im in a hotel and there's this room

many things that happened in Bambam’s vlive Q and A:
- Jinyoung was wearing a beret and also shorts
- Jinyoungs favorite movies are Scent of a Woman and Dark Knight (which are like 2 wayyyy different movies lol)
- Bambam definitely does not like the shipping between members (he mentioned it a lot)
- his favorite youtuber is Pewdiepie (he then imitated Pewdiepie)
- his favorite anime is Naruto
- he doesn’t like pokemon so that’s why he doesn’t play Pokémon Go
- he chooses Prove It over Sign (and apologized to Youngjae)
- he thought about dyeing his hair red next but decided against it
- he’s hotel rooming with Yugyeom and said 97 line room only!
- someone asked if he was a unicorn and he replied “no, Im human, man!” ( ok so why do people ask these types of question but also why did he answer it seriously omg it was cute tho)
- he said that he’s not going to be doing vlive for a longggg time (I don’t know why but that’s what he said 😟)
- he said “bye bye” really cutely

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You probably answered this, so I'm sorry in advance. But you said there was like 1.5 real moments that you liked. So, what was your favorite moment from the show? (I, too, am a content whore, so I hated a lot about it, but I also binged the shit out of it.)

as the #1 unironic stan of The Show it is finally my time 2 shine:

1. that one episode where they’re at a competition backstage and they’re practicing a lift and she goes to dismount and he does the most tom hanks in a rom com shit ever and whispers “i’m here” in her ear on the way down. like lmao my dude she is like barely a foot in the air and ur on solid fuckin ground? I THINK SHE’S FINE. corny ass motherfucker

2. lol when tessa’s talkin about cassandra and how she’s never met her (yeah right lmao) and how what her and scott share is SO SPECIAL that it’s hard for other ppl to compete - LOOK @ THAT SMUG SMILE ON HER FACE. when ppl ask me why i think tessa is a slytherin, that is exhibit a tbh, i rly feel like peeing all around him would be less possessive n territorial

3. the whole touching sequence w/ jean marc genereux is sooo my shit u guys dont even understand. altho i rly feel like they should retitle that whole scene ‘scott is a red-blooded male who is super attracted 2 tessa but has spent his whole life tryin to repress it bc of puritanical workplace ethics’. like he CANT EVEN LOOK @ HER, it makes me laugh every time. 

4. when scott’s in ilderton and his friends start making SUPER MILD come-ons toward tessa like ‘ohh man i’d skate if tessa were my partner’, he looks so uncomfortable and testy and not at all like he’s joking when he’s like ‘be careful what u say there pal’. rl talk he is so aware dudes think she is hot and he h8s it

5. this is predictable but that whole chocolate milk exchange in the hotel room was CUTE AS HECK

6. i just rly enjoy the whole costume fitting scene 2 esp when scott puts on his suspenders and tessa gets all qt about it

ok im sure theres more but i havent seen the show in like 3 yrs im a fake fan 

New Years Eve (Rosawatts)

authors note: it’s a to the moon fanfiction! my first one ever! fun times. so, number one, i did write this pretty quickly and only went over it once so if theres mistakes im really sorry! and two, i feel like in one of the minisodes they mentioned eva’s canon family but i just. completely forgot about that. so if eva does have a canon family sorry about that- all of her family members i just completely made up. this fic is also pretty long- or at least i think so. its a little more than 5k words. just an fyi, i guess. anyway, thats about all i have to say, so thanks!

Neil was awoken to the sound of incredibly loud banging outside of his hotel room.

“Neil! Neil Watts! Open this door right now, I know you’re in there! I am not afraid to open this door by force, I swear!”

Neil sat up in his bed, feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the hard mattress and also the fact that this was not his usual bed. He wipes the sleep out of his eyes and quickly puts his glasses on so that he’s able to see more than two feet in front of him. He takes a quick scan of his surroundings. There’s cheap art of fruit baskets and lakes all around the stark white room, an old TV that he’s surprised even works anymore, and the weird, popcorn effect of the ceiling. He quickly realized that he wasn’t in his apartment he shared with Eva- but he was still groggy enough to not remember the reason why.

The woman outside the door continues to yell, obviously either not aware of the other patrons in the hotel, or she quite simply doesn’t care. She starts banging on the door again. “Come on, groom to be! Eva will literally kill you if you’re late, so if I were you I’d hurry up.” A brief silence ensues, giving the still tired Neil- not really listening to anything the voice outside says- the time to finally step out of his bed, wipe off his glasses, and head towards the door. The noise outside quickly pipes back up. “It’s also a possibility I will kill you before Eva gets the chance to. So you better hurry up.”

