just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.


we’ve been having discussions in the discord and my poor heart just can’t take it anymore.



how dare


When I was asked about him just a few weeks ago I thought he could make a comeback. I thought you all would remember this glorious, suave, composed beast of an ego. He was already snubbed for A Date With Markiplier, but now?

Now, he’s replaced again, and so quick everyone is to forget.

Look into that smiling face, those sweet eyes, that FLAMBOYANT HAIR and tell me you forgot it all. That you forgot him. How dare. Chef Iplier is a precious, legitimate bean with his very own skit and he deserves all the love. Do not be fooled by Mark’s decisions! Much as he’s apparently forgotten, this cooking bean still exists! And he will forever in our hearts.


Last known sighting of the bean. Do not be fooled by the ending of his skit. Do not be fooled by Mark’s “harmless” joke. Chef Iplier lives, and he watches as he is replaced, and you can bet he mourns. Give him the respect he deserves. The true culinary ego of Mark’s repertoire. The very best chef there is.

Long live Chef Iplier.


Drunk RFA Confession

this turned so long in the end yikes, but i couldn’t help write angst because im angst trash lmao also im sorry to all jakes out there (requests are open btw!) ^^


  • Yikes, Yoosung?? in Zen’s house?? with beer???
  • It can only mean trouble for this drunk little bastard 
  • He was feeling really depressed because he’s been failing at LOLOL, failing at his exams and worst of all, MC was on a date
  • His chest was hurting so much at the thought of his hopeless crush with another person so he decided to drink his problems away
  • Zen was really irritated because Yoosung was sobbing and kept saying that his princess was taken away from him and that he will never have a chance with her
  • But Zen slapped this boi and called MC over saying that he couldn’t handle any more of Yoosung’s whining
  • She led him back to his apartment, struggling to keep himself on his feet but he felt giddy when he felt MC’s arms wrapped around his waist
  • MC tucked him to bed and placed a wet rug on his forehead
  • He caught  her hand and started kissing her fingers, kissing her knuckles and she was so red
  • “Yoosung what are you doing?”
  • “To reward my love for her hardwork”
  • His love?? wait he likes her????
  • “Yoosung what are you talking about”
  • “You’re so pretty… I know I can’t be the perfect man for you and I cherish your happiness so I really hope this Jake guy you went on a date with treats you well, I love you” 
  • He brushes the hair from your face as he pressed his lips against yours and collapsed 


  • Zen knew going to a club was bad and dangerous but he couldn’t help himself
  • He was going to play lead in another musical but he had accidentally broken his arm 
  • Zen protested and told the director he was going to be fine but told him that it was going to be too late and that they were going to find a new actor to replace him
  • He got really depressed and with the added fact that he recently saw MC with another guy laughing like they were on a date had him on the edge all week, that was his breaking point
  • He drank and smoked and was dancing with the girls at the bar trying to embed in his mind that it was MC he was holding but he just couldn’t imagine 
  • He was never really satisfied and had enough
  • He was stumbling when he reached MC’s door, knocking on it loudly
  • “Zen what are you doing out here, it’s late”
  • When she smells the smoke and alcohol in his mouth she couldn’t help but sigh 
  • Zen leans up against the door frame, puts his hands in his pocket and stares at her
  • “I’m sorry, but I had to see you atleast once tonight”
  • She pulled him in and made him sit at his couch telling him that there was no way she was going to let him go home in this state and offered to stay at hers for the night
  • Zen was really embarassed and while MC was draping a blanket around his body she kissed his forehead and sighed
  • “I thought we already talked about your drinking and smoking habits”
  • “I know.. and im ashamed that you get to see me like this, if that Jake dude ever hurts you, come to me I- I’ll be there for you, always. I’m just sorry I can’t be the man for you with all these habits… I love you”
  • Then he softly kissed her left eye and proceeded to kiss her lips gently before completely passing out on the couch
  • MC has never been so flustered 


