Trick or Treat! Halloween Yohamaru!

Yoshiko didn’t want to put on a costume at first, because she is “a demon herself”…But how about her girlfriend being a fallen angel at her side?


Their embarrassment dissipated the longer they danced, swallowed down and covered with joking remarks about the tapestries and strange cuisine.

The longer they danced, the more and more others believed the act.

The longer they danced, the more and more they forgot they were supposed to be acting.


I’m abt to pass out from exhaustion so I can’t submit separately w witty comments for each of them but here’s part one of cringebomb 2.0!

Keep the ball rolling guys! (ill prob answer most of the next submissions tomorrow afternoon because I have summer courses in the morning so I should sleep, i know im a loser but its for highschool credits) #edge4edge -mod stormcloud