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I have a question. I remember seeing a post about there being some kind of purple parasite thing that is inside Fresh!Sans and it's called the Fresh Parasite(correct me if im wrong). Also Kid!Fresh doesn't seem to have it. So did the Fresh Parasite, like, infect him when he got older and he uses his sunglasses to hide it or something? I guess he doesn't want to freak his brothers out.


Meet Fresh!

So, yep, that creepy-crawly? That’s Fresh! He’s a parasite. So, every time you talk about Fresh!Sans, what you mean is Fresh-possessed Sans.

(Side note: Generally, referring to the host as ‘Sans’ isn’t right either, since the whole Lucidia redesign… Buuut that’s a whole another can of worms!)

Fresh, being a parasite, can’t survive for long without a host body, so he takes over people and feeds off of their soul’s energy. As a side-effect of such activity, you get a really cool visual of a soul stuck in the eye(socket)!

Neato, right? Well, the hosts probably wouldn’t agree, but no̕ ̵ơ͠ne'̡s̶͏͟ ̴͘a͟͠͡s̷k̀͠i̢͠͠n̵͡g̶͟ ̀th̀͟è͟m!̢ 

Ahem. Aaanyway…

@alainaprana has this beautiful ongoing comic called MommaCQ, where Geno, Error and Fresh are siblings.

But, since Fresh being a parasite throws a monkey wrench into that…

…he gets to be a regular kid. With personality, quirks and a whole pack of issues that come from being based on the original Fresh, of course!

But, being a regular kid, he has regular eyelights, yay!

Welp, hope that was helpful!

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

whisker up and prepare for another eightxciting year of weird tweets and weirder vid! 

can you believe its already a year after pinof 7 im not ready

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Do you know any good femlock AUs? (Btw I've read everything by queerwatson and I've read How the Mouth Changes its Shape) There just isn't enough femlock 😭

well i can see you’ve had a brilliant start, here are some more that i hope you’ll enjoy <33 

teenlock/ unilock:

i already made this list if you’d like to check it out

soulmate au:

Moonlines -  Ever since Sherlock had come back from the dead, things had felt different.

how thick about us root -  Though Sherlock had never been the sort to believe in a higher power, she constantly wished there was someone in particular she could blame for the four letter word she had ‘tattooed’ over her ribs.

coffee shop:

miss a train or a plane to meet you for coffee -  Jane meets Sherlock at a coffee shop. They fall in love. They bake, they kiss. Jane doesn’t miss any trains or planes, but she does nearly miss work.

witchlock/ potterlock:

Guide Me in the Moonlight (witchlock, sherlock is a demigirl <3) -  John had easily claimed her place in Sherlock’s home and heart and cast such a spell of affection that left the witch aching.

Honey And Amber (witchlock, wip) -  Sherlock runs a little magic shop, with her trusty friend Hamish, the Glaswegian skull, who talks and interferes, and is a constant matchmaker. Johanna it’s-a-mouthful-call-me-John Watson takes a wrong turning and discovers the shop, as well as a friend, and the love of her life. (sherlock deals with a lot of insecurity, but the fic is very soft and lovely!)

Jane Watson and the Room of Requirement (potterlock) -  Sherlock figures something out about a particular room on the seventh floor that only sometimes seems to exist. She shows it to Jane. Fortunately it’s a good place for figuring things out.

a little odor that to me is metre (potterlock) -  There are a lot of disturbing things Jane is almost used to coming home to. Sherlock leaning over a cauldron isn’t one of them.

translock: (well its not really an au but i will put it on any list)

Like A Pillow -  John doesn’t like the bit of softness on her stomach. Sherlock does.

Making the Cut -  Sherlock is genderfluid, but hasn’t told anybody yet, afraid that they wouldn’t be accepted. However, feelings of dysphoria make it harder and harder to hide.

Reborn -  There are two secrets Sherlock intends to take with her to the grave. They are, quite plainly, unutterable.


