im not super pleased with this but whatever

oh pearly girly, what is going on with you

if you self project your own traumas onto a character when yall write fanfics or headcannons, that’s okay.

write whatever y'all desire and y'all shouldn’t feel pressured to also include “im self projecting here” or “I’ve been through this trauma before” to validate writing that story

Fanfics arent made to be super accurate-they’re just fun, and a lot of the time used for writing practice

Write what y'all wanna write, and please don’t feel pressured to have to expose ya history if it’s uncomfortable for yall

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Oh snappp your neighbor AU is lit. No rush at all but if you could also write one for Shownu it would be awesome.

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), & kihyun (here)

  • king of owning three sets of the same colored bed sheets and kihyun once asked if shownu every washed them because??? they’re always the same??? and shownu was like “don’t you just buy the same thing in bulk when you go to ikea?” and kihyun was like no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god is that what you do
  • and shownu just shrugged because whatever he likes his grey bed sheets
  • doesn’t do decorations but let his mom hang up some photos of his family and stuff when she came over
  • you’d think he’d just ignore them, but he cleans the dust off the frames and adjusts them because,,,,,, shownu cherishes anything his mother does for him. he’s an amazing son and literally everyone in the neighborhood always tells his mom when she comes over that he’s so filial and they wished they had a son so polite and well mannered
  • because lbr shownu is the person who holds the door open for anyone he sees,,,,,,,,even if they’re still half way across the street
  • the only thing that ever makes him flustered is that one time a mom asked him to watch her son while she ran to re-park her car
  • and shownu was like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi and the kid just started crying and shownu was like nO PLEASE,,,,IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO DISPLEASE YOU
  • thankfully minhyuk was coming over and saw the whole mess and came to the rescue and shownu was just like “minhyuk,,,,,kids are terrifying,,,,,”
  • minhyuk looking at shownu whose literally swole and tall: what
  • you’ve lived next door to shownu for quite some time,,,,,but you two don’t really talk much because like well,,,,he’s not a small chit chat kinda person
  • and you’ve always thought he was handsome but like so what you know ??? your idols on tv are handsome too
  • but one evening,,,,you’re getting home super late and you try to grab for your keys in your bag,,,,,,but they’re gone????? and you sigh and take out your phone to text your friend who has a spare
  • but then you see a text from your boss telling you that you won’t be getting the promotion he promised you
  • and your friend with the spare just updated instagram with a photo at a club so you know they’re not gonna be able to help
  • and so you just slide down against the wall near your door and hold your bag to your chest
  • and life sucks,,,,,,,,in this moment,,,,so much so that you can’t control tears coming out and you wanna brush them away but like no one’s there to see??? so whatever
  • until ,,,,, there is someone,,,,, someone who’s too freaKING quiet so you only notice them when they step right in front of you and ask “is everything ok?”
  • and you look up to see shownu and you’re like oh gREAT the handsome, nice neighbor has to see you balling your eyes out on your doormat good job gg what a terrIFIC night this is
  • and you’re like “y,,yeah i got locked out it’s nothing,,,”
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand out to help you up and you take it hesitantly and he’s like “staying out here would be dangerous. do you want to spend the night at my place? feel free to say n-”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “that would be very nice of you,,,,,,my spare is,,,,,in the hands of someone who is busy,,,,”
  • and shownu lets go of your hand and you notice how warm it was when he’d held it
  • and you follow him to his apartment where he lets you in
  • and you can’t help but look at the photos as you take off your shoes and you’re like “is this your family?” and he nods and you’re like “your mother is so pretty!!”
  • and shownu kind of is taken back, but just nods again and you’re like oops am i making this awkward
  • and he switches the lights on in his bedroom and he’s like “i know we’re strangers, but it would be impolite of me to let you sleep on the couch. my bedroom is clean, i promise.”
  • and you’re like dhkcblvj he’s worried about me thinking he’s gross,,,,,but he’s doing something really nice??????? he’s,,,,,,cute
  • and you’re like “i can take the cou-” but shownu puts a hand up and is like “please, that would be rude of me.”
  • and you’re like ok he’s such a gentleman????? what the heck
  • and you’re like “ok, well thank you!! ill wash my face then?” and he’s like pointing out the bathroom
  • and when you’re done you walk out to tell shownu thank you again
  • but you see him sitting on the couch, suddenly he’s got glasses on and he’s reading something with the cutest look of concentration on his face and you can’t help but stare at him a bit longer
  • when he suddenly looks up you’re like oH I Totally,,,,just came into this room anYWAY,,, thank you again!!!
  • and you like do an lil bow and shownu is like “it’s nothing!” and you’re like akhfgfs ok,,,ill go to bed now
  • but ofc u can’t sleep because,,,,,,wow this is shownu’s room,,,,,,,,the sheets smell like him,,,,,,,slight cologne but also fresh breeze,,,,,
  • and in the morning your friends texts you that she’ll be over in an hour
  • and you go to tell shownu whose up,,,,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,making eggs,,,,,,,,and you almost trip and fall over
  • but when he turns for the first time you see him get embarrassed and he’s like “ah - oh one moment,,,” and rushes back to the living room to pull on his shirt again and you’re like trying to look down
  • and you’re both red,,,,,,and shownu is like “,,,, i,,,im sorry that was-” and you’re like “nO,,, no,,,,, it’s nice,,,i mean what no i mean it’s your home feel free um oh,,,,”
  • and shownu is like “would you like something to eat?”
  • and it’s cute you two eat together and shownu is a silent eater but it’s somehow really adorable and you can’t help but think he’d be a really ,,,, good bf
  • and shownu is like “you can stay here till your friend comes.” and you’re like ok!!! thank you 
  • and he’s totally turning on the sport channel but it’s whatever you’re happy to be in his company,,,,because shownu makes you feel safe????
  • and when ur friend tells you to meet her by ur door shownu walks you out and he’s like “maybe, if you think this is a good idea you could give me a spare, in case this happens again.” and you’re like good thinking i should do that!!!! 
  • but before you can thank him again your friend is like “oH I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH SUCH A HANDSOME MAN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED THE SPARE-”
  • and you’re like PLEASe,,, SHTU TUP ,,,,
  • and shownu is blinking like hmmm what does that mean-
  • and your friend winks at you two and waltzes up to shownu like “so,,, what’s your name? how long have you been dating my friend here?” and you’re like givE ME my KEYS 
  • while shownu is like ???? but also he’s like “oh they’re single?” and your friend is like YES THEYRE sinGLE
  • and you’re like dO NT FLirt on my behalf wait shownu why do you want to know if im single,,,,,,,,,????
  • shownu probably just wanted to know because coughs,,,,,,,,maybe he can take you out sometime,,, coughs

