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Freddie Mercury has been an idol and love of mine for years, but I have a terrible memory thanks to depression and have forgotten about 90% of the stuff I used to know about him and Queen. So I'm wondering, why do so many people hate Mary?

oh it’s my most frequently asked question! oh how i’ve missed answering this (sike…) but i don’t mind answering it…. i’ve just done it So Many times i just need it in my bio at this point. im just gonna copy and paste and old rant i made about her

after her and freddie broke up she was weirdly overprotective? i guess… of freddie and she Never was fond of his boyfriends. she used to like get them into fights to try and break up their relationships and it was all just very Sketchy business….. she also tried to get freddie to take off the wedding ring jim hutton gave to him (the wedding ring he absolutely Never took off) a little bit before he died

m*ry was… kind of on good terms with jim before freddie died but god after?? she did some Nasty things. on the way to the funeral m*ry didn’t let jim, phoebe (freddie’s PA), and joe (freddie’s ex-boyfriend/good friend who took care of freddie until his death) be in the first car on the way to the funeral. which was dumb bc those three men were All at garden lodge the day freddie died but m*ry? nope she wasn’t there

after the funeral she evicted jim, joe, and phoebe from garden lodge (even after she promised phoebe work at garden lodge??? plus like… that was Their home they lived there for Years and you just evict them???? yeah freddie left garden lodge to m*ry but i Highly doubt he wanted you to evict his grieving husband and friends) and she didn’t let them take like Any of their stuff…. she wanted a lot of the gifts and such they bought for freddie to stay in the house (which uh it’s their stuff??? if they want it they should get it) after that she just Stopped inviting all of them to freddie related events

she’s just a very sketchy lady and she made a lot of snarky remarks about jim/jim and freddie’s relationship that were complete asshole things to say (like she made a comment to jim after freddie died about how “freddie’s probably waiting for you already” and it’s like??? the man’s husband just died and he’s hiv+ why would you Say that)


waaaa thank you anons so much!! TToTT <3333 uuuu if time permits, I’d love to do more collabs and more starry au but I’m currently dead OTL but thank you so much for your encouragements! TTATT I was really afraid people wouldn’t enjoy it ;7;

more starry au

An Autistic Way of Learning to Do.

The way I deal with doing new tasks and following instructions to do them is different from what the people instructing how to do the task expect. I suspect it’s an autistic mode of processing that differentiates me from expectation.

Personally I fall in the “I don’t memorize anything in isolation” camp of autistics. Any time I’m learning something, I either instinctively am drawn to connect it to something I already know, granting it context and meaning, or I forget it. This is true for academic knowledge taught in school, but also for pretty much everything else too, including manual tasks. 

If I’m being taught to use a new device or series of steps in anything, the most frustrating explanation for why those are the steps is “It just works.” I always need to know why a certain order of individual tasks is needed, what each does individually, and how that step contributes to the goal. This isn’t because I doubt the person teaching me, or because I’m incapable of doing the steps. Knowing does serve as a way to give context and solidify memory. 

The biggest benefit though is probably in situations where context changes. The person who simply follows the steps taught to them without understanding for why they work will find that it doesn’t work, and not consider any ways in which adjustments might fix things. I however am able to narrow down which smaller step is what’s not working, and trouble shoot it and find potential solutions. 

In this way, my operation of the task is more robust and flexible, whereas the opposite group has a much faster startup time to actually doing the task. 

I imagine a lot of this comes down to a need to explore fine detail in things, and the fact that I never outgrew the need to ask of all things “Why?” (No one should ever outgrow this question, asking why is important in everything.)

I was wondering if any other autistics have a similar experience, or if anyone has a particularly different one. Growing up I wasn’t discouraged from asking about how things work, and was often given real answers above my age group. I bet that has something to do with it too.

