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What do you think of Dateko?

I’m also interested in the official adidas sponsor Koganegawa and I want to hug Sakunami but that’s true for literally every libero so I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning

“i thought i loved you / it was just how you looked in the light”

fall out boy creations challenge | @cocoamocha

↳ theme: song lyrics

(click and drag - he’s transparent :0)

commission infoget this as stickers and phone cases !

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I'm filling out an application right now and I'm terrified, help me ~ very stressed Ji-unnie

Omg noo don’t be stressed!! I swear you’re all doing super good (I’m honestly jealous of your applications like wow you’re all so much better at writing than me help) But you’d be surprised who I’m keeping an eye on in the applications~~

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So I’ve been deciphering this book and I’ve marked off all the blue letters (there’s more throughout this book) and I just found out that all the blue letters add up to “curse the axolotl every conspiracy is true”

I accidentally thought this page’s blue letters were separate from the rest and it read “piracy is true”

So guys

Piracy is true

Thanks for the memo Hirsch

*a cackle is heard in the distance*



Do you think it was coincidence that Hirsch set a worldwide treasure hunt in motion only a few weeks after the release of Pokemon Go? And only a few days after it was released in Japan (where one of the earlier clues is)? 

Remember this?

Coincidence? I DONT THINK SO

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