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I'm not a real fan of castlevania(i'm just starting) but i would like some general relationship hc with alucard please

even if you just started it still counts~! also season two is coming out in a bit so ahhh im super excited ᕕ(•̀з•́)ᕗ also please keep me updated! i’m really curious to see how you’ll find it ^•^

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  • definitely not the most openly affectionate lover
  • he doesn’t really like public displays of affection; he holds your hand, holds you close but other than that he’s content
  • except in the rare occasions when someone else(primarily Trevor)(be it a human, vampire, creature, whatever) tries their luck, he isn’t exempt from bending his head in the crook of your neck, fangs grazing your skin ever so lightly while his eyes make contact with said ‘contender’
  • privately, on the other hand, he’s constantly near and is sometimes afraid of leaving you by yourself
  • “adrian…” you would whine, trying to cut some vegetables for your guys’ supper “please.”
  • he’d click his tongue, but the grip around your waist wouldn’t loosen “you’re warm.” would be his only excuse
  • play with his hair, he absolutely adores it; braid it, tie it in a bun, just weave your fingers through it, you’ll get a happy vampire boyfie and a big groan of satisfaction
  • his favourite type of kisses are slow, languid ones where he starts at your jaw before slowly moving his way to your lips, his heightened senses allowing his to hear how your heartbeat quickens as he slowly approaches before making contact with your warm soft lips
  • enjoys caressing your face, just running his hand down your skin, soothing circles across your cheek before running his thumb across your bottom lip
  • declarations of love would be rare, but meaningful, possibly whispered while you’re asleep or after he’s had a particularly long day(i mean having angsty dracula as your father can’t be easy)
  • he’d collapse into your arms, head pressed against your stomach as he lay there, feeling your soothing touch on his head, arms wrapped around your waist
  • he’d hum quietly, eyes closed “i really do love you, you know?” he’d murmur, not looking up and you’d nod, the lightest of pink coating your cheeks
  • “of course i know…i love you too.”