Neil groggily walks towards the door, it still shaking even though the person outside knows for a fact that the door is locked. Still stretching his face out, trying to wake himself up, he finally answers the person outside. “…Roxie?” Neil says, slightly yawning.

“Yes, Neil, it’s Roxie. Who else would be yelling at you at 9 am?”


“Other than Eva, idiot. You guys aren’t allowed to see each other today.”

This sentence quickly jumpstarts Neil’s memory- even though Eva and Neil aren’t really ones for superstitions or traditions, they decided to do the whole thing of not being able to see each other on their wedding day.

Their wedding day.

On this day, Dr. Neil Watts is going to marry Dr. Eva Rosalene.

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Ease My Mind - Part 8

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.

Warnings: violence

A/N: i really really really love this part…. hopefully you guys do as well! theres only one or two parts left in this series :( im gonna try and make them good ones for you all :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Nat waits until you’re both in position for your recon mission before bringing it up. It’s hot as balls in Jakarta and you pulled the short straw, so you’re stationed outside on a rooftop with your sniper rifle digging into your shoulder while Nat gets to watch from an air conditioned hotel room. You’re surveying an influential businessman who has expressed a little too much interest in AIM, and you’re already getting sick of watching this guy eat his expensive lunch and throw back whiskey like it’s water with his other rich businessman friends.

With sweat dripping in your eyes and your rifle scope fogging up, you’re really not in the mood to examine your colossal fuck up back at the Compound. Nat has other ideas.

“Sooooo,” she drawls over comms, halfway through hour two of recon. You sigh. At least you got an hour and a half of peace before the interrogation started. “Care to explain why you kissed Bucky like you’re a suburban married couple?”

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I Am The Bullet

Sherlock has been investigating a serial killer for months to no avail as it seems. He has be leads, the suspects he had are now victims and nothing is going right. He’s giving up. Finally, someone has beaten the Great Sherlock Holmes. That is until the one person he’s after lands on his doorstep. Now, tied and gagged in his armchair in 221b, all he can do is listen.


“Im a doctor. Worked in A&E for ten years then moved onto being a surgeon. I saved people’s lives, curing them of otherwise incurable aliments. I was a saint. I had the job, the house, the husband. Everything.

But, it just got… boring. Gratitude only lasts for a short amount of time when you’ve saved someone’s life. But seeing someone life just fade from their eyes, their relief when it finally happens and their gratitude that I finally pushed them over the end with my own hands. That, Mr Holmes is living. That is life.”

“Honestly I’m rather surprised it took you so long to find me. From what I’d seen before you’re very quick to find the culprit. Though I won’t lie. I did take inspiration and some personal guidance from your favourite. You know, James Moriarty? According to him, you were great friends a few years ago. Lovely guy, turned me to a great tailor.

You’re probably wandering why I’m telling you all of this? Huh? Maybe it’s because its what us villains do? Spoil our master plan so that the sweet little hero can finally win after struggling up that climactic hill. Problem after problem till I finally I give you the answer to the final problem and the end can happen. Im not telling you to let you win. Im telling you because I know what will happen. Im not the big bad boss you think I am. Neither’s Moriarty. Theres a new player in this town Sherlock.

I’ve made my debts with the devil. I know I’m going to die and I’ve made peace with that. John is going to come rushing in here with his gun raised at me. He would have got that gun from the guys who are attacking his hotel room right now. He’ll come in and we’ll talk for a second before he see’s your bloody body, I’ll say something snide and he’ll shoot me. Either here or here. I’m not entirely sure. He’ll save you and step right over my body before calling your lovely friend Lestrade.

So I want you to know everything. I want you to know exactly what is going to happen next before you’re world crumbles around you after I’m gone. I’m the bullet. I start the end. You’ll wish I’d just killed you.”


“Told you,”


Hello! Long time no talk. Whats up you guys? Im literally 1 away from 500 followers so if you’ve just stumbled upon me, hows about you be my 500? I have no idea where this monologue came from? It was stuck in my head for days before I wrote it all done. Am I the only one that acts things out when they write to make sure it makes sense? I did this a lot while writing this, considering its so short I definetly had a lot of fun. Slightly darker fics are always fun to write and act.