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Is Louis an adult or do you think he's an actual three year old get a grip

How can I get a grip when Louis Tomlinson is out there being an actual three year old?

first of all, hes just a cute little munchkin:

His body is literally enveloped in this towel

Look at him with his little hands up in the air and the big smile across his face. He even fucking has his hood on. You can’t get more adorable when riding a rollercoaster.

Okay but look how smol and happy he looks, clapping his hands together like a three year old would when theyre excited about something. Not to mention the sweatpants hes wearing making him look so soft..




My tiny child also has fucking sweater paws because he is a fucking three year old:



Then there is the fact that he draws penises on every surface imaginable:

A cut out of their fucking interviewers face

On the cut out of whoever this guy is from 1dday

FUcking Liam was trying to hide the fact that Louis was drawing penises on the table at their book signing

And poor fucking Liam has been the victim also

There’s also the fact that hes a little shit to his body guards but hes literally a three year old so they all think hes fucking adorable (which he is) so they fucking fond over him.

Poor Paul.

but like… hes so fond

He even lets him jump on his back for a piggyback ride

Even Preston will give him piggyback rides. HE IS THREE YEARS OLD!

Hes pocket sized, light as a feather lets be real

I dont know about you but when I was little my mom was always telling me to wear shoes when I go outside but I wouldnt… neither will Louis because hes still three years old:

Strolling inside with his socks on

Hes fucking barefoot

And hes fucking carrying his shoes instead of fucking wearing them

Again with the not wearing socks, does he know that there could be glass on the ground? He better not hurt his little feeties.

And then theres just the fact that hes a little shit:

Poor Liam, now my three year old son is trying to injure your feet too, Im sorry

Louis how many times have I told you not to put your fingers in the icing of a cake?

Water fights…

Water guns…

Nerf guns…

Moral of the story is that Louis is a three year old and no harm should ever come to him

Louis Tomlinson is an actual three year old. #confirmed

โ€œHyunjin, I told you I hate the beach.โ€ย 

โ€œWhat?? Youโ€™ve never mentioned anything about that!?โ€ย 

โ€œActually, I told you I just hate going outside period.โ€



โ€œWell, I bought you food.โ€

โ€œOkโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll forgive you this time, but next time, letโ€™s just rent a movie? So I donโ€™t have to leave the house.โ€

โ€œDeal. Iโ€™m broke now anyways.โ€

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There are many important things to consider when trying to become a hero!

These are just some basics, there are many other important details to remember to become a good hero!

….but I’ll spare you the rest for now seeing as I imagine you know most of them-


until dawn headcannon - hidden talents
  • hannah is an amazing singer. i mean the girl can belt out some serious tunes, only she’s really shy at singing so only beth, sam, josh, and chris have heard her sing properly. (chris only heard because he was having a sleepover at their house and hannah was singing in the shower)
  • beth is a complete green thumb. when hannah was younger, she used to think that beth was some kind of fairy, because every time a plant was dying in their garden, beth could save it. hannah swears that beth once got a twig to grow into a tree.
  • jessica is super skilled at computer based stuff. maths and science mean nothing to her but you want to hack into something? call jessica. her fingers can fly across the keyboard writing in code. no one knows how she learnt and honestly everyone is too afraid to ask.
  • mike is a killer actor. he can get into any character, and is amazing at accents. he was actually often the lead role in their school plays, and always completely owns the stage. jessica finds his talent very amusing, and often uses his skills of acting (role-playing) to her advantage.
  • matt is actually an amazing dancer, and before he even got into school sport, he used to do ballet. his mum signed him up for it and he absolutely loved it, he felt so light and free when he danced. when he got to middle school he became embarrassed by it though and stopped (only hannah has seen him dance properly and she practically fell in love with him right there and then.)
  • ashley is a really good artist. she mainly does little sketches when she’s bored but what she does draw its pretty incredible. she actually has a book full of drawings of all her friends that she sketches, though no one knows about them (she has a lot of chris sketches and would probably die if he ever found out)
  • josh absolutely loves baking. growing up, he used to teach hannah and beth how to make cakes, cookies, brownies, slices, anything he could think of. they adored learning from their big brother and it just became something josh was really good at. now its not surprising for his friends to see his clothes covered in flour, because they know they are about to try something really good.
  • chris is really good at music, and hes always just been really musically gifted. he can play guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, flute, recorder (because he was forced to play it at school), and has a surprising good singing voice to go with it all. sometimes when the group all comes together, chris will bring out his guitar and start playing for them all. he can write some pretty killer songs as well, as he finds it helps him get his feelings out (yes he most definitely has written a song about ashley ((or josh if you prefer)) )
  • emily is an absolute boss at video games. when mike and emily were dating, mike jokingly asked if emily wanted to join in with his game, expecting her to say no. she agreed and completely dominated, leaving him speechless and with so many questions. mike often says he has never seen anything more attractive, earning him an elbow from jessica and a smirk from emily.
  • sam can actually speak many different languages. the group had no idea until they were walking around and this lady came up, trying to ask for directions in french. everyone had no idea what to do until sam answered her in perfect fluent french. they late found out sam can speak 5 other languages, much to their surprise.

