im too happy

I just want to say

I am so fucking proud of Shane. Seriously. He came up with an idea that was immediately met with backlash, hate, and criticism. But that didn’t stop him. He continued with this insane project, because he believed in it. He put himself in the middle of a shit ton of insane drama, with family, former friends, ex-girlfriends. Because he believed in this. He believed in Jake to own up to his shit and tell the complete truth. And he never gave up. He wanted to, and probably came very close many times. But he never gave up. He pushed through, worked days and nights with Andrew, and created an amazing series that’s doing insanely well. Every video gained millions of views just hours later after being posted, and the entire series has a current total of 108,109,517 views. He just reached 18M subscribers not too long ago, and is already less than 4M subscribers away from 19M. His career has been doing insanely well, and it’s thanks to his crazy ideas and outstanding execution. I love you Shane, I’m so proud of what you’ve done, and what you’re going to do. Whatever it is, I’ll be there watching. Thank you Shane ❤


Starburst has been finished! Here’s a comparison of what she looks like now, all gened and pretty, compared to how she came home to me.

A massive thank you to @midoridragonuus for gifting me the last gene I needed for her!! you saved me a lot of impulse buying things and regretting i didn’t put that money towards Thylacine :,)

Look I have low expectations for BoRap and dont think they’re going to carry out certain storylines the way they really went but ILL BE DAMNED IF IM NOT EXCITED TO SEE A MOVIE ABOUT MY FAV BAND WITH SOME ABSOLUTELY BANGING TUNES!!!!!


September 1st calls for a Harry Potter/Voltron AU! There’ll be more for this soon

…it’ll definitely turn into Klance at some point…

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Commission for the AWESOME incredible beautiful lovely @hal1377!!

They asked for these three with a bit of a redesign (and Keith in the future AU design); Krolia is the Blade leader Kolivan is fine just retired. Axca is decked out in the Voltron Alliance Special Operative uniform. The dual wielding Keith was Hal’s perfect idea *wipes tear*