im not rly sure what i wrote i just wrote what came to my head

anonymous asked:

I think you might be as in to Jake wearing glasses as I am.

seriously tho like picture this:

  • jake working on a case and having to squint/move close to watch surveillance videos (which has already happened) 
  • also having to look real close to fill out his reports for holt
  • jake ignores amy’s constant requests for him to get his eyes checked
  • finally amy has had enough and she knows he would never willingly go with her so she tells him they’re going paintballing
  • upon passing the paintball place jake snaps his head and looks at amy and he’s like ames we passed the paint balling place turn around and amy says “oh yea i did” with a smile on her face and keeps driving
  • then jake realizes where they’re going and the fear sets in
  • at the doctor’s office they’re sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of business men and women in boring (as gina would say) ‘amy clothes’
  • jake has his arms crossed and slumped in his chair and he whisper exclaims “this is the worst! why would you ever bring me here? only old people need glasses and you but you were born in your 50’s”
  • amy just glares at him and after a second he again whisper exclaims “im sorry but I’m just really upset right now I’m getting glasses like an old person AND i’m not paintballing”
  • fast forward to after the examination and it turns out the bitch was rly blind as suspected and now they’re picking out glasses and amy chooses ‘andy style’ glasses and he hates them but he loves amy so ofc he agrees to them
  • and now back at the precinct they’re at their desks and amy says ‘arent you glad we went jake?’ and he’s like “ugh yea i guess but I’m letting you know right now i will be putting them on my penis” and yet again she just glares at him for a really long time
  • the end