Anyway! Stay safe, love you all.


recent doodles and commissions….! 
-for one of my classes theres a semester long project where we choose a theme for our instagrams and draw something for it each week. my theme is that i’ve made up a love hotel called picky tokky, it specializes in hosting parties and is run by the hog demon conjurer of company, belltower, and her husband tokky (the lil demon). im having everyone vote which room we’re going to ‘reserve’ each week from the menu and then i draw it out and reveal its funky theme :~) 
-commission i did of my pal des’ s/i and s76
-candy and 28′s pair coord for a winter park date hehe 
-commission i did of @tatzelcolors​ character 

a smol recap of my last week:

  • spent the last week and a half in new orleans (two days of vacay, the rest: work)
    • ate a lot of food, wandered around, bought a lot of rocks (also bought a really cool mask and a ridic pair of shoes)
    • worked a lot (like, 5am-8pm, 20-30k steps a day kinda work)
  • met @toast-ranger-to-a-stranger (hOLY SHIT im still !!!!!)
  • updated i ain’t the worst you’ve seen 
  • slept like, absolutely not at all
  • made a new work friend
    • solidified other work friend relationships
  • stayed in a hotel room with a LIVING ROOM (anyway my bed was so comfy i never wanted to leave it but, alas)
  • came home, ate the biggest salad ever srsly i dont want to eat restaurant food again for SO LONG

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I KNOW!! THIS PODCAST WAS A BLESSING!! he and grace were so so hilarious together and i loved that she praised his creativity because i feel like he should be recognised more for how creative he is 


  • “he has long, south african legs”
  • “caspar’s more like a pet than a roommate”
  • “he is the most unusual character” (and then he says thats why he loves living with him bc this was recorded before they moved out rip)
  • “he’s a laugh a minute” 
  • also joe says that he, caspar and oli can talk about anything and thats why theyre such great friends :((
  • anyway you can just hear the smile in joes voice as he talks about caspar and basically joe is just completely endeared by him

also there was the bit where he compared them to ‘step-brothers’ (the movie) again because they share rooms in hotels, and he said that sometimes they get two rooms but share anyway because they use one for filming im deceased good bye

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Title: A New Adventure

A Calum Hood imagine - With a twist!

Overview: My boyfriend Calum has been acting very peculiar for a few days now, but he hasn’t told me anything related to why he has been so distant lately. He will tell me when he’s ready, right?

I leaned over from my spot on the bed that was in the middle of the hotel room, and placed a soft kiss on Calum, my boyfriend. He kissed me back, but quickly moved away again, not even attempting to make eye contact. I went back to my original position and furrowed my eyebrows as I watched him stare awkwardly at the television in front of us. Calum has been acting strange ever since a few nights ago. Of course I’ve noticed, but I thought he would tell me when he wanted to, or if he didn’t tell me, I figured he would fix the situation himself. I trusted him, but he still seems to be bothered. What makes me uneasy is how I don’t even know where he was on that night. He never told me, and since I didn’t want to pry and seem clingy, I never pushed him to.

“Calum, is something wrong?” I asked him. He just continued staring at the television. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”. Still no reply, not even a turn of his head. “Calum, I have been trying to be patient and wait for you to tell me, and since you haven’t told me, I thought you wanted to fix it yourself, but you are still so distant from me. Whatever it is, I will try to help, but if you don’t want me to help that’s alright as well. Just, please, let me at least know what’s bothering you. I want to at least try and feel like I am helping in some kind of way.”


“Fine” I said as I got up from the bed and walked out of the door. I ended up walking down the hall toward Ashton’s hotel room, and knocked on the door. The door swiftly swung open and I was met with a smile that quickly turned into a slight, worried, frown as my facial expression was noticed.

“Y/N? What happened? Is anything wrong?” he asked. I tilted my head and slightly narrowed my eyes in suspicion. His tone of voice, it sounded almost as if he already knew the answer to his own questions.

“Yes, actually. Something is definitely wrong” I replied.

“Come on in” he hesitantly said as he opened the door wider.

I stepped into his hotel room and made my way to sit in the chair that was placed in front of a desk. “Theres a problem with me and Calum” I stated.

“A problem? With Calum?” Ashton said as he tugged at the collar of his shirt and sat down on the bed.

“Yes” I slowly replied. “He seems to be very distant since a few nights ago and-”

“Im sorry! I didn’t know Calum would get drunk and mess around with another girl! If I knew, I would have never taken him with me to the club in the first place!” Ashton quickly blurted out.

