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careful with that edge kid, you might get cut.


Have you guys ever been super hyper fixated on a series? Like, for a while it consumed most of your thoughts and you sought out content for it all the time, and wanted to know literally everything about it and its creator?

I know I definitely have lol But I wanted to see if anyone else had that. Can you reply on this post with what series you had that with and why?


Admit it, you’ve wondered too….

1. Does Tokoyami Molt?

2. Does Tsuyu eat flies?

3. From how many apartments did Hizashi get evicted due to being so loud?

4. Has Bakugou been to anger management counselling?

5. Does Aizawa wash that sleeping bag?

6. What happens when Todoroki gets a fever?

7. Speaking of half & half, why don’t any of the kids in that family have pink hair? I mean, cos red + white….

8. Does Kirishima file his teeth?

9. Where did Yuga even learn french? (it’s all for show lets be real)

10. Why does Yui Kodai look like Mikasa Ackerman?

11. I wonder what Kinoko’s eyes look like…..

12. I wonder what Mezo’s mouth looks like…..

13. Whats underneath No.13′s suit?

14. Why does snipe remind me of the predator? (I love him really)

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Do your chain ears hang low?
Do it wobble to da flow?
Do it shine in the light?
Is it platinum, is it gold?
Could you throw it over ya shoulder?
If ya hot, it make ya cold
Do your chain ears hang low?

Questions That I Need Answered

  • What is Marina’s last name. She was disguised as a human so she has to have a last name and I need to know it.
  • Which of the Garde/Loric Allies can sing. There’s a bunch of them, so like AT LEAST one or two of them have to be able to sing well.
  • DOES Adam have an emo haircut?
  • Will more human Garde be created or will it just be the ones that are already created?
  • Did some animals turn into chimæras? Like some humans turned into Garde
  • Do the Garde finish school after the war?
  • Does John live in a cave for the rest of his life?
  • Do any of the other Garde teach at the Academy at some point?
  • Does Adam ever leave the camp?
  • Lorics are supposed to live longer than humans (at least I’m pretty sure they are) so have the human Garde’s life spans been extended due to the Loric-ness in them
  • Were human teens the only ones that got legacies or were there just like 80 year old men in wheel chairs rolling down the streets, chucking fireballs at Mogs?
  • What is everyone’s favorite color?
  • What happened to Emily from the first book?