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please gimme more Italian Pidge hc

oh h*ck lemme see

-her grandma/nonna always told pidge not to curse but then five minutes later started cursing out the TV in italian

-dipping bread in oil olive is one of her favorite snacks

-i feel as though sewing is a very italian old lady thing????? idk it could have just been my grandmothers. but anyways. pidge can sew really well and her nonna taught her.

-pidge has a fucking HUGE extended family. like, almost as big as lance’s.

-her dad isn’t italian rather a mix of irish/british/welsh/whatever and because of that her last name is holt. her dad also doesn’t really know which culture to cling onto because of that, so that’s why her immediate family adopted the italian-american culture so fully.

-there’s like…..this de facto old rule in italian-american families that you have to marry someone who’s both catholic and italian. while a lot of italian-american families have dropped this ideaology, we still joke about it a lot so i can imagine that pidge would bring home her first girlfriend (who is an outerspace alien, of course) but then suddenly panics as she’s introducing her gf because she isn’t catholic or italian.

-pidge is like so fucking critical of pizza, pasta, meatballs, and gravy (sauce). like, she even said to hunk (the best cook she’s ever know) in the nicest way possible that his meatballs won’t ever compare to her nonna’s.

-she would rather die than use canned sauce

me? bad at graphics? yeah..

ANYWAYS i reached a really small compared to my other mutualsโ€™ย follower goal today and i wanted to share my thanks? so iโ€™m gonna thank all of my mutuals (under the cut) as a way to do that (i guess?) !!! thank you so, so much for 150+ followers !!!

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WOW me actually opening files to finish them?? cryptic. ive been working on these the en ti re week but i rlly wanted to finish them so!!! im glad my brain decided to cooperate

as u all know pi’illo are my hecking children. so i rlly rlly wanted to draw them!!! nintendo are cowards so i’m making it my job to draw pi’illo variations >:( so here’s some designs i thought up!! theres like,.,.,. way more.,,..,,……….

plus i got requested to draw dreamsmith agaIN SO IM THROWING THAT IN HERE TOO

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I just wanted to say that I almost fell out of my chair reading Hobi's, Jin's and Jimin's parts on the oral analysis post. Sign me up for all of them please!

+ That eating out post though. Holy fuck I didn’t know that I needed that in my life. I almost fell off my bed reading Jin’s, Hobi’s and Jimin’s. You’re amazing
oml fam that oral sex analysis had me TREMBLING 😍😍
+ Ok. The oral post… . I love you.
+ I just read your BTS oral skills, and, my god….you wrote Hobi like, EXACTLY how I picture him being??? And it’s amazing??? I wasn’t ready. How dare. How dare you very much so. (Please keep up the good work~<3)
+ What’s funny is… I kinda figured all this stuff about bts & oral too, thru their charts as best as I could and whew wow I’m still dead. Thank you 💖
+ We all became thirsty hoes after that post

mission: completed 💯

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if thats lenas apartment...... wow its so cosy and homey all the fics were wrong lol

U KNO ANON IM GLAD U BROUGHT IT UP! Another thing tha annoys me abt how some ppl headcanon lena is the fact tha they think lena wouldnt make her home like… the most .. comfy and warm place ever like she lived in this cold ass house all her life .. she prob had lillian breathing down her neck abt everything she prob wasnt even allowed to touch stuff… and they rly think tha now tha she lives alone and can fend for herself .. she wouldnt make her house the most comfortable place ever ???:?? Yall think she wouldnt put up posters and shit like … lena is a nerd she prob got action figures everywhere… she prob makes a mess sometimes just for the sake of doing so Bc she Can bc its her Home and she Can Do Whatevrr she wants … i love her so muchd i had to pause my train of thot cause i felt the tears comin


Thank you so much for such nice compliments oh my god

I’m really really glad you guys like this big soft bundle of awkward puffball named Mel aaaahhh-

I enjoy drawing them as well so it’s really really makes me happy when people say they like my fan apprentice ;;;;;; hopefully I can get Mel along with some of you guys’ apprentices in the future!!!!! :D

hii everyone! so! i cant make headers and was too lazy to learn (which is a little ridiculous, since this post is gonna be mammoth) but its the end of the year and i needed to send some lurve ,,, so here we go!

july this year was when i decided to get tumblr and although ive spent hours of my life that i cant ever get back, im so glad i did bc ive met some incredible people and they all deserve the world but, in substitution, this post is gonna have to do! :)) sorry in advance for all the cringe. and the length. but anyway!!!