My bike got stolen and now I can’t get to work

i’ve been super reluctant to do this, since people up here have already donated to me recently to help me pay rent because money got stolen from me! but apparently someone’s hexed me and not only did I get stolen from in terms of money but my method of transportation has also been stolen.

My tablet is also dead (go figure), so sadly I can’t provide artistic compensation. but if ANYONE can help, please donate or share. My mom knows about this and would be super grateful to anyone who can help me crowdfund, as we both have been going through a hard time financially.

I don’t need anything super fancy but most bikes suited for me in the area would cost around $200. PayPal is if you would rather send it to my mother because you don’t trust me for whatever reason, please pm me for her PayPal information.

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I don’t know what your interests are, but I’d love to read Owen Tudor/Catherine of Valois written by you!

Thanks!  @feuillesmortes and @oikur41 also asked for some Owen Tudor/Catherine of Valois drabble.  So this if for all of you.

The invisible fingers of the wind grasped at the deep blue folds of her gown, plucked at the veil atop her head, combed through the tendrils of hair that had come loose.  Catherine knew she must look a right state, but she cared little.  She dug her knees in and tapped the horse’s flanks with the heel of her boots, her chest lowering toward the pommel of the saddle as she braced for a shallow jump over a downed tree trunk.

In a life lived stifled by the Parliament and the king’s counsel, the queen found one of the only pleasures permitted her, and one she keenly enjoyed as it so happened, was riding.  And the grounds around Windsor Castle provided the perfect venue for her exercises.  

Just now it was particularly idyllic, the summer sun seeping through the heavy foliage to dapple the forest in its honeyed tones, the sweet fragrance of wildflowers carried on the warm breeze, and not a soul accompanying her, save for a single lady and a sole and stoic attendant who kept a respectable distance.

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lose you (finnick odair x reader)

request:  Could I make a request for an imagine with Finnick Odair? Y/N is the badass girl from district 5 (or whatever number you want, just not the ones that are known in the book), and everyone admires and is scared of her but Finnick flirts with her all the time. You can write freely, you don’t have to stick to that plot. Please!!!!😘😘😘 Thank you in advance

warnings: mentions of death, sexual remarks, curse words 

word count: 777

a/n: im so so so sorry this got uploaded so late im super busy lately and it completely slipped my mind

Originally posted by samclaflin86

            District five. The powerhouse of Panem, and the main supplier of energy that ran through the country. Every ounce of electrical power that lit up each light bulb, to holographic projection, district five was the home to the power that wasn’t reliant on coal. Not only being the home of electricity itself but It was the home to the 67th hunger games winner, (y/f/n) (y/l/n). Wielding a double edged sword, she killed more than half of the tributes that year, making hunger games history at age 15. The country was mesmerized at her skill and utter agility she presented in those games at such a young age. The rocky terrain, and the impeccable amount of heat that years arena had provided didn’t make it any easier. The people of the nation either admired her, feared her, or wanted to be her. Going into the hunger games, no one in there right mind would have expected the tiny, quiet tribute from district five to come close to winning that year. She was remarkable and everyone knew that. Especially a handsome face from district four.

           It was the year of the 75th hunger games. (y/n) was unwillingly reaped and ripped from her home once again. As were many other tributes that year, she stood on stage as her named was selected from the large glass bowl and read aloud to the crowd. Then brought to the capitol, as she counted down to the days till she and her fellow tributes, friends, people shes gotten to known over the past eight years would turn on each other in a mass slaughter.  She sat in the training center with Johanna sparring as they discussed their distaste in the capitals idea for the quarter quell.  

