im so glad we did this....together


Books read in 2017: Welcome to Night Vale a Novel, Joseph Fink

“I pawned that tear to you all those weeks ago for a reason. And I don’t know what that reason was. Everything I do is for a reason, and I know none of them. Everything makes sense, and the sense is hidden from me. We live in a pattern that we’ll never detect, and that will shuffle us through invisible hierarchies to the actual death of us. We are together on this. And I don’t know why, and I never will, and we just are.”

thoughts after seeing falsettos:

  • stephanie j block is absolutely incredible and breaking down changed my entire life
  • anthony rosenthal?? is so adorable?? his little dancing while listening to the walkman?? i died 
  • whizzer & marvin & the lesbians is the gay/lesbian solidarity we need
  • im so glad i never finished listening to the cast recording before watching the proshot it was a much more authentic experience
  • the set design?????? holy shit???????? did y’all see all that tape on the floor?
  • andrew rannells in those high waisted tight pants: 👌👌👌
  • im forgetting a lot of things uhhh
  • oh yeah
  • the sound of an entire theater sobbing together is such a bonding experience
  • seriously oh god i sobbed so much im so sorry ladies who were sitting next to me i tried to stay quiet
  • nothing like crying about the aids epidemic at 4 pm
  • jason inviting whizzer to the baseball game made me cry
  • marvin’s character development: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
  • the cHESS PIECE ON THE!!! TOMBSTONE!!!!! who else died a lil
  • one more point thank you for reading this far:


🎉🎉 happy birthday to kun 🎉🎉

to our wonderful angel who deserves more and to debut soon!!! 💜

we’ll always be waiting and supporting you!

2017 was the year we all thought you might get the chance to debut and finally be free from the dungeon, but unfortunately it did not happen, but im glad you managed to be more active as a part of smrookies, together with yukhei and jungwoo! thank you for supporting nct and loving them whenever they make a comeback and always showing us how much of an angel you are 🤧 we’ll be waiting for the day you’ll finally be able to debut and hoping for more to come in 2018, we nctzens, love you! 💜💖

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The fact that they both independently loved/recorded ambient noises and sounds completely separate from each other is another obscure thing they have in common and im glad even Ryan is saying how spooky it's getting. It's just so sweet,, im????

Yes, nonnyhoney, I feel this. There has seriously only ever been once in my life where I met someone who had practically the same flavour of experiences and interests as I did but the odd thing was it was all media related; same shows we liked, same actors and films and makes sense since we met in the same fandom and meeting in the same fandom comes with some pre-established overlap already but here’s the thing, Shane and Ryan didn’t meet in a fandom, they met at work and it isn’t just movies, actors, and shows, but their brand of troll humour, favourite food (popcorn), absolutely Weirdo strategies to get said food for free and now this. The idea of the both of them being wired basically the same way that their zen and nostalgia is found in this odd aesthetically subtle niche interest of capturing moments via sound. I just have this image of both of them on separate sides of the country as young kids, Ryan with his little tape recorder capturing a disneyland parade at night amidst noise and Shane out in Schaumburg much later at night recording sounds by a lake.

I also really appreciate how they take an invested interest in the things they don’t overlap on. At Ryan mentioning his trolling the boards of theme park fandoms had Shane in full on interrogation mode and Ryan knew immediately that Shane was gunning to find his internet footprint. Even the fact that Shane follows the ‘other Ryan’ on twitter just makes me so soft but jeezus~

Honestly, the spookiest thing about Unsolved is the HUGE overlapping bubble on the wide ven diagram of Shane and Ryan’s hobbies/interests/faves.

Thank you!

So, it’s that time again!

I originally intended to wait longer with my next post like this, but then again I’d only have waited because I would want to avoid having to face my shyness by doing this here. So, instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead with this number.

I have reached another number, that will be mentioned once but only below the cut for those that don’t like people talking about their amount of followers.

This is incredibly hard for me, but I had big plans for my next post and I intend to stick to those plans. It will get very long below the cut, so be warned when you click.

Short version:

Thank you all for following me and thus being interested in my Star and/or my writing!

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Growing Pains

Chapter 2: We’ll Figure It Out

Here I go, back at it again with the Murdoc and 2D reading lyrics with each other~ :..) I honestly didn’t realize I was going to go into 2D’s poetry when I started this chapter, it just kind of happened and OMFG im so glad it did. I really really enjoyed writing this one and getting to write my favorite 2Doc thing… ever??? Obviously I’m going to get to my favorite “The levy holds” poem but I want them to have a therapy session together before he reads that. gotta have that hurt before that comfort you know???