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TUTORIAL: how to avoid a flat drawing

deppered: yay! could you give a few tips on adding depth to cartoonish faces (like how not to let them come out looking flat)?

DISCLAIMER: i donโ€™t consider myself incredibly qualified to answer this- so please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete answer, and you can definitely go a lot more in depth with it! iโ€™ll answer to the best of my abilities :>

youโ€™re creating the illusion of depth, so first you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. otherwise youโ€™re just guessing/copying what you see other people do (which isnโ€™t something that doesnโ€™t WORK but youโ€™ll be infinitely better once you understand the fundamentals)

to start off, we need to acknowledge that there are lots of curves and dips to a human face. (take a moment to slowly run your hands over different parts of your face. it sounds stupid but it really helps to take a moment to examine smth closely) to help visualize the curves a drawing would have, iโ€™ll use a grid

(hahaHA using lance as an example, what a surprise)

an important part (the most important part??) of creating a convincing drawing is understanding and using shadows. if youโ€™re inexperienced, this is something youโ€™re going to have to look up (or create your own) reference for and study. applying some shadow, you can see that they follow the grid i made

[IMPORTANT: if youโ€™re applying shadows, donโ€™t forget about the source of light!! inconsistent lighting leads to messed up drawings]

small details are whatโ€™ll really pull your drawing together. consider shadows on things like the teeth/tongue, eyebags, eyelids, EYES, lips, etc

but you donโ€™t always need to add shadows/colour to a drawing it make it look believable! a lot of the time iโ€™ll add a drop shadow beneath the face because itโ€™s quick, i like how it looks, and itโ€™s already a step towards giving a line drawing a little depth.

also consider using varying angles when you draw a character. front-facing and profile views get very boring very quickly, and are probably easier to go flat with. turning a character to ยพ, 5/6, whatever fraction u want, thatโ€™ll convey a sense of dimension, with or without shadows to help

more examples (u can see that the top two drawings donโ€™t feel very flat):

anonymous: do u hav any tips for developing ur art style + actually being able to draw semi-realistically? (like when u can tell where to put shadows and anatomy and stuff like that IM OSRRY I JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE UR ART AND ART STYLE AND UR EFFORT AND ITS JUST ALL SO AMAZING $!!!!)!)!!

WOW iโ€™m glad i caught this ask like.. while making this tutorial LOL thank u anon, for coincidentally asking smth that falls perfectly in line with the nature of this tutorial- iโ€™ll continue my answer under the cut

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tumblr crushes challenge: where you post your own favorite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers!

tagged by @kissy-hes @virginharrie @emotionally-imbruised @isitstraightvodka @harryz @backofthelourve & @hrrysgirl *i felt the looooove wow BTW you guys are all my crushes as well alright?*

💛 @harryisadream - CAT! you don’t know how happy i am that you decided to message me that one day! im very happy that i was able to meet a harrie who relates to me literally in every way and who freaks out w me whenever harry is just…HARRY. ALSO im glad that you text me whenever hontent is released and i dont even mind it if you wake me up from sleeping… like at allll. ILY U SWEET SOUL! 

💙 @kissy-hes Celeste! you are someone who i’m very very grateful for! i love that you message me w new hontent pics whenever im not online omg. im so happy that i messaged you, i think i did first ??? bc i know i have a friend forever and you know that too! also very at ease knowing we are close in age bc i can give you any advice for your last year of high school! ILY BOO

🧡@isitjamiemoriarty - Sarah. i really don’t even remember how i started to talk to you, i believe you did first BUT you have no idea how thankful i am that i know you. your words, personality, attitude, and just your vibe in general is what really makes you shine. like honestly!!! wow. ILY BEAUTIFUL

💜 @trulymadlysydney - Sydney!!! I know you’re on vacation currently, and i hope you are having the BEST time in the world!!! well ive always loved your blog, and i always checked in on it, i STILL do! you literally deserve everything good that comes your way, the warm and genuine vibe you give me is something that makes me so happy! in a way i see your blog as like my home??? HAHA. ILY GORGEOUS

