omg i drew and paint me friend voopvop… And it actually turned out WAY better then i expected so WOOP. She loved it so i did good, go check out her blog! She’s my babe, she got a great blog ;D.

discussed otp sexting habits with communistvashoth today, realized ataash sends the vagina equivalent of dick pics, while shan does really artsy black and white photos that are more suggestive than just like

outright filth

also he does the white fuckboy slouch

twentieth-ward-dove asked:

"But at the end of the day, I'm still a bad guy. "

Yes, yes you are, she wanted to say.

                                           But she couldn’t.

“Maybe. I don’t know you to say that.” She started, with ragged breathing and stress. “But you are doing your job, aren’t you? It’s your way of life, how you get by, isn’t it?” She continues, and her head lowers itself to the ground in defeat. She will not get out of here alive. She knows it. “You are working for justice, aren’t you?” And she knows many ghouls don’t deserve being alive. According to him, she was one of them.

                                          “So kill me, if you will.
                                                  I have did my best to be good in this world,
                                                                                 And have said my goodbyes.
                                                                                                 I have no regrets in this life.”              

She only wished Hinami, Anteiku, and all she loved, will not have to face the same cruel fate as hers.              

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hello, nico !!! im harley !, i guess youve heard about me from drip. im not too good at introducing myself to new people, but you seem like a rad person (w really nice art may i add i really like ur style dude) & think it'd be cool if we talked !!

Ashsbxjx thanks so much ahh!ヽ( ; ▽ ; )ノ I’m not too good at introducing myself either haha. And yeah! I’d really like to talk to you! uvu You seem like a rad person yourself!

Im dripping out of the phandom. Im not emotionally okay. This is so much. Omg. Gow could thwy. I love them so much. Ima watch this vlog so many times h e lp

where Im so used to eating food at home n stuff i forget im a vegetarian? like i get forced into a family meal out somewhere and look at the menu and its like ‘oh shit im a veggie this is all disgusting’ idk i guess i just live in such a lil bubble most of the time

im watching blood drip from my wrists and squeezing it out but i dont think its mine. its black whose is it i hope it is actually mine

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but daddy im dripping what if i touch myself before you ? - princess 💖

That would be naughty. Sounds like some one might be in need of a spanking on her sweet little bum. ~Daddy