When Always In My Heart hits 1000000

Suggestions/ideas/guesses to what can happen when it hits 1million: 

  • Harry posts IG in color
  • (if louis is still an egg) Harry posts IG of egg on toast
  • Harry posts something half-cryptic like a lyric but everyone knows what it’s about
  • like this line:  "Let’s kiss afresh, as when we first begun" which is from this poem mentioning “a million”
  • Or lyrics to John Legend - Million
  • Louis follows someone HL af
  • Louis unfollows or blocks loudmouthed antis
  • Louis tweets something happy non-promo, even just a ’:)’
  • Louis posts a selfie
  • Louis posts a selfie of himself with something harry-identifiable in the back
  • Harry posts a color IG of a painting of king louis XIV of france
  • Louis tweets that he’s watching Harry Potter, or something other Harry-stuff
  • If it’s on the day of an otra show one or both of them tweets “thanks a million, you’ve been great" 
  • selfie or pic of rbb
  • nothing happens

Things that will cause heart attack:

  • they tweet each other
  • Harry retweets it
  • someone else in the band or family retweets it
  • They come out, Ellen Degeneres retweets it and then boom it’s the most retweeted thing in the world and everyone has a slow burn heart attack.

headcanon that Mizuki and Koujaku are the type of guys to watch over single women (and nervous looking younger guys) in bars to make sure they’re not taken advantage of

Koujaku will sit with the ladies and ‘flirt’ and buy them drinks to keep sleazy guys away if he notices theyre being watched

Mizuki is the type of bartender who will watch drinks and if he notices something bad happening, he’ll switch the glasses and watch guys roofie themselves or he’ll just throw the drinks out and kick the guys asses

headcanon that they have Dry Juice and Benishigure members make sure drunk patrons get home safely 


eopold Fitz Week 

Day One

 ↳ Favorite Moments of Bravery

I’m so fucking tired of people hating on red velvet. or comparing them to other girl groups, or bashing them just because they’re from sm. SM pulled Red Velvet out of their asses, but look at how good they’ve been doing. Dumb Dumb beat literally everyone but Taeyeon in digital sales, they’ve won countless awards, they’re all incredibly talented, gorgeous, and kind. If you’re gonna send me or any Red Velvet blog asks saying shit like ‘blackpink have done WAY better than red velvet did during their debut’ or ‘red velvet are ugly as shit’ or any ugly hate mail like that, fuck. off. I do not tolerate bashing of ANY idol/group on my blog.


Alpha Kids God Tier Photoshoot at Närcon Winter 2015, Sweden.

Roxy: lordspongle
Jane: salmonini
Jake: fishymemermaid
Dirk: hstuckers
Photographer: mrevilfaget


another story ‘bout the cape because you know I lOVE the cape. 


                                                   so you made a pact

                                                   a promise

                                                  “We’ll only love each other and no one else

for queernorma

i feel like the mv is gonna be like Swing. You know how the intro was silly and stuff but then then actual song and dance was serious? That’s probably how this is gonna be the teaser is probably just an intro to the MV. 

For the last time, then I am off this ever loving site for the night...


If you hate Rick, hate him, fine, but you are not going to try and police people to fan the way you fan.  Shit, just because you want her with another character or don’t want her with any character does not make you a better fan than any fucking other person.  Fan the way you want to fucking fan, but the policing bullshit has got to stop. 

You talk about not giving a shit, yet are constantly trying to diminish people who are just trying to have a good fucking time and enjoy their own fucking ship.   Get over your high and mighty selves. Especially when people were on the same fucking ship and decided to jump off, OKAY THAT IS FUCKING GREAT, but don’t act like you wasn’t going along with the ride until the waters got rough.  It is perfectly oh fucking kay, do you, but don’t fucking ask people to hop off with you.  

People disagree on this site, that is all they fucking do, but do not fucking play victim when you purposely critique a ship you “do not care” about and get called out on it.  If you don’t care, don’t care, but when a couple of folks rebut your opinion all of a sudden its an attack, and all Richonners are mean and delusional.  

We are not checking for you. I REPEAT, WE ARE NOT CHECKING FOR YOU. But, ya’ll damn sure checking for us. So honestly whatever, do what the fuck you gonna do. This is tumblr and some of ya’ll live and breathe off of being trolls.  I’m not gonna tell ya’ll what and what not to tag, but seriously… better.


2015 was kinda crazy for me, a lot of things happened, I started this blog on july and switching accounts wasnt easy and my dash was really meh, but in the end i found my place here and I’m so so glad I got to follow and meet so many amazing people! Thank you so so much for always making my dashboard such an enjoyable place for me!! Even if we rarely or never talk seeing you all screaming or fangirling over the tags always makes me feel less lonely. 

Because of this I decided that it was time for me to make my first follow forever, yey!! You are all very precious to me (even if we never talked) and there’s this 101% possibility I treasure you if you are here (and u should totally hmu js). I hope that 2016 will bring you all lots of amazing stuff and that you’ll keep blessing my dash!! If you aren’t here and I follow you, I’m really sorry I’m p lazy and I made this in a rush also some of you changed urls soooo (i’m also p bitter about the gif ahhh soz).

bolded are mutuals!


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A few doodles, procrastinating on my studies…