Starfighter cinnamon rolls
  • Looks like a Cinnamon Roll but Could Actually Kill You: Deimos
  • Looks like they could Kill you but is Actually a Cinnamon Roll: Cain
  • Looks like a Cinnamon Roll and is actually a Cinnamon Roll: Ethos
  • Looks like they Could Kill You and Could Actually Kill You: Colteron
  • Sinnamon Roll: ABEL
anime/manga series summed up

Soul Eater: using people
D.Gray-Man: trying to save everyone and failing
Naruto: please come back sasuke
Bleach: *someone needs saving* must…get…more…power
Hunter x Hunter: “Who does Hisoka wanna fight THIS arc?”
Fairy Tail: *introduces new ‘evil’ characters* boom whoops sad back story oops now they’re kinda on your side
Vampire Knight” It’s like twilight but the werewolves are also vampires
Fruits Basket: living with the furries
Owari no Seraph: gay children fight vampires and hate the army
Hetalia: the whole world is gay and you get a free history lesson
Yu-Gi-Oh: duel me
Fullmetal Alchemist: lack of Alphonse appreciation 
Death Note: he doesnt know my next move. oh but wait he does
Gravitation: I’ll sing my shitty lyrics so that you find them a little less shitty and maybe you’ll date me
Attack on Titan: big people eat little people. little people losing probably 
Saint Beast: going against your god is probably not a good idea when you’re already pretty gay af
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: OVERDRIVE
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: we’re all so happy and we have a cute kind companion!!11!! bitch u thought
No.6: rescue the straight girl from the government but whoops she’s a bee nvm. bees. bees. bees. but they look like wasps tbh
Claymore: never fear! countless female heroines are here! but ur fav is probably dead
Orenchi no Furo Jijou: how is your fish tank large enough I mean that octopus is probably 2 times your size 
Junjou Electric: he’s too weird for you dont date hi- oops
Monochrome Factor: shadows are actually bad but not bad they’re good what is even going on
Howl’s Moving Castle: there’s a fire in your heart. he didnt burn the bacon either
Spirited Away:little girl’s quest to save parents lead to a cute but dissappointing ending
Sword Art Online: every gamer’s dream comes true in the worst way imaginable 
Black Butler: selling your soul to get what you want and killing everyone’s faves 
Seikon no Qwaser: boobs literally give you life 
Sword of the Stranger: man doesnt actually hate a kid 

common exr tropes:

  • a bajillion college aus
  • romcom-type young adults in new york city
  • pining!jolras and confused r
  • 500000 soulmate aus
  • unlikely partners in crime
  • passionate debaters with hot sexual tension
  • flirtatious libertine and flustered leader 
  • honorable savior and damaged cynic
  • losers who pretend to be in a relationship and inadvertently falls in love
  • lizzie and darcy-esque courtship
  • “friends” with benefits
  • idealistic but frustrated hero and the amused con artist
  • sheltered rich kid and rebellious artist 
  • art model and pining artist 
  • prince enjolras and servant grantaire
  • pining secret admirers 
  • they meet online through some philosophy and/or political debate 
  • blind dates due to their mutual friends