        “This is fucked up”Johanna yelled connecting her axe too the dummy in front of her. (y/n) laughed at her remark as she drove the heavy piece of metal swiftly into the target, “agreed, its been a pleasure knowing you Johanna.”

         “oh shut your mouth, were going to get out of this i swear to god if its the last thing i do-”

       “You’ll do what?” Finnick cut her off as he approached the two. Johanna rolled eyes as she stepped down from the platform, placing the axe on the rack. “I’ll catch you two shit heads later.”

        “Shes a lot of fun” he laughed to himself as he moved closer to you. Continuing to strike the dummy in front of you, ignoring his presence as he drew closer until he finally placed his hands on your waist. “ Ya know your extremely hot when you wield that sword, princess” A bright red began to warm your cheeks as you paused in you place, clutching the sword in your bare hands. “Why do you always mess with me, finnick” as you took in the clean scent he gave off, in which was almost intoxicating. His hands firmed around your waist tighter, not wanting to let go, “ I wouldnt say i mess with you, more like tease you until you let make take you out. I dont want to actually mess around with you until we go on a couple of dates, yanno, i respect the woman ive fallen for-”

     “finn, what do you mean take me out? Were stuck here. the games and everything-”

“Dont worry about it, princess. Im going to protect you.”

“I dont need anyone to protect me.” You say whipping around to face him, braking the embrace he had on your hips. 

“I know you dont,” finnick laughed, “youre a bad ass, if anything you have a good chance at winning the games”

A sadness sweeped over your features, not comprehending the impending death of you, or finnick, or both. Over the years, the two of you developed a valuable friendship being victors within 2 years apart and being so young. Countless things youve done together and mutual affection built between eachother would all vanish off the face of the Earth within the next few days in the arena if one of you were to die. 

“All im saying is im not going to let you die.” and with that he cupped you cheeks and smashed his lips to yours. A kiss full of hope and sadness. a kiss long overdue. “Im going to get you out of there one way or another whether its both of us or jut you.” 

“Finnick..” a tear slid down your cheek as his sea blue eyes locked with warm (e/c) ones. 

“(y/n).” he moved a piece of (h/c) hair behind your ear. 

“I dont want to lose you.”

“I dont want to lose you either, princess.”


temporary commission post until i can make a real one:

hey guys my name is alexander! im a sixteen year old trans guy and i need money so i can be as independent as possible from my abusive, transphobic family when i turn 18

i do mostly traditional art ( i can do digital art if you want, but i suck). i can draw pretty much whatever you want (with exceptions for Really Gross Stuff), and you can pay me whatever you want (though please don’t go below $5 for simple sketches (ex. tracer), and $10 for more realistic/ colored stuff(ex. the cherry) please keep in mind that im super busy with school and trying to keep my grades up so i can hopefully get a scholarship and go to college without the threat of being cut off, so it might take me a while to get around to yours!

my paypal is , and it’s also linked in my description!

dating nct ten!1!!!1!11!

