take this as an apology and a (rubbish) explanation of why i have suddenly stopped talking about anything except this stupid show

i got most images apart from two from google or i screenshotted them; the credit for the other two go to hostile-17-owes-me-kittens and psicosomatico

(this was made between the 3rd and 4th eps of s2)

(here’s where you can watch it internationally)

(sorry again)

edit: if you’re in the uk, please watch it on iplayer if it’s on there, we need the ratings! :)

edit no 2: please take part in the #saveintheflesh campaign - we don’t yet know whether we’re going to get a 3rd series!

edit no 3: in the flesh has been cancelled but check out this post to see how you can help to bring it back!

Baekhyun for The Celebrity - January 2014 issue

“My heart broke after hearing that around 150,000 dogs get abandoned every year. Dogs are not just toys that you can just freely buy at the shops. The moment you decide that you want to have a dog, you also have to be prepared to treat them as if they are a part of your family.”

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I’m Already Gone - ADTR Cover by Joe & Tyson Huck


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: A Day To Remember - “I’m Already Gone”