half-assed astrology
  • Aries: child-like or whatever
  • Taurus: something about being hungry?? idk
  • Gemini: shapeshifting personality (personalitIES??)
  • Cancer: anxious lil dude/gal/person
  • Leo: needy cat??
  • Virgo: neat freak I guess?
  • Scorpio: evil and mean or something
  • Sagittarius: Honestly overlooked a lot on these posts tbh
  • Capricorn: bubbly mom friend?
  • Aquarius: caring af but distant?
  • Pisces: some crying fish shit
I'm starting to feel a little bit Ancient™ in the Markiplier fandom, so reblog if you remember any of these

Tiny Box Tim
Press B to Blow
Lucky Flannel
Herb Lore
Unnecessary Censorship
Drunk Minecraft
The Fish Cone
“Ass-blasting bitchaloid”
The original Darkiplier videos (like Be Still)

Mark first adopting Chica
Stone face Tyler (aka the first video Tyler was in)
Mark first dyeing his hair pink for charity
Mark moving in with the Cyndago guys

Feel free to add others if you guys think of any!!

(P.S. I’m in no way trying to say that you’re not a “true fan” or something stupid like that if you don’t know all these references/didn’t see all these vids when they first came out. I’m just still feeling nostalgic after seeing Mark on tour and felt like taking a walk down memory lane.

so my idea here is to make an aquarium divider wall out of moss. Im going to put java moss in some of those cells and cover it with more mesh, like they do with backgrounds.
Im not sure how this will work but im hoping for the best.

Straight White Boy Problem #844

my best bro and i aren’t hanging out as much. we used to do everything together, but now?? im into going to the gym. he’s into fishing. im into partying. he likes chilling with his gf. maybe we are just getting older and our interests are changing….but i feel like our friendship has evaporated faster than the whole bottle of Gatorade that I spilled in the parking lot last summer

honestly ive now had both cats and fish and im 99% positive fish are more work than cats. i just don’t understand where this myth that like. fish are just SUPER EASY and HARDLY ANY WORK and GREAT FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO ACTUALLY DO ANY WORK TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR PETS comes from.