• “babBBbBBYYyyYYy”
• “i love you too babe”
• “im…i can’t say your name babe, im just gonna call you ten”
• lots of skinship!!!!!!
• butt slaps ugh
• “ur so hot”
• “im hotter than TEN thousand degrees. ha, baby, get it, ha”
• he loves you, everything about you is so cute and loveable and sexy to him.
• lots of nose touching
• god his nose is perfect
• “god, ur nose is perfect”
• lots of cute little gestures that make you want to cry.
• dance breaks!!!!!
• “smack it smack it smack it in the rear”
• “I LOVE U.”
• johnny messes w ten a lot and you’re just like “nooooo johnny don’t mess w my babyyyyy”
• “lol jk i agree.”
• “ill protect you baby!!!!!”
• “ten, ten, ten stop you- you cried bc i went to the bathroom and left you alone for 2 minutes.”
• o yeah he calls you babe and baby a lot.
• he once made you cry bc ten isn’t good at memorizing things other than really, really important things and dance moves.
• so here’s what happened:
• ten got a new phone
• all contacts lost bc that’s how sm rolls w the phone shit
• you texted him not knowing
• “hey”
• “who dis”
• “??? excuse me”
• “knew phone who dis” ten, used the wrong new.
• “you didn’t memorize my number?”
• “ten who do you think it is.”
• you pick up the phone and start crying bc :“( and ten freaks out and he’s like “o nOBABY. BABY N O BABE.”
• it took him all night, but he memorized your number
• and you cried again bc “oh my god please don’t do this for me, i overreacted, you must bc super tired pls get sleep babe”
• but he insisted and was super proud and couldn’t stop smiling after he got it down
• tens tiny, so you two are tiny together and you two just hug in whatever position is the most comfortable
• when you’re sad, tens like “ :”“((((( let me give you a hug, you precious baby”
• ten kissed you on your forehead and nose a lot and you’re like “stop it” but you love it
• ten really doesn’t get jealous it’s like “i grabbed a cup of coffee with my ex boyfriend today”
• “that’s nice, what’d you guys talk about? did you have a nice time? it’s cool you two are still cool.” but unlike most boyfriends he’s genuinely curious about what you did and whether or not you had fun
• he trusts you that much
• you know what rhymes with trust
• thrust
• his hip thrusts send you to the heavens above
• sexy time w ten is so unexpected bc he’s normally so happy and he’s a baby who wants all of your attention
• then he turns serious and then he just crashes his lips on yours and you melt like butter.
• his dance performances bring tears to your eyes bc my god- do i need to explain
• you tease him a lot bc he’s on hit the stage
• and you also tease him for the ghost prank thing on hit the stage. ten can’t stand that.
• “//sends the video clip of him screaming//”
• “stoOooOOOP”
• “it’s cute”
• but you compliment him a lot bc gosh he did well
• “thank u, thank u”
• ~(^u^)~
• he sends a lot of emojis
• lots of hearts
• “why do you call johnny a fatass”
• “cause HE A FATASS.”
• “who’s your favorite person in the whole wide world, ten”
• “my MOM, then my DAD, then you”
• “….at least you’re honest”
• you guys have one official, couple t shirt
• you guys wear it all the time to the point where everyone in the group gasps and takes pictures when you two wear something different
• you and ten never fight
• but you do argue about who’s hotter
• jaemin cannot deal with it.
• “you’re so fucking hot, babe.”
• “mhm, well, you’re hotter okay?”
• “let’s settle this in the bedro-”
• “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS AGAIN. IT’S DISGUSTING.” -everyone. esp jaemin and donghyuck.
• “go on. do it. ill hurt you if you continue. but do it. i dare you.” - johnny and taeyong and hansol.
• “hehe they’re talking about dirty things” - jaehyun, kun, taeil
• “lol what” - winwin, jeno, mark, jisung
• ten loves feeding you
• he’s just like “here babe eat!!!!!”
• and you just, eat, and then give him a small kiss on the cheek on on the tip of his nose and everyone’s like “aw y'all cute, but fuck off w that.”
• “ill teach you how to dance”
• you send him his predebut pics all the time
• and his response is either “who’s this hot piece of ass” or “ew what the-”
• he loves to rest his head on your shoulder, vise versa
• he likes to touch you and like, pinch you like, he just likes touching you, a lil too much.
• asks you a lot of weird questions “what if i got eaten by alligators and got shit out whole and managed to survive, what would you do? would you ever kiss me again.”
• “????????”
• snapchats you derps and then sends “i feel betrayed and attacked” when you take a screenshot.
• you’re on his snapchat story so, much. you’re basically the only thing on his snapchat stories. it’s intense.
• he pouts a little when you don’t do things his way
• he pouts a lot when you watch other dancers dancing and you’re like “uGH hot”
• “you know im-”
• “okok you attention wanting baby, you’re the hottest”
• “thank u babe”
• you tell him to dance to new kpop songs lot
• “do a freestyle to exo’s monster”
• “¡¡¡¡¿¡¿¡¿¿¿¿”
• y'all say “i love you, babe” more times than you breathe.
• when he smiles, you smile
• when he touches you or rests his hands on your shoulder or something, you get butterflies in your stomach and you’re like “ten ugh-”
• “what”
• “me too, i love you too- are u ok”
• “just peachy.”
• you touch ten’s face a lot just, poking it and stuff
• he’s so good looking
• he smiles when you poke his cheeks or something and he’s just like “i feel like play dough”
• “me or johnny”
• “you forevER.”
• his lips are really soft and they’re super sweet
• he secretly eats candy or a mint or something, anything sweet before he kisses you so you taste his lips and kiss him longer
• tens pretty smart.
• ^ all in the wrong subjects tho
• ten plays with your hair a lot and tries to make you look pretty but it only results in your hair somehow getting messed up
• he once tried to do your make up
• “never again.”
• “agreed”


