im so mad rn

Straight girls want a gay friend so bad so they can participate in pride and go “shopping” with us or go to gay clubs or whatever but have NO shame in voting for openly anti-lgbt politicians (“it’s the lesser of two evils!!!”) and dating openly homophobic guys and then have the audacity to say they’re allies especially after saying shit likeomg I can say faggot it’s not offensive cuz I have a gay friend stop overreacting!!!” Or “omg you’re gay right?? Can we be BEST friends? I really want a GBF because I heard they’re great shopping partners and have great dating advice”

PLEASE tell me more Alexis I’m BEGGING YOU 🙄

Stop treating us like accessories.

ok so I’ve been reading some theories and “spoilers” on the fate of game of thrones characters and fuck me why do so many people want the Stark sisters to die?!? Almost every spoiler i see is “Sansa may die” “Arya was once a the ghost of harrenhal maybe she’ll become a true ghost of Winterfell” and it all seems to be for Jon’s advantage? ‘Arya’s ghost will guide him’ 'sansa’s death will haunt him’. my girls don’t need to die to help jon win a war, he can do that all on his own.

I’m slightly pissed about ppl writing Tim as the most weak of them four batboys.

I’ve reading plenty fanfiction and Teen Titans comics. And he is always the member of the team who villains can’t put down when they think it will easy due to him being the only human with no power. WHY DO YOU WRITE HIM AS THE WEAKEST OF THEM ALL?

Yeah, he can’t fight like the others but that doesn’t mean he is weak… If I’m not wrong he is the one who practiced with Bruce the most (because of Jason’s death). And he is intelligent on his own. That two things MUST tell you that he is not some weak kid playing dress up…

This is fucking disgusting. I’m fuming. Instead of going to Nine Percent’s fan meet to support the boys and enjoy the performances, this person chose to harm Cai Xukun by pointing a laser in his eye while he was performing. This can be potentially harmful because it can cause permanent blindness. You can see that he felt discomfort so he crouched down when the laser was in his eyes. 

there’s something that really irks me when people hate alec for “always messing up” like he’s??? human???? meaning hes flawed???? and hes still trying to escape that closemindedness of the society he was raised in all his life???? and after every mistake he makes he apologizes unlike other shadowhunters????

Fic rec! 🗡

Rating: Mature
Word count: ~27k (still updating!)
Summary: Draco Malfoy has always been the boy without a choice. When he finally gets the chance, he picks The Chosen One.
Set in Deathly Hallows, with a few alterations. When Harry, Ron, and Hermione get caught by Snatchers and brought to Malfoy Manor, Draco decides to join their cause. The usual camping trip, but with a few tag-alongs, several detours, and quite a bit more romance.

GUYS!!! THIS FIC!!! I am absolutely HOOKED! It’s written so beautifully and I am in complete awe of @deluminatorillustrator! The dialogue is brilliant and the story is so funny, gripping and heart-wrenching, I honestly don’t know what to do with myself right now. KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS 💙💙💙

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ive been trying to write a post for like an hour but i dont think anything works better than just: fuck andrew kreisberg. fuck his dumbass “feminist” shows. fuck everyone complicit in shielding his sexual harassment from the public eye. fuck men who think they can get away with being disgusting because they hold positions of power over others.

only LOVE and SUPPORT for the victims.

honestly dropping hyuna is just… objectively a bad move as a company? like she is so successful and popular and was the most famous in cube out of all their artists. she helped produce songs and had a unique image that most other idols cant pull off. she is the reason cube is as well known as it is.

hyuna raked in so much and i’m not going to be surprised if cube goes bankrupt after this.

Just watched BTS with Ellen and I’m going to be real here: ARMY is coming off to be really annoying. Like y'all, its a talk show, so let them and the host talk instead of screaming over everything they say? How are people watching going to know the boys names if you’re screaming while they’re talking? And screaming while Ellen is trying to talk is rude as hell. Seriously. That’s so rude. Like jesus, we get it. BTS is loved by ARMY all around the world. THE WORLD GETS IT. SO STOP MAKING ARMY COME ACROSS AS JUST A BUNCH OF SCREAMING FANGIRLS. RM has been evading questions that try to make out ARMY to be crazy but y'all doing this stuff is why the Americans are asking these questions. Because all they see you do on television is scream and be rude. You come to give the boys your support, not to scream over top of them and the host. You can clearly see that Ellen was getting hella annoyed that she couldn’t talk because everyone was yelling. I’m ARMY too but this is getting really annoying smh