  • They were celebrating yet again another engagement party of Jumin’s father
  • It was in a hotel venue and Jumin was free to invite a plus one so he decided to bring MC along
  • But his spirits deflated when MC said she couldn’t go because she had a date
  • So all night he was distracted and all night he kept subconciously reaching out for wine
  • He kept checking the messenger and when they were all teasing MC about her date and that she was the first to have a lovelife he couldn’t help bit feel a pinch in his chest
  • Screw that it felt like there was something impaled at his chest 
  • He can just imagine MC and her date sharing jokes, hugging… kissing
  • His grip on the glass tightened as it spilled on his thousand dollar suit
  • Jumin excused himself from the crowd because of his embarassing display and headed straight for the washroom
  • He collided with someone on the way and was about to scold them when he saw the familiar face and his glare suddenly disappeared into a soft gaze
  • MC was there and explained that they had a dinner date here and they had just finished.
  • Jumin wrapped his arms around MC as he inhaled her scent.. her scent. Not a trace of another man, meaning they haven’t displayed those actions and so Jumin was fast to claim them
  • Trying to place his scent on her trying to mark her as his
  • Jumin then realized that he must be drunk enough for him to get this bold
  • “Jumin you smell like spilled wine” She pushed herself off of him
  • “That’s because it is, darling” He smiled fondly at her, stroking her hair
  • “Get changed” 
  • “I don’t have any spare ones, but i’ll gladly head home so you can tend to me” jumin calm down
  • “No thanks but i’d see you off to your car atleast”
  • “Sounds good to me”
  • She led him to his van and adviced driver kim that he be sent home 
  • “Thank you MC… You’d be a good wife. I hope that he treats you well but remember that I will always hold you dear to my heart. I love you”
  • He kissed the top of her head as he held her waist


  • Jaehee had been really stressed about the coffee shop that she owns with MC because she’s been out on a date while Jaehee basically suffers handling extra because of MC’s absence
  • Not to mention how cranky she has been all day, scaring customers away and often getting orders wrong
  • She has never been such a wreck until today 
  • She was on the verge of tears as she popped open a bottle of soju and drank away the sorrow of lost customers and broken hearts
  • Jaehee always had this hopeless crush on MC but seeing her with someone else really broke her
  • She suddenly started to laugh loudly to herself, her voice echoing through the empty coffee shop
  • “MC will never like a woman like me, a woman with no elegance, who’s such a stuck up while she’s out there reaching out to people and shining for them”
  • She was saying all these compliments about MC loudly 
  • And again laughed at how ridiculous the situation is 
  • So she dialed Zen’s number thinking that she could get some release by having to talk to someone about it
  • “Hey Zen, ugh im sorry to call, im just really stressed right now”
  • She started to talk about how she was too unfit for MC and afterwards started complimenting her yet again
  • “I just.. I just love her too much”
  • “Jaehee have you been drinking?”
  • She was startled when she heard a sound of a feminine voice instead of a male one though
  • Oh shit she accidentally called MC
  • She sighed through the phone 
  • “I’m sorry I didn’t get to help you today.. but look up”
  • Jaehee did and saw MC through the glass windows smiling, a phone at hands, and two cups of coffee on the other


  • The stress of previously working from an intelligence agency is greater compared to his current job but there will still be some bad days 
  • And today is one of those days
  • “You’ve been really cranky lately, what’s gotten into you?” Saeran asked as he rolled his eyes
  • Seven grunted as he continued to angrily type, muttering the words ‘date’, ‘MC’ and ‘Jake’
  • Saeran snickered as he opened a tab to a CCTV footage of her so called date
  • “Stop it, im trying to work” 
  • Seven had enough and closed the footage, allowing him to work more efficiently
  • After he had done a few assignments and Seran had gone back to his room, instead of chugging down his usual Phd Pepper he opted for the beer Zen once left when he visited
  • He was getting drunker by the minute and when he heard that someone got through his security system he was alerted
  • MC was there smiling while holding out the bag of ice cream she had bought
  • “Hey Seven! I bought you and Saeran Ice cre-”
  • “Are you stupid MC?!”
  • “W-what are you talking about?”
  • “I thought someone broke in ugh! I should’ve never given you the answers through my door”
  • “Why don’t you just stop meddling with my life! You’re so annoying, even back in the apartment you were annoying. Why can’t you just leave for one second”
  • “Fine then i’ll do you a favor and leave for more than a second, i’ll give you forever!”
  • “Suit yourself, go run away with that stupid Jake boy”
  • MC stood menacingly towards Seven
  • “Do not bring him into this”
  • “Aww little MC’s sooo inlove, yeah yeah just get out of here” Seven crossed his arms
  • MC eyes pricked with tears as she threw the ice cream at his feet
  • “That was supposed to be for you, since I knew you were stressed lately but who cares, tell Saeran I said hi… or goodbye”
  • She wiped the tears using her sleeve and quickly left the house
  • Seven tched as he picked up the Ice cream and suddenly sobbed, curling his body and running his fingers aggresively through his hair 
  • Saeran came in and was confused as to why Seven was acting like that
  • He saw the food and connected the pieces together
  • “You idiot.. MC was coming to bring you this didn’t she, what did you do”
  • Saeran held Seven’s collar, pulling him up
  • “What did you do?!?”
  • After a punch to his face, Seven tried to catch up to MC seeing as she wasn’t too far but his drunked state didn’t help but impede his running
  • When he spotted her he shouted her name at the top of his lungs not caring wether other people hear him
  • But he broke when he saw MC’s tear streakened face
  • “MC I’m sorry! I’m stupid and I’m sorry! please… I love you”
  • MC was shocked after hearing those words but still she turned around
  • ….and left

