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[fairly sure that by abuse they just meant that they don't want to see dan 'abused' aka vordered (vore murdered)]

i know, thats why i told them to blacklist those other two tags as well bc they usually go hand in hand but like! i have a punching bag oc for a reason. and abuse is a big word 

they could also not have told me at all, im pretty sure a lot of people have some of my tags/stuff blacklisted (including me as a whole lmao) and theres really no way for me to know about it so whoever has some of my content blocked they can still enjoy everything else 

but people coming into my inbox to expressively tell me they gotta block my stuff is eeeehhhhhhhhh ya feel?


  • A group of traveling personal grooming experts helps people with problems
  • Also a couple lifestyle experts
  • An afflicted person gets a new mattress 
  • They’re gay

Queer Eye:

  • A group of traveling personal grooming experts helps people with problems
  • Also a couple lifestyle experts
  • An afflicted person gets a new mattress
  • They’re gay

Okay everyone sit down because McHanzo AU where Talon kidnaps Jesse and experiments (turning him into a feral mindless werewolf) on him and records it and Mcree keeps saying “Hanzo will save me” over and over to keep himself from loosing himself.

Okay 1 month later Hanzo has left Overwatch and has a lead on a Talon base and raids it all on his own (Lets say its Lijang Tower bc yeah) and there he murders every single talon agent he finds and there 1 scientist and he holds a knife to his throat and orders him to tell him where they experiment on people and where his Jesse is. He doesnt say anything so he kills him.

Police release the security footage to the public after realizing that Hanzo Shimada just destroyed a terrorist base.

Blah blah the internet goes crazy everyone knows who he is. Everyone is starting to realize that terrorist bases could be under their noses so the government goes through intesne investigations on company’s who could be affiliated with Talon.
(They didnt fing nothing bc Talons sneaky)

-idk half a month later-
Hanzo has a new lead and Hanzo as a giant fuck you to Talon streams him infiltrating the base and murderering every Talon agent and he gets to a room and theres a girl in the cage and shes a girl who went missing like 2 months earlier and everyone thought she was dead and Hanzo finds her and saves her so literally the entire planet is on Hanzos side and hes reigned as a hero (for destorying 2 huge terroist bases)

Anyway Reaper, releases the footage of them torturing Jesse and everyone sees it but bc Hanzo is a fucking dragon he finds out where it is and kills everyone (also sont question how he can destory a entire base okay just dragons)

Anyway Hanzo finds Jesse but hes a big mutated Werewolf who can berely talk anyway he sees hanzo and hes like. “Hanzzzo” “i love you” but like he cant talk properly and is basically growling it. Anyway Hanzos in tears and opens the cage Jesse was in ans Jesse wobbles out and colapses in Hanzos lap trying to tell Hanzo he loves in and Hanzo just wraps his arms around him and sobs.

(Okay and Hanzo is still streaming this bc hes a fuck and he wants the world to know what Talon is does and he forgot to turn it off)

And then suddenly Jesse begs “Hannnzoooo, I loooovvveeeee uuuuu”
and then Hanzos hugs him and says “I love you too jesse, im here”

The Jesse whines and says “pleeeeeazze killllllll meeeeee everythingggg hurtttt, I looooovvve uuuu pleeease”


Then Hanzo pulls out his phone and plays this song ( ) and starts singing this sotly to him (He does this because when Jesse would have nightmares about Blackwatch he would sing this to him to calm him down ans it always made jesse feel safe) as he injects it into Jesse

And Jesse softly cried out “I love you again, thank u” as he drifts into a sleep he will never return from.

Then Hanzo kisses his head and tells Jesse to wait for him.

-Optiomal addon if youre feeling extra angsty, TW Suicide-

Quietly Hanzo refills the needle and injects it into himself, closes his eyes and dreams of seeing Mcrees smile again….


Okay excuse the typos and bad punctuation but i am legitimately crying as i type this right now.
This AU is brought to you by the song “Slip the Leash” and was created by my angsty imagination after reading “An American Werewolf in London” WHICH I RECOMMEND, unlike this it doesnt end with pain.

Literally why would i do this to myself.

