why I love you
  • your music taste makes me want to know more about you
  • your eyes sparkle in the sun, you may not like them but I could look at them forever
  • your mind is so beautiful, you are able to create galaxies and love people
  • your nose is so cute I could boop it forever
  • your body is stunning and you are working that outfit! 
  • your heart is so full and everyone is lucky to have you
  • you make me so happy and I am glad you exist, please stay alive so everyone can see how amazing you are

What are some colors y'all feel black men should wear more? Like every nigga wears black,navy blue,grey…im tryna add more Colors to my wardrobe. Some shit niggas don’t wear like Periwinkle or sumn. I’m thinking of Stepping out in a lot of yellow for the rest of the summer tbh. lemme know..

in the trailer, u hear leia saying “you are my only hope” and you also hear obi wan talk about anakin being seduced by the dark side SO one is related by blood to kylo (leia) which means obi wan is related to rey. i’m 90% convinced she’s supposed to be a kenobi, because these two lines are exact parallels, leia/kylo turning to the light and to “hope”, and kenobi/rey turning to the dark, each dipping their toe in the other’s pool AND IM JUST SO STOKED FOR GREY JEDI

i keep seeing posts asking why there are no grey jedi in Star Wars, or a term to the same effect, often sounding like it’s a problem (particularly re: hidalgo’s comments on the subject) etc etc and i’m just. isn’t that the point? That there’s nothing like Grey Jedi because the concept would have been heresy to the Jedi Order. If you’re not a Jedi, you’re either a member of a backwards cult or a darksider. If you leave the Jedi, you get to be part of the Lost Twenty or you fell to the Dark and that’s it. There’s just no way the Order would have accepted renegades calling themselves *grey jedi* and proposing what the Order would see as a diluted, perverted take on their own beliefs.