my snk fancast <3
Eren Jaeger // Justin Bieber
Mikasa Ackerman // Samara from The Ring
Jean Kirschtein // Macklemore
Marco Bodt // Nobody
Annie Leonhardt // Lorde
Reiner Braun // Ellen Degeneres
Bertholdt Fubar // A bagel
Connie Springer // Mr. Bean
Sasha Braus // Betty White
Christa Renz // Hulk Hogan
Ymir // Ben Stiller
Armin Arlert // Steve Buscemi
Erwin Smith // Benedict Cumberbatch
Levi // Danny Devito
Hanji Zoe // Sarah Palin



If you think Kylo doesn’t have a craft station where he makes adorable little cards for his favourite Space Ginger then boy do I have news for you.

And if you think that Hux doesnt give him shit for it, well. 

I dont think anyone misses the reference but if you did, please make your world a brighter place and watch this.

nikkiheats & meggyfoo - Bellamy + Clarke #81 & #82 (ノ・̆⌓・̆)ノ♛ฺ