Listen to the song and imagine Hanzo singing it to Mcree and if you dont start crying then what the fuck

Also i dont know why I added the streaming bit lol

Y’all, so, I usually try not to stick my nose into discourse too much but this TJ discourse is all over the tag and its not even lighthearted fun discourse because homophobia and biphobia are being thrown around a lot here and those are not insignificant accusations. So I just wanted to throw in my two cents here and say it’s possible that both sides of this argument are right. The problem and the reason why this discourse has gone nowhere and established nothing so far is because you guys don’t agree on the premises you’re using to make your arguments.

Look, if TJ was canonically gay (and I mean either TJ himself saying the word gay or the actors confirming it outside the show) I don’t think this argument would be happening at all. But, if you think that there is evidence in the show that suggests that it is absolutely the case that TJ is gay, I can see why it would be frustrating to see people try to erase that. On the other hand, if you don’t think the evidence we’ve been given in the show is enough to say with certainty that they are going to make him either gay or bi, then I can see why you’d feel free to headcanon him as either of those things (or pan or anything else that includes boys) because the way you see it he’s interested in boys but there’s no evidence about his feelings for anyone else. I’m not here to pick a side but since TJ himself or any of the actors haven’t said the word gay, I think either of those interpretations about the way he’s portrayed can be correct.

The argument that’s happening here is because both sides think that everyone else is seeing and interpreting the show in the exact same way that they do, but that’s clearly not the case so I think we all need to take a little step back here and look at the bigger picture: either way we’re getting another(!) LGBT character on a children’s tv show here which is still absolutely crazy to me, and that throwing around homophobia and biphobia are not helping anyone and are taking this whole argument to a level that it does not need to be on. I realize this seems like not the type of argument you can agree to disagree on, but the argument at its core isn’t “is it homphobic to headcanon TJ as bi?” it’s “has it been made clear in the show what TJ’s sexuality is?” and honestly in that argument no one is right because it’s a matter of interpretation.

how many times do y'all have to be told not to steal Greg’s photos. they’re his work, his product, his service and you don’t have the right to post them if you’ve seen them UNLESS he’s put them out into the public himself. it’s hurting his business to steal them and y'all need to stop. it’s just the same as reposting art and edits except worse because he fucking makes money off of this.


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Everyone is saying that Joey is gay, and while I do support that, have people considered her being bisexual? Liking both boys and girls? THAT would make much more sense, wouldn't it?

ok i have a lot to say about this.

bisexual joey is fine if you headcanon bisexual joey like its cool whateva live your life be ya self. maybe she is bisexual! who knows not us thats for sure.

but i feel like….theres this recurring thing thats happening…where a character shows attraction to one gender consistently and then for a split second they show attraction to a different-gender character and/or question their sexuality for a different-gendered character and everyone says “they showed attraction for BOTH genders in the past. that means theyre bisexual!” and then lots of people call out anyone that doesnt headcanon said character as bisexual bc its “bisexual erasure” and its a huge mess.

and you know its fine to see characters that have been attracted to both genders throughout their lives as bisexual like there aint nothin wrong with that. theres not that many bi characters out there so bi representation is awesome and headcanons are what you want them to be

but i feel like this whole thing that i just described fails to communicate the experience a lot of gay people go through (or trans!!). especially gay girls.

compulsive heterosexuality, heteronormativity, internal homophobia etc. these are all things that i think need to be talked about more.

i had NO idea these things existed until i was 18 (i had been questioning since 15) and stumbled across a blog talking about gay girls that finally realized they were in fact, gay but previously went along with being straight bc thats what…youre supposed to do….right? and back then i labeled myself as guess what? bi. it always felt weird to say it and it felt wrong but it was easier than figuring out wtf was going on w me bc i had never seen anything like how i felt. but…i had dated guys in the past?? and had just been with guys/had crushes on guys etc. so…..i MUST be bisexual….right???

as soon as i heard from another gay girl that these things existed and that i wasnt the only one that felt that way and it was something to overcome, i was able to stop doing things that made me uncomfortable.

i mean i know people that were HUGE flirts to the opposite gender (same? guilty?)before realizing they were gay just because isnt that what youre supposed to do??? flirt with the opposite gender??? or literally just overcompensating…trying to be like their straight friends and failing every time things got serious.

point: gay people that once identified as straight, bisexual or any other “queer” sexuality exist and have unique stories. i think these stories of realizing that you arent straight and that hey maybe you actually have no attraction to the opposite gender at all! despite your past actions and/or feelings! are so important to tell.