Type: Smut

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Originally posted by overdyosed

You never knew why you always ended up watching videos of Kyungsoo, he always did such a great job with seeing you at least once every day, so its not like you missed him. You did, but not in anyway that couldn’t be fixed. There was just something about the way he smiled though that made you want to see it all day long, that was the only reason you could think of. You appreciated every last fan made video as you had probably seen them all at least twice and to no ones knowledge but your own, you definitely had alot of notifications set for those videos. 

This was one you particularly liked, you had at had seen it at least two dozen times now and that doesn’t count the times you had watched it and then rewound parts that made you smile more than the others. It was a compilation of all the times Kyungsoo had been cute and it was full of his blushing and nervous smiles. The same smile he got when you said things that were a little too rated R for him. 

You found yourself watching these videos to spark old memories you had with him. Seeing the way he did a certain hand movement or eyebrow twitch brought those memories back and you appreciated it so much. 

You sat there giggling, your teeth biting gently down on the nail of your thumb as you blushed towards the video. You were lost in his eyes, his smile and everything about the video you had seen so many times. You were so lost in the video that you had lost track of the time. It wasn’t until Kyungsoo was flopping down next to you did you realize he was there. 

You looked up and removed your headphones, eyes wide as he noticed what was you were watching. He took your phone from you and unplugged the headphones so he could hear what was making you giggle so much, blushing at the fact that it was him. 

‘So is this what you do when you miss me?’ He said trying to be confident in his teasing. 

‘Im not ashamed.’ You said making him giggle as you took the phone from him. 

He smile and laid back on the couch while flipping the tv on. You accepted his feet over your lap and without having to be asked you started to rub at his sore calves. You talked lightly about his day and yours, his shy giggles as the videos were brought back up made you squeeze gently at his legs. You looked over to him and he smiled, closing his eyes and reaching his arms up for you. 

It didnt take long for you to shift your position so you were cuddling up to his side, your head resting on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders. He sighed deeply and adjusted his cheek on the top of your head. You followed his sigh and continued your conversation, the topic of his schedule coming up and how you were going to have to deal with him being gone some nights since tour season was about to start up for him again. You would complain but there was no point, you were the most proud of him with maybe the exception of his mother and you wouldn’t be the person to make him think other wise. 

Instead you just pushed your body up and kissed his cheek for a good few seconds before adjusting your body so you could prop your head up on your hand. 

‘Well ill miss you, but I’m sure you’re going to do great.’ You said smiling as he shifted so he could look at you. 

‘You should come with us to a few of the shows, it could be fun.’ He said. You smiled and ran your thumb over his cheek, he always said that but you could never make it work with your own schedule. 

‘Ill try to come.’ You smiled.

He shifted his head so he was looking up with you and put just enough pressure on your back to indicated he wanted you to kiss him. You smiled and slipped back down, crossing your hands over his chest and resting your chin on your hands for half a seconds before reaching up once again and kissing his lips. He breathed deeply into the simple kiss, his arms tightening once again around your waist. You pressed your lips harder against his for a second and giggled while pulling away.