i’m tired of needing to be good at everything

Dear New Simblrs....

The simblr community can be a scary place and with a lot drama and negativity. I have seen people post about not feeling included and having difficulty fitting in and it upsets me as there is a large part of this community that are awesome. But joining here is like switching highschool halfway through the semester. You are the obvious newbie and that’s super difficult. So here are some tips:

What To Do

  1. Start building up your simblr! We want to know who you are, what your style is! Post pictures of your sims :)
  2. Start commenting! Liking posts is cool, but comments are what makes people notice you. Just say something nice, make other simmers recognize your name as someone who leaves sweet messages.
  3. Find simblrs you like and follow them! I find it better to follow less people but give those more attention. Trying to be everyone’s best friend is difficult.
  4. Send those simblrs a message! Most people have open IMs and just saying “hey I love your sims!” is a great way to start a conversation
  5. Be personal! It means a lot more if you tell people you love a certain sim by name, or mention something about them you saw in a post. It shows others you actually really look at their stuff ;)
  6. Join in! There are so many RP groups out there, groupme chats you can join in to meet new people.
  7. Pixel Buddies! This page will find you another simblr who will look after you and pull you into the community!
  8. Collab! People often love to collab. Just ask someone in IM but try to be humble about it and maybe get to know them a bit more before you ask.
  9. Use the search tool! add “/search/*” at the end of any tumblr to search for stuff. Maybe search “collab” if you want to know who they collab with. Or just read their answered asks to find out what that simmer is like.
  10. Don’t be afraid! We actually don’t bite ;) We love meeting new people! And asking for help is always okay!

What NOT To Do

  1. Endlessly reblog other people’s posts. This takes away from your own simblr and makes you look more like you are trying to get friends.
  2. Count your followers. Sure it is awesome to have a lot of them, but they come naturally while you develop your page. Really important are those people you become friends with.
  3. Sit in the corner and do nothing. If we don’t know you are have never heard of your simblr, it’s going to be hard for us to integrate you. So just keep posting and commenting so we know who you are!
  4. Complain publically ;) We might have a lot of drama here, but most of us don’t like it. Posts bringing up issues, saying the community isn’t nice etc makes people back away.
  5. Want. Getting asks like “can I have your sim” etc is a bit too forward when you don’ know someone. Just talk to someone first or maybe start your ask off telling them how much you like their simblr and that you have seen they share sims and you were wondering if maybe they might share with you. How you say it is everything!
  6. Get caught up in Drama. First impressions do count. So try to keep a profile as someone who just sims and is friendly.
  7. Do take simblr too seriously. There is no prize to be won and in the end, real-life is still more important!

