im gonna do another one of these from their yoga video soon

a hungry sleepless night with phil - reaction & timestamps

0:07 “next to my bed”
it physically hurts to hear him call it “his” bed even though it’s actually his because he films videos here but omg i can’t comprehend so many LIES

0:45 - i like the little effects and animations he does throughout the video because they obviously take time to edit and are not really necessary but he’s a wonderful creative boy

1:18 - throughout the whole segment in this room you can hear how weirdly and dully the sound bounces off the walls. as if there wasn’t even a window there (i know there is one here, we saw it). this is the sound of an empty and small space. btw how come he hasn’t hung those pictures yet, has he been waiting to do it on camera or anything? though ofc i may be overthinking, they are not the most organized people

1:57 - leaving your bedroom already because there’s literally nothing to show, eh, phil?

2:08 - dan mention number one. plus, he likes to tease dan, isn’t he?

2:43 - dan mention number two. i don’t know what to say, i just want to count

3:09 - i don’t feel like the fandom had been requesting dream daddy as much as dnp have been saying. they are really excited to play it, and strangely phil seems more chill with it than dan, who will probably make really silly jokes to make up for his awkwardness and embarrassment

3:41 - the door handle aka another thing phil is scared gonna fall off. and, dan mention number three. also, funny how he’s drawn his fringe on that skeleton, premium comedy

4:26 - cherry. don’t even. just, no.

6:09 - E SEW TOWER. i love him

6:38 - that’s not a glass, that’s a fucking vase, wtf

7:12 - forgeting junior mints. just fucking hilarious

7:26 - phil doing pranayama. wrongly. i kinda wanted dan enter the room and go “that’s NOT how you DO THAT” (btw i have no info about dan actually knowing stuff about yoga but that would be cool)

8:07 - dan mention number four

9:17 - raise your hand if seeing phil sew would literally ruin your life and now you just want for him to do a live show while sewing patches, buttons, and sock holes

9:34 - dan mention number five. he stole a header idea from him which would be cute if it wasn’t so sad, you both literally spend too much time together, get a life! (im not serious pls stay conjoined)

final thoughts: idk if anyone actually expected him to do a sleepless night in the moon room, not so soon that’s for sure. i think we just didn’t expect him to lie so directly. well of course he may still sleep in this room from time to time, for whatever reason. but hey, we’ve just seen how much effort dan put into “his” room while phil, being in his 30s, still had the exact same decor for all these years. the strangest thing is that he expects us to believe it all.

but i dont want to turn every vloggy type of video into a long analysis of their personal lives and completely dismiss the creativity that went into making it, that’s why i’m gonna say that even though it wasn’t his best a sleepless night video, it was definitely entertaining and lovely and very “phil”

Teasing (Minhyuk X Reader) Smut!