You smiled as he groaned, eyes still closed and rolled his head in silent protest to you’re end of kissing him. You teased him a bit by resting your head and looking back at the tv. You chuckled as he kicked his feet from under you, making you slide into the space between him and the back of the couch. You whine for him to stop with a slight chuckle and when he kicked his foot once more you reached up to kiss him again. 

You pulled away and looked at him, laughing as he kicked out again until your lips were on his once more. The third time you kissed him his arms wrapped around your back so tight there was no reason to break the kiss again. Still, you couldn’t keep a straight face. As he tried to kiss you, you couldn’t help the giggles that kept erupting through your lips and causing them to vibrate against his. 

‘Would you stop! What is so funny!’ He said with a playful grin. 

‘Im sorry i just, your… Babe, you’re…’ You shifted and looked down to where his already hard member had been jabbing into your hip. 

‘What!’ He said pretending not to notice how erect he was by pulling you back over it, his hands folding over your back again and his eyes closing as he waited for you to kiss him. 

You smiled smugly, and shifted your body so you were then straddling his lap. His eyes opened suddenly and he looked at you with nervous eyes as you slowly rolled your hips back as you bent over to kiss him. He moaned once into the kiss, something you loved about him was how vocal he could be. You rolled your hips again causing him to moan again. You smiled into the kiss as you started to kiss him harder, your lips making his move. You teased him with a lip bite as you rolled your hips harder trying to get him as worked up as possible, if he wanted to play that game, you’d play. 

He was a mess under you, every time your hips would roll he’d let out a slight moan or heavy breath and when you bit down on his lip he’d tighten his grip on your body. So when you sat up quickly he smiled thinking you were going to strip of your top, but in reality you just swung your leg over his lap and moved down to the other end of the couch so you were as far from his as possible. 

You cleared your throat and brought your knees under you like nothing had happened, almost like he wasn’t there. You tried to keep a straight face as he sat up and stared at you with a look of disbelief, his eyebrows risen and his mouth in an O shape. You watched from the corner of your eye as he rubbed his face a few times, fell back onto the couch and sat back up. 

You thought that would be the end of it, that you had teased him enough to win the small battle. But that wasn’t the case. Soon your legs were being pulled from under you and you were yanked till you were laying back on the couch, Kyungsoo now crawling up your body and before you could react he pulled your shirt off. You rarely saw him like this and when ever you did you wouldn’t complain, he’s never been more attractive to you than when he was taking authority. 

Kyungsoo took no time in closing the space between you two, his hands pushing your knees up as he laid in between your legs. He kissed you roughly, his tongue taking no time in dominating yours. The rolls had defiantly reversed. When he was once the moaning mess under you, you were now breathing in sharply and moaning under him as he ground himself into you harshly. 

Your hands gripped to his shirt as his hips rolled, the pressure between you two driving you nuts. His hands trailed down to the hem of your shorts and with your help he was able to pull your shorts off quickly. He kissed you again roughly, his fingers teasing you for a few seconds before his thumb found your clit. He smiled into the kiss, his hand now taking turns between rubbing and penetrating you and you under him clutching to his shirt and neck as you tried to hold onto yourself from his heavy petting. 

You tried to catch your breath, your body was shaking more with how quick his hand were moving than anything else. Kyungsoo had stopped abruptly and sat up puling you with him. His lips remained against yours as he brought you to face the front and didnt break this kiss until his shirt was halfway over his head. He reconnected the kiss as he stripped of his bottoms, and the moment his pants were almost off his ankles he pulled you down and he was taking no time in pushing you up so you were resting on the back of the couch, your back pressed against the cold wall. 

He took no time in kneeling up in front of you, his hands pulling slightly at the backs of your knees as he positioned himself between your legs. He paused, his tip barley touching your core and already driving you mad. He pressed his lips against your forehead, then your nose then your lips. You thought for half a second he was going to go back to being sweet like he normally was, but you couldn’t even finish your thought before he was pushing into you making you break the kiss as you gasped and your body adjusted to him. 