It really is like highschool a bit here, so keep that in mind. I started out here with very little friends but just by IMing people, leaving nice comments and helping where I can I have met so many awesome new people. The first instinct is either to hide in the corner and hope someone will find you, are to try and suck up to simblrs you think are well-known. Neither really work. Some things take time and require some effort. This advice is my personal advice, that I have taken from my own experiences and those from newer simblrs I have seen thrive over the last months. I hope this can help some!


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Hey so you know how in the enemy it says that Achilleus loves Jaffa cakes? Will discovers this (bless Jackson, bless her) and frickin' scours the country and manages to find one of those multipacks that doesn't seem unreasonably rotten. He tries to big himself up but last minute nerves set in so he gives it to Paddy to pass on as an "anonamous gift". Achilleus is interrogating Paddy who seems to be breaking. Will is watching it all from afar and is stressed help him.

pray for will 2kforever 


Im sorry for answering some asks late I have been getting a lot of tests in school and final exams coming up, ill try to answer as many as i can before they start

((i realized this earlier today but 1k followers and gained like 20 more today,,, BLESS it was suprising to see i had more than when i left O_O!!!))

((im glad i came back and got over myself because im having a lot of fun answering asks,,,, sorry if you asked one later today i took a break to hang out w my friend ^^;))

((i,,,, dont know what to say?? im just SUPER happy y’all appreciate dio *especially a tiny one* LMAO. i enjoy making people laugh and if i made you laugh, then GREAT IM DOING GREAT and ill keep trying to make people smile :DDD))

((psst if you like me a lot and want to see Moderately Better art here’s my art page where i post sketches and dumb stuff :U ))

Yandere Seed Brothers x Female Deputy PART TWO

*This is a continuation of the first one I wrote. I’m not sure how to link it so I’ll write a brief description for those who haven’t read it ^_^

Description: After sparing the Seed brothers, the deputy hides with Dutch to avoid the Resistance’s wrath. Unfortunately, the brothers now have a heightened interest in her and insist on a new game where she must choose one of them and join their family forever.

Warnings: Language Rating: PG13 Words: 1,867

requested by: @teiapologist and @phantomfunguschild

Tick, tock, tick, tock. The incessant noises from Dutch’s wall clock were driving her insane. Day in and day out, she meandered about the bunker with a lost sense of purpose and somber demeanor. Venturing outside had been forbidden by the overprotective ex military soldier while he and some trusted allies scoped out the situation. Every single morning, he set off, mumbling something about locations to scout next or outposts to check up on, only to return at night with the most bewildered expressions attached to his wrinkling face like a leech. It was concerning at best to catch sight of it when she, herself, was trapped in an utter state of uselessness. He refused to speak of what they had seen, only relenting this small piece of information: “The Seeds have definitely been busy.

What was that supposed to mean? How was she supposed to feel about it all? Were they causing more suffering due to her decisions? The thoughts wracked her brain while she desperately grasped for just a moment’s peace.

One particularly restless morning, she shuffled into the main room, greeting Dutch as he prepared to get to work once more. Slinging a rifle over his shoulder, he let out a grunt, claiming he was “too old to be doing this anymore.” He gave her a pointed stare as she entered, blatant worry plaguing his normally twinkling eyes.

“Rook,” he muttered absentmindedly, as if entirely distracted by something else. “You’re up.”

“I am,” she mused while attempting to force out amused laughter. The strained sound echoed in her own eardrums, representing more of a desperate plea than anything else. She hated this. She hated feeling so weak and sick all the time. “What are you up to today?” He never answered the question fully, no matter how many times she asked, but she had to keep trying.

He scratched at the graying scruff of his beard, dropping his gaze to the floor before fixing it on her once more. “I s’pose I should let yah know…” The words trailed off, sending her nerves into a fit. Despite the shivers coursing down her spine, she urged him to continue on. “Last night, Nick was out patrollin’ the skies above Joseph’s compound. They…” he stopped, grunting as if incredibly uncomfortable, “They shot ‘im down. Haven’t seen ‘im since.”

