im literally dripping sweat because i danced around to the song unwritten 4 times in my bathroom

feelin myself is a music video featuring two successful black women and although taylor swift is my white queen the ratio of white women to woc in bad blood is like 15 to 3 so yeah im going to celebrate feelin myself’s success a lil bit more???? also the music industry strives off of competition……like u cant watch women running in the olympics and say ‘um ur a woman stop competing against other women’ like???


glaring-sunset said: Oh!! That post was reblogged from a friend from school’s personal whom I joke around about that with all the time. But now I throw the joke at you too, so fite me. Meet me in the pits at six.

Oh wow.

But it’s already past 7!!

have you ever like … met your match? like not in a good way. i mean like, for example, you get into an argument with them, but they snap back with a witty and intelligent response seconds after, or they constantly have ways of explaining feelings to you. i hate those kinds of people. i mean i know ill meet them throughout life, but they make me feel like old news. i hate feeling like an impediment or a pest, especially when im struggling to rise above them. you kinda just wanna retreat to a ball for a few years or give them whiplash. y'know what i mean ??

wet so wet

somone fufill my fetishes right now… jk im in a happy relationship but im so wet its dripping down my legs i grip my thighs tight but it only arrourses me more i grab my breasts and bite my lip wetting my fingertips over my hard soft nips im feeling hot and flusted fuck it im going to play just a little fucking bit,,. 💋

I just started using prescription eye drops again because I wore my contacts for too long and they fucked my eyes up but anyways when you use them you get a drip that tastes JUST LIKE A COKE DRIP IM CURIOUS IS THERE’S CHEMICALS SIMILAR TO COCAINE IN THESE DROPS THAT ARE HEALING THE FUCK OUTTA MY EYE

annoyinglydecafinatedcoffee asked:

Hiya:)! So I feel like if you and Luke dated it would be cute af bc youre so dang pretty and omg it would be goals. I think Luke would be clingy and always wanting to kiss you, and even though you guys have been dating forever he would still bit his lip and shyly ask with his lopsided grin if he could kiss you. You would laugh and say yeah so he would put his big-ass hands on he small of your back and kiss you. Then he would chuckle and stare at you and whisper "How did i ever get so lucky?"



  • <p><b></b> One step,<p/><b></b> Two step,<p/><b></b> Three step,<p/><b></b> Four,<p/><b></b> I bet thats satan knocking on my door<p/><b></b> Making deals with me so I can once again feel your warmth,<p/><b></b> Its dangerous dancing with the devil,<p/><b></b> But if it means having you again,<p/><b></b> I will do this forever.<p/><b></b> Five step,<p/><b></b> Six step,<p/><b></b> Seven,<p/><b></b> I will never make it into heaven,<p/><b></b> I triped on the way up and landed right next to satan.<p/><b></b> Now I have made a new best friend.<p/><b></b> We tell eachother secrets,<p/><b></b> He once told me,<p/><b></b> For every mark you make on your body the faster you will get him back,<p/><b></b> Im here dripping in red ,<p/><b></b> And I now realize,<p/><b></b> The devil is a liar.<p/><b></b> I will never get you back.<p/><b></b> I know still though,<p/><b></b> If you were in a burning building,<p/><b></b> I would save you in the burning fire.<p/></p>