Keeping You Safe -  After the end of her disastrous marriage, Joan moves back in with Sherlock and learns - quite by accident - what happened to Sherlock’s wings.

specific aus:

The Bee Charmer - au of fried green tomatoes, but less sad (contains mcd at the very end, read the tags please!)

lone and level sands stretch far away - the mummy au, and the crossover is written gorgeously to fit the characters. also, john is so fucking hot,, what else is new,

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Whatever makes you feel comfortable, don't force yourself to tell us something you don't want to tell us ok.

nah its k. heres my cool story. 
 so me and my mom are in giant debt and like. they want to kick us outta our apartment
my mom is working her ass off to not let this happen
my dad is alcoholic and he’s not helping and i havent seen him more than a year now, my mom hates him
my grandma is old and have health problems 
school is stressing me out lately, i’ve got only more health problems, if i will not pass the last exam my dream about college will shatter, if i will pass it tho, my mom and i dont have enough money to pay for it. also not enought money tfor doctors etc. im also a bad kid okay i drink and smoke 

and when i come to tumblr where people seems to be my friends
and i post a text post hoping someone will talk to me or at least say something
and nobody comes, even if this shit is important to me
i see 0 notes and 0 asks and ask myself why am i talking even
who caress

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though maya could be a suspenders gay but imo she would rock the elle woods look cause she and nick marathoned legally blonde one time and SHE GOT HOOKED INTO IT SO MUCH (one of the things that motivated her in her law studies) LEGALLY BLONDE TIES WITH STEEL SAMURAI AS HER FAVS

tbh! i mostly think she’d really like wearing pantsuits, it’s a pretty big change of pace from more or less the same exact outfit All The Time and also maya mostly has like, two modes, and that’s Professional Outfit and running around in shitty tracksuits because they’re comfy

i kid, because she’s gal pals with franziska and that comes with DUBIOUS STANDARDS, but also im not kidding?? lmao.

i have thoughts about maya’s Look™ and they’re mostly like. maya in brightly colored/patterned suits but plain ties, and ties vs bowties because [belle voice bc im cribbing her] she can’t pre-preemptively steal edgeworth’s Look™, that’s against the bro code probably. 

(maya is determined to get edgeworth to stop wearing that fucking crabot if it kills her and kay is, of course, recruited. she’s gotta save edgeworth before him and nick get married because letting her best bro deal with The Ruffles on his wedding day is ABSOLUTELY against the bro code)

also only marginally related but while looking at a bunch of women’s pantsuits yesterday i saw a bunch of cute ones that have kristophs fucking string-tie-thing and i feel like that should be mia’s True Look?? if she was wearing an actual suit. mia as the anti-kristoph. anyway. 

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how do you feel about a voltron highschool/college au? :0


(this feels pretty high school-y but maybe it could be good for both?? whatever lET’S GOOO)

  • lance owns a letterman with the school colors sorry don’t make the rules
  • shiro is king of making sweatpants look real heckin good he pulls off that “disheveled and tired but ready to learn” student look so well
  • in any case, pidge would be a year below lance, keith, and hunk, who are all in the same year (rip staff and teachers), and shiro and allura would be a year above them
  • pidge is that one kid who always has their laptop with them. u kno what im talkin about
  • theyre also that kid who always is on their phone in class and Not Paying Attention (except in classes that they’re really into, like science and technology) and then gets the best grades out of everyone and their classmates are just like how the hell
  • lance and hunk have been school buddies since before the dawn of time and everyone is aware (and slightly annoyed by this) (i have so many elementary school headcanons for these two omg)
  • they always high-five when they walk past each other in the hall and end up wacking like three kids in the neck rip
  • lance gets all around pretty decent grades but he really excels in english because he likes to read for parts in the plays everyone hates to read (he does hilarious voices for each of the characters and makes suffering through long Shakespeare plays bearable for everyone)
  • hunk is def really good at math 
  • like really good
  • its also lance’s worst subject so he’s more than happy to tutor him after school (they probably do a lot of study sessions together in general)
  • but hunk, my g u y hunk, he is a very hard worker
  • he stays after when he doesn’t understand something to get help from the teacher, and will then throw himself into his homework and studies, no matter how late it takes him, because he really strives to do best and believes that no matter what grade he gets, he’ll know he put forth some solid effort (and also partly because he’s actually interested in some of the stuff theyre learning, my g u y)
  • i hate to put keith into the “quiet emo stereotype” bc i have high hopes for this kid but…. i gotta
  • he’s quiet and has a few of the same classes a hunk but only one with lance and that’s english, lance’s best subject, and it also happens to be KEITH’s best subject oh NO 
  • keith may not read out loud like lance does but he is -so- good at interpreting things and catching small details in books so his grade in that class is Excellent
  • and ofc lance calls hunk on the phone and is like “ok… man theres a kid in my english… his name is keith or smth….. and im not sure bc i couldnt see it super clearly but it looked like he got a 99 on that last test…..” “is that a problem?” “YES because i got a 97 !! unbelievable. this kid is ridiculous. hunk isn’t he in more of your classes what is he like does he talk about me”
  • but keith’s that deep kid whom the teachers ask to stay behind after class because “that essay you turned in on tuesday was great but it had some themes that i feel i should contact your counselor about”
  • then there’s our upperclassmen god and goddess, power couple ALLURA AND SHIRO
  • theyre such #goals??? shiro is on the football team and allura is captain of the cheerleaders :’) 
  • shiro feels guilty bc the cheerleaders are always cheering on the football team but the team doesn’t really do anything for them so whenever they’re doing a cheer routine when he isn’t playing, shiro goes over and just starts GUSHING appreciation for them like “YES! you guys are amazing! :) excellent job, keep it up! :)) you are all very talented and we value you!!! :)))” 
  • poor allura’s like at the top of a pyramid and blushin so hard she might fall over
  • then our boi coran……. THE ENGLISH TEACHER (and part time gym teacher r i p)
  • and also the director of the school play WHICH showcases mr. lance mcclain ft. hunk and pidge on stage crew 
  • they’re always messin with him too like… itll be a deep scene and hunk will just throw on the prop knife right in front of him and pidge and coran are trying not to laugh but its not workinggg