A low growl left his chest and he buried his head in the crook of your shoulder, something he did every time he first entered you. You let your head fall back as he pushed into you roughly a few more times, soft gaspes leaving both of you with every movement. The moment his lips found your over exposed neck was the moment that things really got heated.

 One hand found the space under your knee and took ahold of it, slowly bringing your leg up and around him while his other hand firmly pressed against the wall next to your ear. his lips sucked, his tongue licked and his teeth nipped at the most sensitive parts of your neck while his hips rolled into you so fast that all you could do was grab onto his hair as your body tensed from the friction. Every nerve on your body seemed to be on fire and from your sitting position you could see why. He scraped against every sensitive wall in your body and seemed to push deeper and deeper in you with every roll of his hips. The way he held your one leg up and around his waist made you feel too tight for him, like you were going to be ripped from the pleasure he was giving you. 

Your eyes squeezed shut and you tried to kiss him back as his lips found yours again, but your breathing was too staggered. Between your moans and gasps his lips might as well have been none existent to you, but you couldn’t help it. He started to roll his hips, his now free hands moving up to tease and pull at your nipples. You hooked your arms around his neck and pulled on him, hoping that he would stop as your body started to shake. You normally lasted longer than this but he was just doing so many things write at once that it was beginning to get hard to control yourself. 

You whimpered his name in a series of short breaths, try to beg him to stop but with how tense your body had gotten you couldn’t help your shaking knees. Your breaths now came out heavy and staggered as one hand left your nipped and found your clit, rubbing and teasing harshly until you were practically lifting yourself off of the couch and up into him more, now trying to fight the pleasure that was on the brink of irrupting through your body. 

He brought his body closer to yours and let his weight slightly hold you down as he pumped and teased faster, his voice breathlessly whispering dirty things into your ear. He wasn’t ever one for dirty talk and the sudden ‘cum for me baby girl, you know you want to.’ though not the dirtiest thing you ever heard still made you unravel under him. 

You let out one last groan as your thighs shook all the way up and you felt a wave of wet coat your core. Kyungsoo groaned deeply at the feeling too and pumped faster through your orgasm as he pushed himself to his own. When he was two pumps away he pulled out of you quickly and stood on the couch, grabbing your hair and pulling so your face was tilted towards the ceiling. You opened your mouth and waited, smiling to yourself as his tip touched the corner of your mouth ad twitched a few times before unloading itself into your mouth. 

You waited till he was done to swollow, and when you did he was waiting there with a water off the table and a kiss on your forehead. You let him pull you onto him as he laid the length of the couch. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist after pulling a light blanket over you and he. He then laid there and continued to watch the tv like nothing had happened and you two weren’t laying there completely naked, still covered in sex sweat.

You didnt mind though since as you stood 30 minutes later and announced it was time for a shower he was more than eager to jump up and walk with his naked body pressed to yours to the shower. 

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Chlonette secret dating headcanons?

