here’s to someone who was told that he would bring shame to the family because he would never make it in the industry

here’s to someone who chose not to believe in what others said and went for his dreams anyway

here’s to someone who would choose to starve in order to pay for his expenses to make music

here’s to someone who only made 10 cents per cd he sold on the street and would perform in front of two people during his gigs

here’s to someone who hardly slept and hardly ate for days, weeks, even months on end because music was more important

here’s to someone who rarely shows his tears because he always puts his members first before himself, to be strong for the other members to lean on

here’s to someone, who despite all of this, battled depression and suicidal thoughts for years

here’s to someone who finally reached to the top and achieved his dreams

here’s to someone who can finally let his true emotions show, for the first time in a very very long time

here’s to Min Yoongi


Happy 20th anniversary Romeo + Juliet (1996) 

“Next Tuesday, November 1st is the twentieth anniversary of me second film Romeo + Juliet. It was an extraordinary creative journey, the likes of which I’m sure the cast, crew and close collaborators will never quite experience again. Many doubted the preposterous ambition of setting Shakespeare’s beloved tragic romance in a heighted creative world, with a then relatively unknown Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, but we did make it, overcoming incredible odds shooting entirely in Mexico. Over the next 7 days, the team and I are going to go through our unpublished archives and as a celebration of time passing, release previously unseen items leading up to R+J’s 20th birthday. Think of it as a big shoutout to Shakespeare himself, whose 400th anniversary is this year.

P.S: If you had anything to do with the making of the film, or are simply, just a fan and want to share, don’t hold back. Though I’m still getting down with ‘The Get Down’, the team and I so much enjoy looking at everything.”

                                                                                                                    - Baz Luhrmann

rey in TFA: preoccupied with the idea of family & a family who left her, deeply wants to be cared for and loved

adam talking about kylo“I feel like that character [Kylo] makes sense to me. The family dynamic and desperately wanting family to be part of his life but not getting it.”


i truly hope and wish that both tarjei and henrik know just how big on an impact they’ve caused in terms of portraying even and isak’s relationship so beautifully, yet realistically. and i hope that the people at Skam HQ know the importance and just how many lives they’ve touched with the telling, and might i add, the wonderful telling, of isak’s sexuality. and i hope the entire cast of skam know just how pivotal their character’s roles have been in aiding isak’s character to go on this entire journey through this series in his self discovery.

yeah, i hope they all know just how big of an impact they’ve made to our lives. because, boy oh boy, they deserve all the praise for doing such a remarkable job.


Dawn and cyrus are best buddies fight me in the fuckign ring, dawn tries to teach him all the latest memes but he is just, very tired


sakura finally maxed her level and i couldnt be prouder and happier she already considers the summoner as family im weak and emotional they slowly bonded thru talking to and being there for each other look at her shes so happy that she found another family in her life im cryign

hi there i was feeling self-indulgent so have some freemance *tosses confetti*