God I wish I was more into style. I would be way happier being in the sp fandom.

Something is stopping me from liking the ship and I don’t know why!!! I read fics, talk about it with my dear friend Velo…

I like stan and kyles relationship but idk why the actual ship isn’t 100% with me!

I honestly need to prepare and like the ship more before the game comes out…since the rumors of possible style moments will happen…

haha goddamn I hate being a shipper

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on a scale of 1 to Very Very Very, how much do you miss seeing jonghyun every week? i remember waking up last week and being devastated at the results but now i just ;; miss seeing him (and all the other boys really!!!) ;;;;;

wow anon rip my heart out and throw it down the abyss that Nietzsche himself probably stared into. Which incidentally also describes how I feel about missing Jonghyun lately :) :) :)  (which is probably past the scale of Very Very Very)

I remember the exact time his rank was announced at around 10:22 AM PST and every day since the final episode, when it’s around that time, I feel like something is reaching into me and twisting everything good into a giant pile of ashes. In short, I miss him a lot. :( I got so used to updates from Mnet that now I find myself feeling empty because there’s no new update or video or anything to look forward to. rklwelrjekw

BUT I’m trying to remain positive and not let too much of that seep into this blog so I try to reblog lots of happy posts and to focus on good things (like Mario) idk. I cry a lot at night and most of it is because of Jonghyun but a lot of it is just my general personality as someone who tends to over worry about the future rip. 

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people dont treat friends like cole treat lili??? in what world? I hug and kiss my friends all the time and im always being silly and stupid around them and even call they love and babe. and how does he treats her different from his other friends? we have a picture of him holsing sasha, and his friend Ciena calling him baby. these argument you creste to prove they are together are fail

So that’s you, he’s waaaay more all over lili than any other friend, he doesn’t get hardons around them, doesn’t talk about them having him “whipped”, etc.

And wtf do you care, jackhole?