Enough little things could overwhelm anyone.

Family. Their own family. Together, forever, and happy. Safe, because what in the world (despite his unfounded fears) could possibly harm Saitama? No matter what his nightmares said, what could the mad cyborg possibly do to someone so strong and so brave and so pure?

And maybe that was something little to Saitama, but to Genos, it may have been the biggest thing of all.

wow i cant believe clexa got married what a good episode

I don’t remember who posted it, but considering how cishet Fallout’s fandom is I doubt they were the only person who think this.

So anyway, I saw someone headcanon that Danse only knows he’s bi when he meets and is attracted to the male Sole Survivor. & like. It was someone I know shipped their cis (& i say cis like it makes it worse because it’s more of a problem for CIS het people to do this, because it is) female Sole Survivor with him?

How can anyone think that kind of headcanon is okay when they aren’t actively pairing him with men? You’re basically saying that when Danse is with your bland cishet character he thinks he’s straight. 

That’s fucking bi/pan erasure and it’s bad. It’s harmful. You’re conveniently erasing the fact that Danse is attracted to the same gender as well as others for your own gratification. And why? 

It’s not just about Danse, either. Tbh, I think these kinds of headcanons need to be questioned and they need to be examined. 

Why are you only comfortable with a bi/pan person as long as they’re in a cis and male/female relationship?