im nayoung

If you call yourself a Pristin stan but you fat shame Kyla then you don’t have the right to call yourself a fan. If you refuse to support Kyla because she’s “too fat to be an idol” then you can take your disgusting, ugly asses home and leave Pristin and Kyla alone because they deserve fans who love them wholeheartedly instead of fuckfaces who are too caught up giving shits about things that don’t need to be given shits about.


“I usually dance to modern, hip-hop, and jazz music. I would practice in the studio at night and attend school during the day. I decided to take a break when I participated in ‘Produce 101.’ I didn’t expect my vacation to be this long.” - Kim Chung Ha

Baekho gave Pristin Kyulkyung Gummies and a Lollipop for her Birthday on V-Live, Her reaction is so cute!

At first he said she didn’t recognise him because he was wearing a mask (her fast blinking is meme worthy) and then once she received the gif she said “People are asking who gave me this, its Baekho Oppa” and Thank you :)

I can’t believe people ever thought Baekho was scary when clearly he’s the sweetest boyo ever