  • so when chloe and marinette start dating, chloe tells marinette that she hasn’t told her father she’s gay yet. chloe’s out to her classmates, but when it comes to letting her father know about them dating, they’ve gotta keep it hush hush for now. 
    • chloe: it’s not that i think he’d have a problem with it. i don’t think so anyway. it’s just….a lot to tell him and im not ready to hear what he has to say. im not ashamed of you or our relationship, but i need…time
    • mari: i understand and it’s okay. you take as much time as you need to tell him. i’ll be here if you need me. 
  • this usually means that they hang out at marinette’s house a lot, which chloe doesn’t mind. marinette’s apartment is super teeny, but it always smells like bread and her mother is always giving chloe sweets when she comes over
    • plus that means they can make out and cuddle as much as they want for as long as they want in marinette’s bed and that’s always a plus in chloe’s book
    • and marinette’s parents don’t mind when they kiss in front of them while they’re watching movies on the couch. if anything, they find it precious
  • taking marinette on dates gets a little more complicated because chloe can’t just stay out after dark without her father knowing who she’s with and what she’s doing. but adrien, bless his heart, offers to cover for chloe by coming to chloe’s house, pretending he’s picking her up for a date, and walking her a couple of blocks over to where marinette is waiting
    • winds up working perfectly because adrien has an excuse to spend the evening at nino’s house while chloe and marinette are off having fun
  • the few times that chloe brings marinette to her house, she always tells her father they have this “super duper important history project” to finish and they need absolute privacy. so she locks her bedroom door and the two of them try their best to keep the noise down. 
  • chloe’s father can see her instagram and her facebook so they can’t make anything official there yet. so all of their couple-y, cutesy photos all happen on Snapchat and boy do they spam that thing a lot. chloe’s stories are literally just her spewing compliments at marinette and watching her get flustered over them. 
  • sometimes they get, ah….a little carried away when they’re together so chloe has to come up with creative excuses for why she’s wearing scarves and sweatshirts around the house when it’s so warm outside
    • andre: chloe you’ve been wearing that scarf for two days do i need to turn down the air conditioning?
    • chloe: NOPE NO HAHA everything’s fine, just uh….wow i must have strep throat or something. gotta keep the neck covered, you know?
  • they’re able to keep it up for a few months before andre pulls chloe aside one day and tells her that he saw marinette and chloe kissing just outside the hotel the other day. he assumes that there’s something going on that he should know about. 
    • at first chloe’s terrified and doesn’t quite know how to explain herself, but her father hugs her tight and tells her that she can tell him anything and he’d never love or think of her any less
    • so she comes out to him and he’s super supportive and so happy that chloe had the courage to tell him and chloe feels so much relief because it means the world to know she has her father’s support. plus, no more hiding!
  • the first thing andre does is tell chloe to invite marinette over to dinner with just the three of them. he wants to properly meet the young girl who makes his wonderful daughter so happy. 

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4, 16, 60 :)

4. “you haven’t even touched your food. what’s going on?” (this screamed Virgil so that’s what i went with)

Virgil still wasn’t used to all the changes. He usually viewed change, inherently, as a bad thing, and though he knew the other sides were only doing their best to help him feel included and cared about, it was still weird.
So Patton’s sudden question and worried stare definitely caught him off guard.
“You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”
They didn’t usually eat together; usually Virgil wouldn’t even realize he hasnt eaten until his stomach coaxed him awake in the early hours. Logan would normally wander into the kitchen at exactly five o'clock for a small, yet healthy meal. Patton always cooked for Roman and himself. But tonight Patton had made dinner for all of them, and Virgil was forced to socialize with the rest of them. He’d been picking at his food with his fork, moving things around but never actually lifting them to his mouth.
There wasn’t anything wrong, not particularly, so his response to the moral side’s question was simple: a shrug, a weak smile.
Patton didn’t buy it. He set his fork down and did what Virgil called the “Dad Pose.” Elbows on the table, arms crossed over one another, fingers splayed. “Come on, kiddo, we’ve been over this. Talk to us.”
Logan was also quick to turn his attention to Virgil, while Roman’s heart was still set on his steak. The silverware on the table rattled as Logan not-so-subtly elbowed the creative side in order to alter the subject of his concentration.
“Um…” Virgil started, cheeks growing warm at all the sudden attention. “Nothing’s going on. I’m just… Not used to…” He cleared his throat, eyes moving to address Logan. “Why is he looking at me like that?” He asked, referring to Patton’s extremely fixated gaze. His eyes were wide and almost doe-like, his expression showing way too much concern. Logan snapped his fingers in front of the father figure’s face, and he blinked in confusion.
“Morality. Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Being so… emotional. Virgil says there is nothing wrong, so evidently, there is nothing wrong. Perhaps he simply dislikes your cooking.”
Patton slapped a hand to his own chest as if he had just been impaled.
“No! No, no it’s not that,” Virgil quickly said, and the bickering ceased as the attention was brought back to him. “Like I was saying, I’m just not used to doing stuff with you guys. And I don’t usually eat this early, anyway.”
Roman cut in to the conversation for the first time. “It’s nearly eight o'clock, how late do you eat?”
Virgil pursed his lips and shrugged. “Not til, like, the middle of the night. I just don’t really think about it.”
Logan gasped sharply, and now it seemed as if he was the one being impaled. “Virgil that is so unhealthy.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Then why do you do it?!”
A shrug was all the logical side got in response. Patton sighed and shook his head.
“Well,” he began. “You don’t have to eat with us, I just thought a change might be nice-”
“He doesn’t like change,” Roman muttered before stuffing his mouth with broccoli, and then immediately realizing his mistake and cringing at the taste of the vegetable.
Virgil pointed at Roman to acknowledge the statement. “Yeah. That.”
Logan frowned. “I don’t see how broccoli has anything to do with-”
“No, the- the change thing.”
Now Patton was frowning, almost as if he was disappointed in himself. “Oh. Right.”
Virgil’s chest ached. He hated seeing Patton upset, especially when it was his fault. He felt his hands begin to shake, and took a deep breath before speaking again.
“But I want to put in effort for you guys, just like you’ve all been putting effort in for me. Even Princey.” He picked up his fork, stabbed it into a piece of steak (Patton had cut all of the meat into small cubes) and guided it into his mouth. “Oh. Oh that’s really good,” he murmured, shoveling more into his mouth. Only now did he realize how hungry he actually was.
“Don’t speak with your mouth full,” Logan sighed.