because otherwise it could be YEARS before some people figure out that they dont have to u know do things that they dont want to do or force themselves to be like their friends. and they can start being themselves while in their teen years! they can fall in love and go on dates etc while all their straight friends do the same thing.

just like its important to highlight bisexual awakenings/bisexuality/gay people that always know they were gay and love being gay/trans people/intersex people/ lesbians, its important to highlight that its not as divided as you think and you should explore because society really has you wrapped around its finger with expectations. it can have a serious hold on you.

i just…never see characters that go through the overcoming compulsive heterosexuality and realizing they never liked what they did in the past??? the closest i can think of is dave who realized that labeling sexuality is stupid and doesnt even exist in space or ever it never mattered or existed it was just how society made you think it did. to the extent that he would hate on gay people himself bc he was insecure about actually being what society considers taboo.

its scary. its a scary, crazy, wild experience that i think needs to be talked about instead of being labeled as “bisexual” everytime.

and thats why i headcanon gay joey ok.

i really wish i could tag this but im on mobile so hopefully enough people see it.

mogai tumblr, split attraction model, ace discourse, etc etc were all such a goddamn mistake like theres a million reasons theyre all So Bad but lately i am just. so fuckin angry. that those things have resulted in having to see people say (& uncritically reblog others saying) “h*mo” like… i was about to read a fic earlier but the fucking tags said “h*mo/ace jughead” and im just fucking. miserable at that. dont fuckin do that dont say that im so pained that people think stuff like that is okay. gay is not a bad or sexual word. say gay ace or aro gay when needed, dont use a pathologizing fuckin psych term that doesnt even mean ‘sexual attraction’ it was meant to mean 'the 'sex’ youre attracted to’ bc of outdated understandings of gender… 'h*moromantic’ is a shitty fuckin term that never needed to exist and people absolutely shouldnt be shortening it like that. christ

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i know ur not into ham anymore but i just want to thank you for leaving all of ur old art up. your Hamilton art was such good content and i loved it and tbh it helped me through a lot of rough times by giving me something that actually made me happy. Thank you for keeping it up, as I frequently look through the tag when im in need of some cheering up. you've progressed so far now and though I'm not into taz, your art is still perfect. Have a great day!

Oh man thank you
Honestly sometimes i wanna take it done bc i get tired of seeing notifications for old ugly art i drew from a fandom im not interested in but other people still enjoy it so its not that big a deal. Im glad it makes you happy friendo and i hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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can you pls stop with the game grumps hate or at least give it a unique tag so people dont have to see it? bc they are one of the biggest sources of light and joy in my life, and while im aware of the controversy surrounding them and the reasons people may not like them, seeing posts like that makes me really upset. i try to be critical of the content i consume but honestly im at a place in my life where i just need to enjoy things. i dont have the energy or the strength to deal with discourse

please just unfollow me if it’s that upsetting to you that i occasionally reblog disparaging posts and receipts about creepy racists who are friends with pedophiles. i’m not going to make a dedicated tag on my blog about them.

i’m so tired of the flak veronica’s been getting lately tbh. i feel like people are forgetting that she’s a fifteen (sixteen?) year old girl who has just come to terms with the terrible things that her father has done, and realised how manipulative hiram really is (he blackmailed his own daughter, his only child who he was clearly implied to dote on before shit went down).

besides, fp would have gotten arrested whether veronica had decided to get involved or not, and even though jughead’s feeling of betrayal was valid, objectively, it was a good thing that she decided to snoop. it’s not like she has a personal vendetta against either fp or jughead –– the moment she realised the evidence the police found had been planted, she was convinced that fp was innocent. she only went back to thinking her father (and fp, by extension) might be guilty after hearing that fp confessed and joaquin’s mention of mustang discussing a rich man with fp.

the rest of the gang only remained insistent that fp was innocent bc they know fp. veronica doesn’t know fp at all besides the fact that he’s carried out illegal jobs for her father, so she can’t really be faulted for believing in the evidence that confirms fp’s guilt. it’s a terrible situation all around, but people need to stop acting like veronica is a bitch bc she didn’t stop to think about the feelings of a boy she barely knows when all evidence seems to point towards that boy’s father being guilty of a murder.

