im gonna have lunch and give you a break

He says it every morning! He calls me nigga, he calls the other kids nigga, he calls himself nigga. All the time. ‘Nigga this, nigga that. Nigga, please. Bitch nigga. Nigga, have you lost your mind? Nigga, check that ho! Nigga, you bullshittin’! Break yourself, nigga!’ He says it so much I don’t even notice it anymore. Last week in lunch, Riley says to a classmate, 'Can a nigga borrow a french fry?’ and my first thought wasn’t, 'Oh my god, he said the word; the n-word.’ It was, 'Now how is a nigga gonna borrow a fry? Nigga, is you gonna give it back?’
—  Riley’s Teacher (The S-Word)