listen I love this early TFA concept art of young Kylo Ren (then just referred to as the Jedi Killer) 


he is literally dressed like an emo

april 4th, 2016: the tray in kylo’s room holds litter for hux’s cat

april 5th, 2016: the tray in kylo’s room holds the ashes of the hundreds if not thousands of innocent people he’s slaughtered over the years

ian, to elyse: are you wearing black socks atop black tights?
elyse: yeah dawg, or else my feet would get cold
kyle (singing quietly to himself): black socks… atop black tights…
ian: you got a song goin’ there, bossy?
kyle: yeah
elyse & ian: sing us your little song!
kyle: black tops…..ablove black…sights……………… ….. …. i got the words perfect the first time through


and it tortures s l o w 

n e v e r lets you go 

deals a c r o o k e d hand

can’t be the only one who cried during the scene where the guy were breaking Eric’s stuff. dude his screams were just. Dude fuckkkkkkk. Im dead inside now. But the end was just so…. KYMAN COFIRMED LIKE wtfff… Im