I widened my eyes, shocked at what I had just heard. I felt like I was suffocating, is this what he has been doing with his time when I’m not around? Tears pricked my eyes. Is this what I get in return for loving and caring for him? “What? I didn’t even know this has happened…he was with you a few nights ago?” I shakily asked.

“Yes, I’m so sorry. I thought that’s why you had knocked on my door. I thought you already knew-”

“No. No, it’s not your fault. Thank you for telling me” I nodded at him as I wiped at my eyes. I walked out of Ashton’s hotel room and walked back to the one me and Calum were staying in. Making sure I took a deep breath first, I turned the knob and opened the door.

Yes, I’m devastated, I feel like curling up into a ball and crying, but I’m not going to let Calum know. I have spent over a year with him, giving him everything I had, making him feel loved, letting him know I was there for him. I trusted him. He told me he loved me, but I guess those words mean nothing to him, because somebody who really loves someone else wouldn’t do what Calum has done.

Calum was still staring at the television when I went into the bedroom. I walked in front of it, turned it off, and crossed my arms.

“We need to talk” I told him.

“We don’t have to, we could always watch the tv that you just rudely turned off” Calum shot back at me.

I scoffed. “You’re one to talk about being rude. I know that you cheated on me,” I glared at him.

Calum stared back at me, and then his eyes softened. “Y/N, why would I ever do that to you? I love you, I would never treat you that way”.

Does he think I’m an idiot? “Someone already admitted to me what you have done, cut the shit, Calum”.

He caved. “I’m so sorry! I promise I won’t do it again, okay? I swear! I can change, especially if you help. I really do love you, you’re my everything. Please give me another chance!” Calum pleaded as he made his was over to the end of the bed where I was.

“Calum, no. I can’t” i replied, not being able to look at him.

“I promise I will change, I really will. You’re the reason why I smile when I wake up. Even when i can’t wake up next to when we aren’t physically together, just the thought of you can cause the same reaction. I love you, please, please, give me another chance. Let me show you I can do better” Calum pleaded once more. He then leaned his forehead against mine and leaned in to kiss me, only to fall forward.

“You honestly think that I believe you? I have given you love and affection for over a year now, whenever you were sick I would aid you until you felt better, I would support you through everything you did, every decision you made, even the ones that weren’t the smartest. Yet I slipped your mind for only a few seconds, and in that short amount of time you managed to cheat on me. You say you can change, but I highly doubt that’s true. Cheaters don’t change, and you are no exception.” the words flowed out of my mouth while not one single tear flowed down my face, and at this moment, I was proud of myself.

“Babe, we can work this out! I really can-”

“Save it, Calum. I’m worth more than this, I deserve so much better than someone who isn’t going to take a relationship with me seriously. I deserve someone who respects me, and just because you treat me like shit, it doesn’t mean I have to put up with it”

When Calum didn’t reply, I turned around and walked into the bathroom, only to come out moments later with my arms filled with a few items of mine that I had placed in there when we first arrived at the hotel. I dropped them into my suitcase that was sitting next to the still-turned-off TV, and then proceeded to walk around the room and grab what was mine and pack it in my bag.

When I was all packed I took one last look around the room, and my eyes landed on Calum, who had been sadly watching me pack, and now leave.

“Goodbye, Calum” I said to him. Not one trace of remorse or regret lingering in my words. I turned, opened the knob of the hotel door for the last time, and walked out. As I walked out the door, I knew Calum was continuing to sadly look on. Watching as I left, realizing the mistake he had made, and knowing he would never again find someone quite like me.


When I closed the door behind me, I shut my eyes and slowly opened them once more. I smiled, and picked up my bags.

As I rode the elevator down to the lobby, that would then lead me to the outside world, I readied myself for the new adventure that awaited me.

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I just heard my little sister and mom arguing about why there's a bible in every hotel room. My mom said it's so that people can pray. My sister said not everyone is Christian. She then said, and I quote "When did America, the land of opportunity, only become an opportunity for Christian white men?" This is the country I live in. Even 12 year old girls know they're screwed. I'm crying.

that’s??? really fucking sad??? wtf????? :(

(is there seriously a bible in every hotel room in america what the fuck)

You know that saying, “theres nothing like sleeping in your own home” or whatever? Well that saying is completely bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I missed this place and all you and whatever, but not gonna lie, I prefer a hotel room with my own king sized bed then coming home to find the house trashed, my room booby trapped with every step I take, and my roof being claimed by my sisters.