BTS Reacts To their younger sister is with them and the rest of the members at the pool and her top comes off

Anonymous Requested “Bts reaction to there younger sister is with them and the rest of the members and her top comes off?”



Jin would probably race to you the second he sees your top away from your body with a towel and frantically try to cover you without the members seeing what just happened. After you come home from the pool, Jin would scold you about being more careful and what would happen if the members or anyone else saw you. He will laugh at you after it was all over though just to embarrass you even further.

“y/nnn what if any of the members saw you??”

 “they didn’t Jin” you would say slightly embarrassed

 “yahh don’t walk away! I think I should take u shopping for a better top that WONT come off!” he would say chuckling at you

Originally posted by softlytaejin

(i couldn’t find the exact one i wanted :((( so this’ll have to do for now but once i find it ill fix it but damn jin looking fine as hell even in a towel)



I think Suga would throw the towel at you yelling at you to cover up making all the members heads turn to look at you while u try to hurriedly cover up. Your face red from embarrassment, while all the members were laughing ESPECCIALLY your brother while you gave him the stink eye.

“Yahhh!!! cover up y/n!!!” *throws towel in your direction*

Originally posted by yoonseok

can we just take a moment to appreciate this cutie ^^



Namjoon would run over to you with his shirt and quickly pull it over you running into Jungkook in the process which got all the attention towards him and you. Once he somehow got the top over you. He would start laughing at you, furthering your embarrassment as you hit him to stop. Like Jin he would scold you in the end telling you how that can’t happen and what if the members saw you… He would probably never let you live that down and bring it up whenever he could so your parents and whole family knew even the members with how much he would talk while laughing a lot about what happened that day


“hey y/n do you remember when your top came off at the pool and I saved you from embarrassment” he would barely say with how much he was laughing

 “yahh are you going to bring that up whenever I don’t do what you want!!” you annoyingly said to him

 “yes I will because its your turn to do the dishes…”

 “istg Namjoon…..” you would say under your breath

 “what was that y/n I couldn’t here you over reminding mom about the time your top came off in front of all my members” he would smirk at you before laughing again

Originally posted by chimcheroo

(his little smirk when he is bringing it up if u haven’t guessed)



When Hoseok saw, your top come off he would run over to you as fast as he could with a towel trying to cover you up. He wouldn’t really say anything about it afterwards because he knew how embarrassing that would be and that you would probably never want to think about that day ever again. He would rush you out of the pool area into a secluding space and scold you a bit about being more careful and probably just tell you to put on a shirt and continue swimming if you want.

“y/n u ok?”

 “ya but my top came off” you would say grunting in embarrassment

 “no no its ok I don’t think any of the members saw”

 “you sure?” u said almost looking like you were about to cry

 “im sure. Just be careful next time, ok?” he would say before hugging you and leaving to put on a more secure top.

Originally posted by jjeonguk

(when he saw what had happened lol ^)



This boy would be more worried than anything else. He would still scold you about being more careful like everyone else but he wouldn’t be mad or anything. He would ask you if you wanted to go home. After you reassured him everything was fine he would ask you to change into something that won’t slip off and if you didn’t have anything he would give you his shirt to wear for the time being. I think hes bring it up every now and again but not like Namjoon just when your mad at him and he wants to remind you that he “saved your ass”

*in the middle of yelling at him for something*

 “but y/n I saved your ass you can’t be mad at me for anything what if I wasn’t there do you know how embarrassing that would have been for you!! Yahhh be more grateful child!!”