(Chapter 1) … (Chapter 3) 

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MADTOWN_GNI Twitter update:

[#매드타운] 우리 멤버들, 매피들과 함께해서 더 행복한 생일이였어요 고마워요  함께 할 날이 더 많기를! #무스 #대원 #이건 #조타 #허준 #버피 #허준 #MADTOWN 

Trans: [#MADTOWN] I had an even happier birthday with our members and maepi, thank you💕 May we spend many more days together! #Moos #Daewon #Leegeon #Jota #Heojun #Buffy #H.O #MADTOWN


“I hope our team lasts forever. My family, Stray Kids!”

Hyunjin during the 2nd episode of the 9th @Namsan Tower

Since we have a long way together. Let’s cheer up and care for each other more! I’m so glad we’re like a family!” 

Chan during the last episode of the 9th.

Note: I re-edited back and did all 4 as simple as possible. Please do not remove my watermark.Thank you~

henlo i’m here to do a mini end-of-the-year follow forever/mutuals appreciation!! it’s only small cause i’m lazy as fuck but still wanted to appreciate some of the people i’ve met since i decided to rejoin the 1d tumblr fandom this year!!! be warned that this could get sappy real quick bc i like to ramble byeeee

edit; this all had to go under the cut (on desktop only apparently??) cause as i said i rambled way too much and it was longer than planned

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Kukui: It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that Sophocles is changing schools.

Ash: What!? That’s terrible! We had so many good times together, like… uh…

Mallow: Like that time we.. that time, when, uh… you know…

Kiawe: And we went… Uhm… to that… one… place.

Lillie: Oh yeaahh. That’s when… ah… we did… a… thing.

Lana: lol i have no emotional attachment to him whatsoever im glad hes leaving

(sorry abt all the submissions i’m just in a very s&m mood today okay)

in all seriousness tho, im so proud of how everyone came together in such full-force for a good cause. it’s really cool to think about how much we were able to make an impact on the world, and im really looking to more awesome charity events in 2018!

also, as much “suffering” as overnightwatch was, im really glad to hear that jack had as much fun doing it as we did participating with it. it really was a unique special time those 12? hours (granted i may have been delirious from no sleep for part of it lol). and again, cant wait for more fun times and memories to be had in the future <3.


art cred. HOLY SHIT – i’ve only been here a few weeks and i’ve been over 100 followers on this blog for a while i’ve just been way too busy to make anything for it. i’m also feeling sappy as hell tonight for no good reason, so i figured tonight’s the night. 

honestly this fandom hasn’t always been great. i’ve been in the naruto fandom on and off for 3 years now, and there has been all kinds of shit. ive had waves of friends come and go for various reasons. but some of you guys are amazing. some of you guys have made it all worth it. and honestly, i couldn’t ask for a better group of friends than the one i have now. for some reason we all click. so i’ll shove all the specifics below the cut, but if you’re reading this, thank you. you are all so talented and fun people to be around. 

the last few months have been… hell. my job is stressful, and my father passed away suddenly. he was my best friend, and it shook my world to lose him. i stopped writing for a while, i couldn’t do much of anything i was so depressed. and honestly i was super anxious to come back to this fandom, or to tumblr in general. 

i’m so grateful i did. i’ve reconnected with old friends and been introduced to new ones that are so supportive, fun, talented, and amazing. i love you all so much, i wouldn’t trade this for the world. you’ve made such a hard time in my life so much easier to handle. the days are still hard, and i still get sad, but i know i always have an amazing safety net to fall back on.


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Does Mitsunari Ishida actually have a huge reputation for his military intellect in history?

This is a fantastic question and Im really glad you asked it. But buckle up cause this is going to be a long post.

So, from my research, this is the one place where Id say that Cybird and history are not as close together as they could be.

I base this opinion on what I have read about the Battle of Sekigahara, what led up to it, and what caused it to end up the way it did. I choose this battle because its really the only time we see Mitsunari as the sole leader of an army. We just hear he was at other places, we never hear what he did. Or maybe we do, but I havent read it, so I assume its not very important or else  Id have found it already. Theres a lot of small factors involved here, but hopefully I can explain it concisely in a way that makes sense. I could probably explain this better, but then itd be even more ridiculously long so I’ll be kind.

Historical Mitsunari was a rather poor military leader. He was a good military planner, or had a solid tactician serving him, but he himself was not exactly good at any of it. I believe it is somewhere in the readings Ive done on this battle, that Mitsunari was a poor commander of men; the other generals did not respect him as their leader. 