“WH-WHAT?!” A short screech poured from her throat as every muscle in her body tensed beyond belief. Her fingers curled and uncurled, itching to grab hold of a gun and finish this off for good. They couldn’t take Nick, not when he had a wife and kid relying on him!

“That’s not it,” Dutch cut her off, voice growing more somber by the second. “The day before, Eli disappeared from the mountains, and before that, Sheriff Whitehorse went out for an arrest and never came back…d’you see what I’m getting at here?”

Her face fell as she shook, fists clenched at her sides. “They’re taking someone for each day I don’ t come out…why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?!” All of her insides boiled with rage as she directed her fury towards him. Really, she was only angry at herself but there was so much bottled inside, it had to explode outwards at some point. Dutch just so happened to be the one to set it off.

“Now hold on, Rook, yah don’t understand what’s goin’ on out there,” he attempted to explain himself, “I couldn’t tell yah something that would make you go runnin’ off. I can’t talk about it now. With so many important allies missin’, I need to get back out there.”

His words crashed down on her like a tidal wave and she would’ve been bowled over if it weren’t for the icy numbness settling into her bones. A plan of her own was beginning to formulate and the sooner Dutch left, the better. “Fine. See you tonight.”

He cast one last hardened glare before shuffling past her and climbing the ladder. She stood stock still, like a stone statue, waiting patiently for the sound of the hatch to close. Little by little, the square of sunlight beaming through was squandered by its overbearing shadow, leaving her alone in the inky darkness once more.

“This ends now…” she whispered fiercely to no one in particular. After all, she only had herself to trust.

After a bit of rummaging through the bunker’s various rooms, she discovered a hidden safe in the floor, underneath Dutch’s cot. Swiftly picking the lock and reaching inside, she produced a basic pistol, a decent amount of cash, and some extra bullets. Perfect for getting started. Gathering up the items and stocking them in her utility belt, she raced up the ladder, poised with one palm on the hatch.

Did she really want to do this? She’d be right back at square one in a sadistic game the Seed brother’s had gotten a blinding head start on. One quick thought flashed in her mind. Nick Rye, Eli Palmer, all her old friends captured and enduring a form of torture she didn’t dare imagine. That was all she needed to push forward, bursting into the blazing heat of the forest. Her vision was filled with a glaring, white light, struggling to adjust after being in the dark for so long. After several blinks, her surroundings became clear. Everything appeared normal, the long, winding dirt path stretching before her as vibrant, green trees reached towards the vast sky. Fresh air entered her deprived lungs and the musical lilting of song birds drifted from the tree tops. She’d forgotten how wonderful Montana nature was.

But there was no time to kick back and enjoy it. Something much more important weighed down on her. With a determined nod, she set off in the direction of Joseph’s compound. She’d climb the walls and tear him straight from his church with her own two hands if she had to! 

Her boots crunched along through fallen leaves, the faintest hints of golden-orange and ruby red coloring them. The Summer would soon give way to Autumn. It would be getting chillier then and she couldn’t afford to let things drag on that long. Winter would mean despair for the cause.

Everything was eerily silent as she pressed on, reaching the abandoned campsite where she’d offed some Peggies way back at the very beginning. Things were so different then. She had the marshal to help her and Dutch’ s calm advice streaming through the radio at all times. Now. Now she was alone.

Can I really do this without everyone’s help?

“You kept us waiting, deputy!” a cold, sinister voice boomed from the trees and she whirled instantly, pistol drawn and at the ready.

Eyebrows scrunched together as she searched the area over and over but no sign of life appeared. “Where are you?!” she screamed, frustration overtaking her. “Come out, now!” The confidence she so boldly emanated was only a ruse to disguise the utter terror swirling beneath. She didn’t even know which Seed was talking to her!