He would tell you jokingly but hope itll work and you wouldn’t be mad at him anymore because he thought suga was scary when he was mad but you were scarier

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

(so this one is when he brings it up too and he starts laughing ya i guess sure yup, but this cute mochi i can’t..)



This boi would be so nice and LAUGH at you the whole time, I think for a second he would forget you were his sister and just stand there laughing at you before running over to you and taking you somewhere to change. He would beat up anyone who would dare bring up what happened but he would bring it up every second he could before he gave you the stink eye and started chasing him around the room.

“hey y/n… *giggles* hey y/nn”

“what tae” you would roll your eyes

“remember the time your top came off in front of everybody!! *giggles*

“yahhhhh taehyung shut up!!” you would say before chasing him around the whole dorm as he screamed and laughed while running around away from you

Originally posted by mvssmedia

(this would be him right before you chase him around ^)



ok so this boi would be so jungshook while walking over to you with his eyes closed making sure not to see anything. You would just yell at him to hurry up and give you the towel. Like V he would beat up anyone who would say anything or bring it up. He would laugh at you for a bit but stop soon after and barely bring it up again


“Kookie hurry up and give me the towel!!”

*jungshook* “im coming y/n im still a child this is traumatizing!”



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(this would be him laughing at you ^ again so cute what am i oml)

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a story

so in the other day i went to the bathroom at my school and found this on the door of one of the restrooms

and immediately it gave me an idea. and on the next day i did this:

no one in my school will never understand this, but i do so who cares? i do care this school has no one who watches cartoons halp me ee 

my friends thougth its super wierd that im hanging anime posters in the bathrooms but not long ago they hang pictures of boys without shirts and this is dimocracy so i get to do whatever i want!

Okay so something has been bugging me for a while. Remember just how horrified and uncomfortable D was at the fighting pits?

She can’t stand the thought of free men choosing for themselves to fight in the games, for glory or whatever reason. She keeps insulting the Mereneese traditions, and basically told Hizdar that they are flat out wrong.

(Also can somebody please explain to me exactly what D has sacrificed???)

So she abhors that men are fighting and dying WILLINGLY, yet it’s totally fine for her to do this:

Im making this super fast before I have to leave for work, so please people smarter than me add some of your insight!!


so like.. the film Sky High.

not necessarily the plot of the film, but like a fic set at the school Sky High

and Kara’s Superman’s cousin so she’s like a huge deal, and obvs Lena is Lex’s Sister so she’s a huge deal for the wrong reasons and it was like a big scandal when Lena found out she had powers bc the Luthors hate supers

and Lena’s like AMAZING at whatever power she has, but she’s also amazing bc she doesnt rely on her powers. Like she knows how to get shit done without powers, like remember the weird fight ring scene? like someone pressures Lena into that and she finds a way to win without even using her powers and Kara’s super impressed and maybe wants Lena to teach her how to not rely on her powers, and in return Kara teachers her to not feel guilty or be scared of her powers and in the end they work together to defeat the bad guy by Lena using her powers and Kara using the knowledge she’s learned

Please ok im not a writer but loads of y’all ARE and i would kill to read this like I’ll literally be ur number 1 fan new best friend whatever you need

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74 and 75 with none other than Billy Russo please! Maybe they're in his office at Anvil and then someone walks in (maybe a salty Madani?), and reader is super flustered and stuff but Billy's just like 'lmfao and y'all thought i couldn't commit' n then reader's like 'william russo some people actually need to get work done in here gosh' while also being like 'kill me now' on the inside? all the fluff please! ur work is 20/10 and im absolutely loving it, thanks :)

74. Kisses Where One Person Is Sitting In The Other’s Lap
75. Kisses Meant To Distract The Other Person From Whatever They Were Intently Doing

Thank you darling! Hope you like it.

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Emelie: Tough luck, brother.

Tristan: I’m just letting you win, baby sis.

Emelie: There’s no way, my McLaren can’t beat your Spider’s arse.

Tristan: Hah! In that case, we’ll see about that. Race you back home. But, be careful though, this Spider might just bit you if your head gets too big.

Emelie: *smirks* Please, I already know I’m winning.