During Hideyoshi’s invasion of Korea, Mitsunari served as a commander of Japanese forces. He did not distinguish himself. Which is saying something, since samurai were expected to distinguish themselves in battle. If Mitsunari was a master tactician, wouldnt he have distinguished himself by outwitting his opponents? 

Anyway, Mitsunari sent a letter to Hideyoshi complaining about another commander, Kobayakawa,  and he was so vehment in his condemnation, that Kobayakawa felt dishonored. Ieyasu stepped in to back him up, but he held a grudge against Mitsunari after that. This does not sound important, but just wait for it. 

Skip ahead to 1600. Hideyoshi has died and left a succession crisis. His heir s 5 years old, and Ieysu is not about to bow to a 5 year old. He begins to make his power move, and Mitsunari calls him out on it. It ends up in hostilities, as Mitsunari leads an army of vassals and retainers loyal to Hideyoshi against Ieyasu’s army. Now, if you look at a map of the battle, ( Mitsunari seems to be set up in a tactical position that assures his victory. The first few times I looked at it, I couldnt figure out why he lost. Mitsunari has his army along all of the high ground. He has them positioned in a way that makes it difficult to flank his lines and seems to force Ieyasu to attack in the middle, where Mitsunari can attack from three sides. Oh yeah, and he has a small force holed up some distance away in order to attack Ieyasu’s rear in a pincer move. 

Do I think Mitsunari came up with this plan? No. Why not? Because he does not have the respect of his generals and troops, several of whom refuse to follow his orders once the battle begins. If Mitsunari came up with such a fantastic strategy himself, I think h is generals would have been more impressed by his abilities and perhaps actually would have listened to him. But if he did come up with the plan, he is more brilliant than I give him credit for. 

But unfortunately, Ieyasu, who was a master strategist, did two unexpected things. First, he attacked the left side of Mitsunari’s army, where Mitsunari himself was. It was unusual to attack a commander directly, and not take him after clearing the field of his troops.  Second, Ieyasu convinced Kobayakawa to turn traitor. Mitsunari had disgraced him, and he was only fighting with Mitsunari cause he ad been ordered to. Ieyasu had saved his honor, and he was a bout to return the favor in a big way. 

These two things are important because Kobayakawa controlled Mitsunari’s entire right flank. Ieyasu attacks the left flank, where Mitsunari is, one to scare the enemy commander, and two, because he knows the commander on the other flank is really his new ally

Oh yeah, the Mori and the Kikkawa, positioned farther away from the main battle with the intention to encircle Ieyasu’s army from the rear, have told Ieyasu they will not engage his troops in the battle. The pincer move has now failed before it even begun. 

Mitsunari, is not a great general; he only managed to amass a large army because they were already in the service of Hideyoshi. He was a leader not respected by his generals, who only showed up because they took an oath to Hideyoshi, So Ieyasu directly attacking Mitsunari’s position on the field did not inspire confidence in Mitsunari’s troops or commanders. Which made them hesitant to assist him when his position started to falter and give way to Ieyasu. 

When Kobayakawa finally engages (Mitsunari had ordered him to attacked a few times and he simply ignored the order), he attacks Mitsunari instead of Ieyasu. The result is that he rolls up Mitsunari’s entire army. One other general fighting for Mitsunari sees this happening and joins Kobayakawa! By any conventional military standards, having two generals rebel mid battle and destroy your entire line, means Mitsunari was a crummy commander; a good commander would have the leadership and the knowledge of his men to avoid such a situation. 

Needless to say, Mitsunari is beheaded and his entire army hunted down and killed cause Ieyasu was a ruthless little bitch like that. 

So no, based on this battle, Id say Mitsunari was not a master tactician as he is portrayed by Cybird. If he was, he probably wouldnt have lost

(Though whoever came up with Mitsunari’s battle plan that day was pretty great at his job. Too bad it didnt work out.)

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but jm and jk playing around is literally my favourite thing and i love how its definitely a theme in gcfs. my top 3 is: 1. that dance you giffed in tokyo, it went so well with the music and i often think about it and jm looked so happy 2. the scene in osaka where he stopped the music just so that we can hear them both laughing and 3. the teaser (unedited version) of jm dancing in saipan. and its not just gcf/p's that show jm being goofy around jk,,,, im so glad theyre happy when theyre together

did i write this ask bc!!! same to all of this. all those moments and many others between them are so nice to watch bc you can tell how happy they are and i just :( as you said i’m so glad they’re happy when they’re together