okay but like what if…people got excited when i followed them back? like…why would you honestly i’m straight-up trash but like…what if. what if.

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idk if u knew but a nasty blog dedicated to exposing the "trans agenda" published a link to yr post about hrt as proof that hrt is handed out too easily or w/e. link to the article here: transgenderreality(.)com/2015/07/02/its-not-only-what-i-want-but-its-what-i-need-on-gatekeeping/ ps: u seem really chill, congrats on all the progress w/ transitioning!

ok first of all lol im famous. ;)

but for real, that article is a bit nasty.

Let me just clear one thing up, psychiatrists only stop/slow the process of obtaining hormones for people when they show extreme personality disorders or something like extreme depression or anxiety, bipolar etc. I happened to be lucky to get 2 psych appointments in a row and get it done really fast, but i still spent a good 2.5 hours explaining myself and answering his questions. He is the best in Canberra and he has seen many people going through the same thing as me, so he was able to understand that my judgement wasn’t clouded. He picked up on a bit of social anxiety and said it is something i will have to monitor whilst ON testosterone, but it isn’t a factor which will stop me from getting HRT as soon as possible.The writer doesn’t seem to understand that transgender people’s need for the process, and for it to be quick, is very vital. I understand the concern about young people under 18 making this choice too early without really looking into it, but when I am on T i will be an 18 year old man who has researched to no end about this, seen counsellors for years, weighed up risks, benefits, everything.The stats show something like 99% of trans people don’t regret it anyway, and any psych could be able to tell if someone was doing it off a whim. Is delaying the process beneficial if the needed information to continue has already been obtained?

Anyway, rant over thanks for sending this yo

a girl asked me how i got good at drawing so i answered that i sacrificed virgins for the dark lord satan and she looked kinda terrified

i forgot u can’t really make this kind of joke outside of the internet


The story behind this is that we had to draw something for a school mural, so i doodled jade in her medium because i didn’t have any other idea; but, the others students actually chose my drawing.




Maybe it’s all the stress built up from this week, maybe it’s all the feelings I’ve been keeping inside, or maybe it’s just Larry. But this video just made me lose it. Completely lose it. I’m at the point where it’s hard to breathe because I’m sobbing so hard. This video is brilliant.