16. “Stop it! It tickles!” (More Virgil stuff yayy)

“Are you sure this is going to turn out the way you wish?” Logan asked from his seat, eyes never raising from the novel in his hands.
“Oh, pssh! He’ll love it!” Patton waved away Logan’s question and positioned himself against the wall in such a way that if one were coming down the stairs, there was no way they would see him. He’d heard the telltale sounds of shifting and groans coming from upstairs that meant Virgil was finally emerging from his bed, and was likely going to come downstairs at any moment.
Just as predicted, Patton heard a door opening and closing as well as shuffling footsteps. He waved his arms in excitement and pressed a finger to his lips, though Logan was the only other side in the room and he hadn’t said a word other than his initial question.
Patton waited patiently, though his legs were starting to cramp in this crouched position. He finally heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and as soon as they grew close enough, he pounced. A screaming Virgil went down as Patton attacked, his fingers tickling any sensitive spot they could find. Virgil’s screams soon turned to laughter, his arms flailing in a desperate attempt to swat Patton’s hands away.
“S-stop it!” He wheezed, barely able to speak between spasms of laughter. “It tickles!”
Logan spoke again: “I believe that is the point.”
“Get him- Ah! Off of me!”
“I don’t understand, the sounds you’re making suggest that you are enjoying yourself.”
Virgil was unable to reply as he gasped for air, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. At that point Patton finally granted mercy and moved off of Virgil, laughing and feeling very proud of himself.
Virgil took a few moments to catch his breath before sitting up, clasping his chest and glaring at the moral side.
“I’ll get you back for that.”


60. “They didnt just find out! They already knew!” (I made this Prinxiety and im not even  ashamed)

“Aww, you guys are adorable,” Patton cooed as he entered the room, casually plopping himself down onto one end of the couch. On the other end, Virgil and Roman had been cuddling together while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Virgil practically sitting on the prince’s lap. At the sight of Patton, the anxious side quickly scrambled away from Roman and sat with his arms crossed and his cheeks bright red.
“What are you taking about?” He muttered. “I-I don’t… We’re not-”
“Oh, please,” Logan added, suddenly materializing seemingly out of nowhere and straightening his tie. “You two could not be any more obvious.”
Roman paused the movie, sitting up straight and looking incredulously at the other sides. “But- but we’ve been so careful, how did you-?”
Virgil cut in, rubbing at his face with one hand and grimacing, “They didnt just find out. They already knew!”
“Correct,” Logan grinned.
Patton giggled, shaking his head. “Come on. We’re all different aspects of Thomas’s personality. We may not know what all of the others are doing or feeling constantly, but it’s pretty darn easy to tell when something’s up. And you two are definitely up.”
Logan looked at Patton with something in his eyes that seemed to resemble respect. “That was… Actually a very accurate response, Patton.”
The moral side shrugged. “Aw, thanks-”
“Not very articulate, though.”
“Ah, well. Next time.”

i know like 90 transmasc folks with a name that’s some variation of alexander and im one of them and im not ashamed

reblog if you are an Alexander Trans, love an Alexander Trans, or enjoy breaking into transphobes’ houses and crushing all of their lamps

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So i dont know if this counts as an emergency but i wake up somedays loving myself and flaunting it and somedays i dont leave the house so nobody can see me because im ashamed of myself. Can you have widow, sombra and reaper comforting the reader on one of there bad days?