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This is a hot Gif… Request: Could you do a sneaky Minhyuk teasing you while the whole crew is watching a movie and he ends up dragging you upstairs and eats you out and what ever you’d like to write :) You were so bored at your house at the moment. You were just watching some old “Eat your Kimchi” videos on YouTube and feeling a bit sad that they left to Japan. (If you dont know who they are….ssshh its okay just go a long with it ;)) You then saw a notification from your boyfriend Minhyuk. Your face instantly lit up with a smile. You clicked on the notification and opened the text that read: M: Hey baby~ Wanna come over? Were watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. YOUR FAVE! Y/n: Oh my god yes! Ill be there in a bit! M:Alright see you soon ;) You were currently in some pj’s and you quickly went into your room changing into some yoga pants and a loose tank top. You got your shoes and headed off to his dorm. ~le time skip to you arriving~ You knocked on the door and the door flew open. You were met with Minhyuks cutesy smile and he then pulled you into a big hug. You hugged him back but when you tried to pull away he hugged you tighter, sliding his hands down, he started to massage your ass. “Y/N~ Ive missed you so much, baby” he said looking at you with hungry eyes. He leaned down to kiss you hard. You had to suppress your moans because you two weren’t alone. “Y/N!! Is that you?? I.M yelled. You pulled away, a strand of saliva connecting from your lips to his. “Ugh Y-YEAH Its me” you tried to sound as normal as possible. “Hurry up. Were about to starte the movie. Minhyuk-hyung made us start it over because of you”. Minhyuk looked irritated because of the interruption. He gave you a quick peck and walked you towards the couch. He sat down in the corner of the couch pulling you down with him so you could sit on his lap. Most of the boys were sitting on the floor except for Wonho. He was on the opposite side of where you were but he was sleeping. The movie soon started and the lights went off. About 10 minutes into the movie Minhyuk was rubbing your thighs. He was rubbing his hands up and down your legs. You were too far into the movie to remove his hands so you just ignored him. He got a bit annoyed and grabbed your hips to grind into your ass. You felt his growing bulge under you and you decided to grind against him a bit hard. He let out a small grunt but it wasnt heard by anyone except for you. You were so thankful the the boys liked to turn up the volume hella high on movie nights. He whispered in your ear, “ Y/N, im so horny right now. Lets go to my room. Ive been craving your sweet pussy all day~” your eyes went wide at his words making you blush a bit. You really wanted to watch the movie though, so you ignored him again. He was getting more and more impatient with you. He then started to move his hands down to your already wet area. He started to rub you gently looking at you. He saw your mouth open a little but then you closed your lips to keep any sounds from coming out. He then started to increase the pressure. You let out a small moan. Minhyuk smirked. He continued this and he started kissing your neck and sucking on your sweet spot. You let out another moan but his one a bit more audible. Shownu turned around but before he could see what has going on Minhyuk pulled you off and got up. “Im just gonna go to my room. Ive seen this movie like a billion times.” He started to walk away and then turned to you. Lust clearly visible in his eyes. “Coming, Y\N” he said. All you could do was nod. You followed him into his room. You were quickly pinned against a wall once you entered. Your lips were met with his hungry ones once again. You then heard the door lock. “God, baby youre so hot. Those yoga pants look real good on you. But they’ll look better on the floor” he whispered on your ear, theb he nibbled on it making you moan. You were then pulled onto his soft mattress. Your body engulfed by the soft sheets making you feel like you were on a cloud. Minhyuk got on you and started to kiss down your jaw line. Making dark hickeys and love bites. His knee then found your clothed sex and started to rub you. You let out a little moan and said his name. “Mmm Minhyuk~” “Yes baby girl, moan for me. But keep it down. You dont want the other to hear” he then removed himself off of you and he started to remove your pants. You lifted your hips to help him with it. You were completely bare from your lower region now. He positioned himself on your clit giving you a little kiss. You moaned out his name, turning him on even more. He pinned your legs down to keep you in place and he started to suck and nibble on your clit. Your back arched from the bed, trying to hold back your moans. He keep this up. Kissing, licking, sucking, etc. He started to eat you out completely making you a moaning mess. “I-Im ab-bout t-t” you couldnt even finish your sentence when you had climaxed. He sucked all of your sweet nectar and he basically licked you clean. “Mmmmm you taste so sweet,baby” he said kissing you making you taste yourself. “Now its my turn to get pleased” he got your hand and put it on his crotch. You squeezed him making him take in a sharp breath. You then started to rub him and squeeze him through his sweat pants. He was now under you and you were in between his legs. You pulled down him pants and you left him in his boxers. You was a bit of precum on his boxers and gave it a lick. His hand soon found your hair. You kissed and sucked on his clothed member earning you a moan from him. “Aahh Y/N no teasing. Just suck on me, now” you pulled his dick out of his boxers. You gave it a long lick and when you got to the tip you kissed it. Minhyuk then let out groan pushing you down for you to suck him. You finally took him all in and and started to bob your head up and down. You swallowed on him because that would drive him absolutely crazy. “Oh shit do that again, babe” he moaned. You did it again and again until your mouth was fillies with his warm creamy semen. You cleaned him as well and then you looked at him with a cute face. “Did you enjoy it?” You asked with aegyo. “Of course i did. Come here” he brought you up to him and kisses you with so much passion and love. “I love you, jagi” “I love you too~” Sorry it took long;( Hope you enjoyed though!