im so pumped

The season five trailer gave us...

Matt skydiving with Nyma and Rolo!! 

One angry pigeon

One angry lonce skjskjskjskj




SHE <3

Keef with this beautiful flowing mullet

And my new desktop wallpaper!!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

An Asian female lead in a romcom?? With no whitewashing, stereotypes, or fetishizing?? This is SO important for Asian representation in Western countries! Growing up, Asian-American kids have always had to watch Asian actors play stereotypical roles, either playing the bad guy, the sidekick, the wise old mentor, or the quirky side character. We’ve never gotten to play the romantic lead in a romcom, we’ve had to go to Korean dramas or anime for that, media in other countries. But now, with Crazy Rich Asians and this, we’re getting to tell our own stories, and we get to take center stage instead of just being the supporting character! So excited for more diversity in Hollywood and non-whitewashed roles in the future!!

Comes out on Netflix on Aug. 17th, right after Crazy Rich Asians on Aug. 15th!