She feels a little lost at why you were hiding from her, figuring it was something wrong with her. When you explain to her then she just pulls you close, head burying into your shoulder. She doesn’t know what to say but she figures this is the most she can do, she can’t explain but it makes her hurt when you’re in pain. 


She notices when your opinion of yourself crumbles, the way your face grows grim. She knows you won’t leave your house the next morning, sneaking in while you were sitting on your bed. She can’t fix your problems, she’s not delusional about this. But she’ll help you weather this out, pulling you close and giving you a rock during this.


He has a moment towards himself of blame, that this was all his fault. He’ll shove that aside to focus on you, figuring this isn’t the time for his own insecurities. He’ll remind you that he adores you, he can’t solve your problems but he’ll remind you of that daily. That if you can love someone like him you must be an angel.

I was very ignorant to all this hate on ishida, this is just completely and purely disgusting. I’m utterly ashamed to be apart of the western fandom. To call him “homophobic” and burn copies of the manga is already awful, but to WISH DEATH UPON HIM… This is his story, not yours. I’m truly disgusted at people who ship hidekane and are now demanding him to end his life, are you kidding me? I’m truly sorry that your ship did not become canon, but if you are one of the people tweeting him on twitter all the hate, im ashamed that you are apart of this fandom. Ishida is a real person with real feelings, just imagine how you are making him feel, this chapter was very important to him and now you’re burning his manga and telling him to die. I hope you leave this fandom and never come back…

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I'm so ashamed of how long it took me to read nerve endings. i kept seeing you rec it and get messages about it and i didnt just trust your taste in everything automatically and im ashamed. you seriously have the best taste ever in fic! NE is officially my new favorite.

I’m so glad you liked it!! Thank you for the compliments omg :) <3

BTS as things my elderly co-worker says

“Im ashamed to hear you say that”

“Im not home if you’re calling”

“Thank u for shopping at the holiday inn. We’re sorry, all of our employees are currently busy”

“Do you believe in the after-life?”

“If you’ve got one good friend, that’s all you really need”

“Here’s a bag for the dooflicky-hicky”
“The garbage?”
“Haha, yea” *walks away*

*quacks like a duck immitating the cleaner squeeze bottle*

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What did Damien Echols say about the AH case?

He posted the Stanhope article on FB without saying anything but then responded to people who were all like /im so ashamed of you omg you dont know what happened/ and he was all like…. lol yes i do ive witnessed this shit for years pls go away thanks

A bit more eloquently, though:

(his comment on the last one was a reply to Trysha; not the comment it actually shows the reply on.)

Message from Kid Cudi

“Its been difficult for me to find the words to what Im about to share with you because I feel ashamed. Ashamed to be a leader and hero to so many while admitting I’ve been living a lie. It took me a while to get to this place of commitment, but it is something I have to do for myself, my family, my best friend/daughter and all of you, my fans.
Yesterday I checked myself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges.
I am not at peace. I haven’t been since you’ve known me. If I didn’t come here, I wouldve done something to myself. I simply am a damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions everyday of my life. Theres a ragin violent storm inside of my heart at all times. Idk what peace feels like. Idk how to relax. My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it. I cant make new friends because of it. I dont trust anyone because of it and Im tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace. I deserve to be happy and smiling. Why not me? I guess I give so much of myself to others I forgot that I need to show myself some love too. I think I never really knew how. Im scared, im sad, I feel like I let a lot of people down and again, Im sorry. Its time I fix me. Im nervous but ima get through this.
I wont be around to promote much, but the good folks at Republic and my manager Dennis will inform you about upcoming releases. The music videos, album release date etc. The album is still on the way. Promise. I wanted to square away all the business before I got here so I could focus on my recovery.

If all goes well ill be out in time for Complexcon and ill be lookin forward to seeing you all there for high fives and hugs.

Love and light to everyone who has love for me and I am sorry if I let anyone down. I really am sorry. Ill be back, stronger, better. Reborn. I feel like shit, I feel so ashamed. Im sorry.

I love you,

Scott Mescudi”