“Well, that wouldn’t be fair, would it?” the mystery brother hissed, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Is this a trick?! She wondered, spinning around on her feet, never lowering the poised weapon.

A chilling, drawn out howl split the sky, sending tremors through her already nervous limbs.

“You want me to play?!” she continued to shout, growing more furious than ever before. “Fine then! Come out so we can play!” Her finger pressed threateningly against the pistol’s trigger as she backed up slowly. A curse fell past her lips when she realized she had been standing in a patch of Bliss flowers the whole time. They were so obviously newly planted and trailed all the way back to Dutch’s bunker. She’d been gradually falling under their affect from the moment she’d come out. “D-dammit,” she mumbled weakly, stumbling over her own boots and colliding with a massive tree trunk. The rough bark dug into her back, piercing straight through the cotton of her t-shirt. “You…you knew all along…where I was…?” It was becoming increasingly difficult to breath and a weight pressed down on her chest as if someone had dropped a full size house on it.

She blinked blearily, a shadowed figure sauntering right up to her. Another appeared from the forest in her peripheral as well as a third from the opposite side. Oh, how stupid she had been.

The one in front of her reached out an arm just as the others sidled up to him. A soft and gentle caress trailed down her cheek, spreading the wetness of a tear she hadn’t realized had even escaped. A sense of claustrophobia washed over her, the three closing in like a pack of wolves descending on their wounded prey. She couldn’t help but sob uncontrollably.

“I’m a little disappointed,” Jacob grunted, raising a hand to rub the back of his neck. “She didn’t even make it to the audio traps I had set up.”

“All this time we waited,” John scoffed and folded his arms across his chest, “Only for her to bite the dust in Joseph’s silly flowers.”

“Now, now. Don’t be a sore loser, brother.” Joseph placed his hand on her cheek once more, using a thumb to rub away the fog from her eyes. “I won fairly.”

Fairly?” A snort came from Jacob’s nose. “You made that damn Bliss so strong she’s hardly standing!”

“For once, I agree,” John piped up, sharing a slightly annoyed look with the eldest brother.

Joseph whirled on them, a fiery glint in his darkened glare. “Oh, so a rematch is what you desire?”

They nodded in unison, collectively staring down their sibling with the fierceness of a defiant lion.

He gave in eventually and lowered his hunched shoulders. “Very well then. Don’t expect me to go easy this time.” Turning, he gazed down upon the deputy who had been listening in barely conscious shock. Softly, he pressed the cool skin of his forehead against hers, palms cupped beneath her shivering jaw. “I’m terribly sorry but you must endure a bit more, my little lamb.” Releasing her, he trained his attention on his family once more. “Put her back in the bunker. We’ll have three days to prepare.”

Jacob smirked to himself, an air of confidence surrounding him. “I’ll have judges trained so well by then they’ll sniff her out from miles away.”

“Well, they still won’t be as competent as my chosen pilots!”

Their bickering faded out and she fell back against the tree, limbs weak as jelly. Strong arms took hold of her but she couldn’t bring herself to fight against them. They’d drag her back to that insufferable hole in the ground, leaving her to wallow in self pity and agony, only to coax her from the shadows once more. She’d never be free, constantly trapped in a never ending cycle of their deadly affections. Even if she dug in her heels and just chose one of them, it’d never appease them. One would always protest. She was sure of it. This was her life now…

…and there was no going back.


Part 27 OF SAFE AGAIN where some questions are posed.

i kinda did an effort for the colours but hey, don’t expect to much for me :’)

First / Part 26/ Part 28

Hope you guys like it ^^ (also i can’t answer your comments on the post directly, so drop in my ask box if you want an answer ! else i’ll see it for sure !)

