Honestly, the third years are a classic protagonist trio. Like they have their ups and downs, of course, but at the end of the day, nothing would ever truly tear them apart. Every day they spend together is a new adventure. Their love and support of each other is unlike any other bond they’ve ever had, and they know they’ll be in each other’s hearts forever. No matter what happens in the future, they’ll always remember. 

yixtape isnt just a list of songs yoongi made for fun or just for the sake of it. the fact that he was making this mixtape around 2014 or even earlier, and how he pours his heart and soul into every single second in his songs making sure that its up to scratch for us to listen to, or how he openly mentioned about his personal issues like his depression, social phobia or how hes scared to become a greedy monster due to his fame or how he had to starve to make a living. all of those topics that he singlehandedly conveyed through rapping, it must’ve been extremely difficult to open up about topics that people tend to turn their heads away. his lyrics are full of so much compassion and raw feelings that you cant help but be so amazed at how far he has come. min yoongi, suga, agust d has once again truly amazed me with his overwhelming talents.

seriously tho, yixtape was worth the wait

Agust D’s Mixtape

I can’t even begin to explain how utterly proud I am of Min Yoongi. 

This is a boy who had worked on his mixtape for years; who had the opportunity to release his music–just him, just his own thoughts and talent–years ago, but chose not to because it wasn’t the right time. Because it wasn’t ready.

Something hard to believe when even then he was already so damn talented, and I have no doubt he would have done as great of a job then.

Still, he waited. He worked on it harder than any of us will ever understand, losing sleep and possibly some of his sanity to release his mixtape; he threw all of himself behind 10 tracks to be heard by the world–for everyone to hear Min Yoongi’s voice, Min Yoongi’s music, Min Yoongi’s struggles and dreams and thoughts. 

Today, Min Yoongi opened himself up to the world in one of the most raw ways any person ever could, showing us the product of his work and effort and time and I’m so emotional and so incredibly proud. 

I am so damn proud I became a fan of Min Yoongi. I am so proud people get to see this beautiful human being’s talent. 

I am so proud of Min Yoongi. 

Please show a lot of love and support for Agust D’s mixtape, he deserves it so much. Every track on his mixtape is everything I’ve ever loved about music and I am so happy for him and so happy he chose to share this with the world.

You’ve made me so proud and happy for you, Agust D. I hope all of the love you’re receiving for this beautiful creation of yours makes you happy. You deserve it all and more.

dear god, and whoever you consider the biggest influencial individual in your religion,

thank you for bringing a fucking inspiritional talented gorgeous human being called min yoongi to earth and let him be a part of a 7-men-turn-dorks squad called bts and let us get to know them, support them, love them and watch them get to the spot they deserve today because min yoongi has just release his mixtape AND IT LITS AS FUCK I CAN’T KEEP CALM NOW. MIN YOONGI OR SHOULD I SAY A-G-U-S-T-D JUST MADE US SUFFER WITH HIS FREAKING GOLD-POURED TALENT IN THE FORM OF HIS ALL SELF-PRODUCED MIXTAPE Y'ALL KNOW WHAT IT’S CALLED?! IT’S CALLED A PUNCH TO YOUR FACES FOR DEGRADING HIS TALENT BANGTAN’S TALENTS YOU HATERS. HIS TRACKS PUT YOUR ASSES ON FIRE AND MAKES YOU CRY FOR BEING BLESSED WITH SUCH FAULTLESS MASTERPIECE.

ok i’m done now. thank you for listening and i’m gonna go cry in a corner like i just did and let myself drowned in the ocean of feels.