“What about asking Even how he feels? He’s not brain dead because he had a manic episode. Just talk to him when he’s calmed down.”

Can we please appreciate this? Magnus and Skam just educated people and if other writers form other certain shows with Bipolar characters understood, a person is not their disease, a person does not become their disease and their feelings are real. It has its ups and downs but that doesn’t mean the person can’t love or express feelings. 

So yes, standing ovation to the only show actually handling mental illness representation correctly.

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25 Day Fall Out Boy Challenge: Day 1 - first song that you heard

↳ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

queenie’s so clever but it’s so subtle and so very carefully shown like i cant help but scream about how she’s probably set this all up. when she first started looking for jobs and stuff, she was discouraged because all she was being offered was like secretarial things and shit and she’d leave SO FRUSTRATED bc all she’d hear about was “that pretty dumb blonde witch" 

 until she decides to just use that. people don’t expect the pretty blonde to be capable of much and she uses that to get herself a job in a lower level of macusa ( wand permits ). she can be close to her sister and she gets to work somewhere pretty quiet as far as other people’s thoughts go. sure, she gets treated like a kind of a secretary by the fellas in the wand permits level, but she just smiles and gets their coffee and puts files on their desks before they can even bark at her do it. she makes herself a valued member of the team to the point where they’d miss her if she was gone. they wouldn’t know what to do. she’s almost the head of the deparment without them even noticing. she puts them all at ease with a pretty smile and pretty dresses and uses all of this to get to leave early or get away with little things like going up to find tina for lunch.

( what i screamed into my im’s with @briefcasewife i thought i needed to share )