❤️ @virginharrie - Jasmine. we haven’t really talked BUT we have interacted and wow every single one is sO POSITIVE AND AMAZING. i would love to get to know you more!!!! you seem so friendly and sweet and your compliments to me are so cute i swear you make me happy whenever i see you in my notifs! ILY MOTHER (lmao) 

💚 @hrrysgirl - Liz! thank you so much for the kind words you said on your post you tagged me in! i also LOVE seeing you in my notifs WTH YOU’RE SO SWEEET IM CRYING??? i’m so happy that we talk occasionally, but if you ever wanna get to know each other better PLS DO!!!!! ILY U GEM 

other blogs i got a crush on: @bribe-the-door @harryz @tiostyles @harrysdimples @harrysaidkissy @nips-and-tats @meetyourmouths @awharrys @haesthete @floweredangel @fleur-harry @fairylightsstyles @hslovie @iloveyouhaz @androgynoustyles @thesadstoryofme @stylesseason @babymyharry @pinkmedicne @bdeharry @haaarry @harrymystar @the-styles-attire @permanentcross @smokeinherperfume @stylesbabygirls @loafersharry @harrysglittertits @cactussinablackdress

 (not at all in order okay, i had to srsly think lmao)  

💗 i truly am lucky to have such FANTASTIC people as mutuals, ESPECIALLY MUTUALS WHO GET AS FRUSTRATED (in a good way) W HARRY AS I DO LMAOO. never thought id ever create this blog and have the guts to talk to as much people as i do now lol, fear always got the best of me on here, but now i know that my mutuals, whether you were tagged or not, are all sweet and caring human beings who treat me with respect and love, which is all i could ever want!💗

please have a great day or night and take care! OH harry loves all of y’all so much okay, you all deserve a hug from him. (so do i lmfao pls harry 😔💯) 


ignore what the header says,, this is Technically a follow forever but not an inclusive one. im sick and too lazy to make one for all my 200+ mutuals, so this post is only for my close 1d friends that i talk to a lot. my last follow forever was mostly ya lit blogs bc i wasnt posting so much 1d here but since then my blog content has changed a lot and its a a lot of 1d so i figured it’s time i make a post specifically for my 1d friends bc i love yall a lot. if we’re mutuals and ur not here pls dont be sad i still love u and ur blog and when im not sick and make a proper one i’ll def add you!! 

@daggersau – the actual literal love of my life i would die for u so many times id literaly just about do anything for u????????? id swim the fukcing atlantic for u even if i drowned doing it tahts how much i love you,,, ur so good to me always blessing me w ur beauty and ur talent and ur jokes and kind personality and im just,, so thankful to have u in my lfie i love u and ur typos so smuch ur the onlt one whom truly gets them u know ?? ths probs makes not a lota sense and thas b cim running o n4 hrs of sleep and a cold from hell™ but oh well this is the best ur gonna get i vole youuu!!!!!! also uhhhhhh thanks for all the drawings u do for me/??? like i know everyone gets to see them in the end (usually) but u still do them bc i ask and uh im crying thanks u im gonna get te h b&d one frmamed

@pubsundays @onedirectionwho @lilacfortress @dulceheart @heyangel – uhhh where do i even started w yall like i honestly have no idea where to begin bc ???? yall ar e my best friends forver and always and im sos sosososooosoooo glad to have u in my life thanks malu for making that gc a year ago – a  y e a r  !!!!!!! can u believe?????? – bc it really did change my life and i canpt imagine not having yall there to talk to like genuenly speaking i love knowing yall are just a text or a phone call away and u’ve helped me thru some shit times and i just treasure all of u so much also pls stop kicign me out of the gc pls and thanks and also @malu @celery id like my presents from last cristmas already thank u love u xx MELY UR BLOG IS FUCKING GONE WHAT TEHDUCJCCKKCKCKCK

@victoryjacket – uhhh hi ??? i was trying to rmmeber when and how we started talking bc i haven’t done one of these for u ever but i cant remmebr?????????? it feels like one day we just strated talking at iylmcc and literaly have not stopped since like i genunelly don’t know who messged whom first and what for i just know im glad it hapepnd bc i look forward to talking to u literally everyday like honestly waking up to ur messages is one of my fave things bc wow they hurt everytime??? and im instantly wide awake sdjfssj i appreciate u trying to use snapchat for me but tragically u failed at it btu its okay i still love u loads thanks for ripping my heart to shreds every day