i could go on for longer but i gotta go out and do some errands now but tHANK U SO MUCH FOR SENDING THIS OMG?? this was so fun aaaa

san diego county gothic
  • people talk about the “green flash” that comes at sunset on the beach when everything is just right. you saw it once, two years ago, the green light on the horizon at sunset. you still see it even when it’s not sunset, when you’re nowhere near the beach, no matter where you look. always the green light in the corners of your eyes.
  • you can’t see the stars at night, the land is too bright. it glows from tijuana to oceanside. the land glows orange. you can’t see the stars at night, the smoke is too heavy. you may have never seen them anyway.
  • the air rumbles. you tell yourself that it’s just a plane from the marine corps base. the idea of a 19-year-old piloting an f-15 is more comforting than what you think it may be.
  • there are adopt-a-highway signs all along the road. this one has been adopted by a mexican restaurant. this one by an insurance group. this one by a church. this one by something unpronounceable, whose letters you cannot directly look at. you try to avoid that stretch of highway.
  • the fog comes in in the night. the marine layer, everyone says. it’ll burn off by noon. when it does, everyone pretends not to notice what went with it, and what was left.
  • everyone went to the midway when they were in elementary school. nobody has ever talked about what they saw in the narrow hallway two decks down.
  • microbreweries are everywhere, their beers named after beaches and fishes and things in the depths. you probably haven’t heard of this beer, your friend tells you, but you have heard the sound made in the interval between its opening and its drinking.
  • in the night, you hear a high whooping sound. a coyote, you tell yourself, or a kid. either way, someone’s pet will be missing come morning.
  • southbound traffic on the i-5 will be slow today. northbound traffic on the i-5 will be slow today. the necessary sacrifices have not been made. traffic both directions on the 56 will be slow today. traffic both directions on the 805 will be slow today. the necessary sacrifices have not been made. the i-8 and the i-15 will carry the necessary sacrifices. the i-8 and i-15 will be slow in both directions today, and please take blood into account as you drive.
  • when it rains, everyone stares at the sky, everyone begins to panic. they know what will be exacted from them once the rain is over.
  • canyons reach from the suburbs all the way into the city center, full of dry grass, dry eucalyptus. some of them were made by now-dry streams. some of them were not. the coyotes don’t go into those ones, though you think you hear howls.
  • it’s beautiful here, you tell your out-of-state friends. it’s beautiful. sunny. there’s in-n-out. seaworld. palm trees. you should come, you tell them, as the thermometer breaks 110 and the sun turns the asphalt into something soft and grasping, the heat shimmer slowly advancing down the street from both ways and devouring the houses. you should come. you should come. it’s beautiful. please.
  • to the north: roads and roads and roads, tangling in on each other in knots of endless asphalt. to the south: another border, another fence. to the east: dry mountains, dry desert, tumbleweeds, states that you’re not sure exist. to the west: the beckoning, calling ocean, reaching out with seaweed hands. four ways to die. no ways to leave.