2nd season please give me less “Narsus-samaaaaaaaaa” and more Alfreed kicking asses, I’m not asking too much so pleeeeease???

You see then it gets frustrated with people being on opposite ends of the spectrum, but radicalized.

I hate when people try to say Gon was terrible and Killua was just a poor victim hurt by him, since that’s obviously not true.

But also when people say their relationship was completely fine and doesn’t have any problems that needed fixing? No that doesn’t work either.

Gon and Killua have such an important and strong friendship. But it’s really very hard to deny that they had become codependent. I bring up the same concept a lot but it’s because it’s the best way to explain it, they had become one person, when what they need to learn to be is partners.

The stuff that happened in the Chimera ant arc isn’t the problem with their friendship, it’s an underlying thing that has been building since the beginning, from Killua’s only want being to be friends with Gon, inherently making him dependent. And then over time together and Gon’s lack of strength with his complete faith and care for Killua developed his own dependency. (Don’t get mad at me for saying Gon wasn’t strong I’m not saying it’s negative I’m just saying simply, he wasn’t that strong, he was just learning so of course he’s not strong)

That dependency is actually not a consequence, but a cause of the problems in the Chimera arc. When two people had become essentially two halves of one, one of them going off independently is bound to have negative repercussions on both.

You can’t just label it as bad. But you also can’t label it as great either. As much as I know that codependent relationships get romanticized, it’s not very healthy.

Things weren’t magically better before they separated. It’s one of the reason’s the separation is good. They both need to learn to be more independent. Deal with being apart for long term. I mean it makes sense that itd be strange, spending a year with someone by your side and suddenly they’re gone. But they do need to be more independent. I don’t think it’s fair to ignore that. Obviously they have separate thoughts and aren’t like completely identical to the extreme where it’d become a severe problem, if they had no independent consciousness. But it’s still there. It’s still codependency. It’s logical codependency but a problem none the less.

I’ve said before speaking from personal experience that stuffs not fun. It’s not good.

I don’t even have a particular point to this other than expressing my frustration at extremism.

And I just want content about my baby boy Gon that doesn’t include that kind of “you all are terrible Gon never did anything bad their relationship was perfect”.

It’s the middle of the night like all my rants.

I keep thinking about this

It’s kinda fucked up how straight people pretend like gay people and straight people are equal now that gay marriage is legalized when they literally waited until it was culturally irrelevant to legalize it. Gay marriage was super important during the AIDS epidemic when no cure was being researched and loved ones were dying alone in the ICU because partners who had been together for years werent allowed to tell their loved ones goodbye. And now that HIV/AIDS is practically curable and a very manageable disease they finally give us gay marriage. They kill us in the thousands then give us our rights when they’re not important anymore. Straight people will offer us band-aids while we bleed to death. 

so , iv been thinking (dangerous i know lMao) but in all seriousness, you know those posts where its like:

“if i was insanely rich id friend people and spoil them secretly and like never tell them im rich”

well iv been thinking about those posts a lot, and i kindof feel bad bc im friends with so many good people who deserve things that make them happy, and its just like:

if i were rich and knew a friends favorite character, it’d be awesome if that character just sent them something (like money or a plush they'v been wanting for a while yknow) like is your favorite character a mafia leader? boom, your bills have been paid for, big papas got you covered,, is your favorite character a merc? well, they may have gotten a good pay and just wanted to slip you a lil extra to help you get by

and it just makes me wish i was able to support these really amazing people bc they dont deserve the issues their going through yknow ( @lilysflowershop , @tilallareimagined , and @til-yall-are-one are just a few off the top of my head *go show em love guys, also feel free to tag whoever you think may need to see this) and dont get me wrong, im getting by pretty ok, its just i wish i could do more for them yknow

so i guess this is turning into an appreciation post? lmao idk ,,, but seriously, go show them some love and support them any way you can (along with any other content creator that needs help getting by!!)

and i dunno ,, just go show em some love lmao

mcreyes…. “antis” are annoying for the simple fact yall are… so quick to hit those major buzzwords about ppl u know nothing about. slamming that Problematic sticker on something u dont like isn’t okay. the shit u take for canon doesnt give you the right to actively seek out going and calling people disgusting and suicide baiting. its ur responsibility to police ur content and what u see on the internet, esp. when its tagged effectively. like. live and let live.