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hi, can you expand on a prompt I've been musing about: something happens where tim snaps or is extra exhausted and takes it out on dick (by accident or on purpose idk) and "I would have thought you'd care a bit more that Damian cut my line, Dick. Too many people dying because of snapped wires and all that"

i just noticed prompts are closed disregard that ask im sorry


Hi babe. No worries. 

I’m not writing long things on here lol because I’m working on other stuff when I can, and it gets a little much when I try to do both? So, I’m still answering Asks sometimes and such but just not writing like long pieces, you know? Just like short things I can do in an hour or a few, things that strike the muse.

But like, I’m terrible about angst and the many, many ways fucked up things happened during the ‘transition’ of Robin from Tim and Dami in pre-52. Because yes, Dami did cut Tim’s zip line and was pretty much stand-offish a majority of the series (not to mention the douchy way he just walked out in his own Robin costume and was a complete dick, grinding that knife a little deeper). 

And I dunno, maybe Tim is mostly with the Titans, spans in Gotham short and sweet, without turning to Dick in particular because really, the message is pretty fucking clear. 

When B is back and Dick is in Nightwing again, he might catch up to his former partner and just wanna hang out while they bust some criminal heads. 

The reception is colder than he expected, Tim giving him no banter, no team work, just getting the job done. Dick isn’t used to the cold shoulder, but it does make him wonder about the last time he’d really interacted with Tim to get the attitude.

(The realization that it’s been a while is jarring once it hits later.)

So when the baddies are done and Dick stops him from leaving, tries to play a little big brother, he get a face full of fuck you and the zip line you swung in on.

The ensuing argument is hot, passionate Nightwing with flailing arms with cold, angry Red Robin. There’s so much repressed bitterness and betrayal that Dick is shocked, completely unprepared for any of it. 

“Tim, Dami needed it. You have to understand how that feels. I needed it, Jay needed it, and you needed Robin too. You won’t say you did, you’ll say it was all because Batman is the one that needed a Robin, but the kid in you? That’s who needed the tunic, and Dami was no different.”

“He didn’t need the tunic to cut my fucking zip line, asshole. He could have done that before and save all of us a lot of fucking pain.” Is out of Red’s mouth before he can even hope to pull it back.

But really babe. It could go one of two ways from there. Dick could immediately be shocked and angry, wanting to know why Tim never told him this, why he couldn’t have come to Dick back then? 


Dick could completely gloss right over it, “he was just a kid Tim!” and completely downplay everything because how many times have they almost died in the cape and cowl crew, Timmy? It was a few years ago, Dami’s better now! And just missing everything Tim needs to hear, playing into his fears instead.

It could be so heartbreaking babe, when Tim Drake inside the chest of Red Robin dies a little inside when he realizes this is way things are going to go. All the abandonment issues, all the never really part of the family, all the taunts of replacement and pretender are just so solidified at that moment. 

Dick pauses his light admonishment of holding Damian accountable when he’d also just lost his dad and the low, bitter laugh gives him some pause.


“All that history and for what?” It’s said to himself, a sad musing. “Well, nice knowing you Dick. See you at the never-happening Robin reunion.”

“Wait, what? Tim! I didn’t mean–”

“Yeah, yeah you did. But hey, no problem. It was nice working with you, at least mostly. Say good-bye to B for me,” and he’s firing the grapple, is off into the night, ready to pack it up and step the other foot right the fuck out of Gotham.

Phone calls are re-routed, emails never answered, even the occasional world-ending kerfuffle is business as usual. When Red doesn’t bother with pretenses, just fights the good fight and fucking leaves, when it’s when was the last time? When all his efforts over the span of a months are utterly rebuffed does Dick finally get how deep those wounds really go.

It might just be a case of another lost Robin, or it might be the time Dick starts getting serious about getting both Jason and Tim back to the Bats.

But ah, that’s just a ‘what-if,’ isn’t it?

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Okay but you should open an ask blog for Kaito

1. thats so much effort

2. if i draw him that much ill get sick of it

3. not into the role playing aspect of it