Sometimes i think too much and make myself sad, i get anxiety at the worst times. Im still insecure and trying to figure out how to love myself- somedays thats easier than others, i listen to my music too loud too often and i dont visit my parents as much as i should, hell i dont even call them as much as i should, some nights everything is shades of pretty pink and promising purple and others im drowning in grey, im still trying to understand myself, i put too much sugar in my tea and i take the long way to work more than i should. So i guess saying im happy with my life isnt really true because tomorrow i might wake up sad but as of right now? Im trying my hardest to see the good in people and to find beauty in everything and i guess thats really all i can do


get to know me meme | [5/5] favorite friendships: Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan (Grey’s Anatomy)

I didn’t come to Seattle for Addison, I didn’t come to Seattle to be chief. I came to Seattle for you, okay? I came to Seattle to get you back… I know I wanna take that back, but now, it’s been said.

Me On A Date
  • me:how do you feel about jean grey???
  • date:she's boring. too powerful, has no personality, should stay dead. she's just a love interest to be honest.
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:sorry but i have to go home right now immediately

Las consecuencias de haber visto 50 sombras de Grey


prince milan
$5000 performance @ atl awards ball 2005

one of the elements that make a legend is a show-stopping production and here, prince milan in all black, proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with. music is very important for these productions and here prince vogues to remixed versions of ‘smack my bitch up’ by the prodigy and even ‘o fortuna’ by german composer carl orff. prince was able to showcase how soft he is with his hands and his dips and bring in some dramatics in his catwalk  showcasing his versatility as a performer.

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