@theglittersuits @therainbowsuits @billiejeantee @harryandlorde – im putting all yall together just bc i gotta okay so firstable,, i wasn’t following any of u except marshmallow and i was ready to fight???? bc yall would come for her neck and slander her name and i aint here for that but then somehow we’re all mutuals now and i still love marshmallow the most bc i’ve known her for two yrs wow henyways all four of u are funny as hell and sweet as hell im ?? love all of you thanks ur all great thanks for being friends with me @arsh thanks for forgetting abt me i still love you

@rbblarryween @sbblarryween @tightropeofhope – uhh hello assholes ur like,, my own personal fanclub i fuckgn love it and my fave thing is probs how often we ask each other to proofrad asisgnments like idk why but it fucgni cracks me up and i love it bc we have no idea what anyones said ever but we still read shit and act like we know what were doing and that one time alyssa thougth u can start a sentence with thus??????? i fuckgn laughed till i cried

@rosypink – ur literaly my little brothers age which makes u tiny and uhhhuhuhhh i loe you loads u funny ass bicth u literaly always maek me laugh and im still waiting for an invite to new york???????? @louissweetcreature  – ummmmmm hi cristal so first of yall ur very kind and generous and reallu fucking nice an d supportive but also???? u literaly nevre let me live what do i have to do to please you??

@hilarryduff @pumpkinlou @satanlarents @oneghostie @crossnecklace @larryownthisass @rosesdagger @lovertee @rosegoldhl @mitampromoseason @liamsgrammys @steviestyles @bropalboyfriends @rbbsbb @laureltatt @hlstardust @eversincelarry @esnyvevo @louisosoft @chxrrywhine @smileystyles @cupidsdefence (thanks for the glitter!!!!!)

#team blupin pt ii

James Potter to “team blupin”: you all left the chat without plotting yesterday

lily: wait you were serious about this

an actual genius: prongs is always serious about match making

an actual genius changed James Potter to “more of a belly button”

more of a belly button: wow thanks pete

more of a belly button: ANyways lils you made a good start with the conditioner

more of a belly button: now remus will always love sirius’ scent thats some solid classical training right there

lily: classical training?

an actual genius: james once spent three months studying Muggle psychology to try to figure out why you wouldn’t date him

lily: and he didn’t figure out that that’s exactly the reason right there

more of a belly button: hello obviously it worked you’re dating me

lily: and when did i start dating you

more of a belly button: after i learned the psychology

lily: pete is he always this dense

an actual genius: usually more

more of a belly button: first of all rude

more of a belly button: but im right

lily: leave those two alone they’ll figure it out on their own time

more of a belly button: :’(

more of a belly button to wut: pls tell lily to take her feet off of me

wut: tell her yourself

more of a belly button: im nOT talking to her

wut: why

more of a belly button:

more of a belly button: undisclosed

wut to lily: why isnt jamesie talking to you

lily: i told him i wasnt participating in one of his schemes

wut: whats the scheme


lily: undisclosed

wut to “big mood”: party at the mckinnons’ place tonight be there or be square

wut: except rem ur already a square but i expect to see u there

traitor of the highest order: wow

traitor of the highest order: just for that you’re not getting my defense notes

wut: *gasp* judassssssss

an actual genius: what time

wut: ill pick u all up at six to pregame

more of a belly button: on ur bike?

wut: james (mom) potter will pick us all up at six to pregame

lily to “team blupin”: ok so i know i said i don’t agree with this

lily: but wow was last night a mess we need to get them together

more of a belly button: im glad you think so lil but not right now

lily: why not

more of a bellybutton: i feel like vomiting my liver up

lily: its not my fault you drank too much i thought you were always ready to plot

an actual genius: yeah james cmon

more of a bellybutton: rude goodbye

an actual genius: wow ok

traitor of the highest order to “ merry easter!!!!!”: merry easter is not what you say sirius how drunk were you

wut: drunk enough to know thats genius

wut: where are we meeting on the platform

traitor of the highest order: just go to the usual car

more of a bellybutton: lily and her girls are coming too

wut: obviously

an actual genius: mum packed us fruit

wut: wow how exciting

an actual genius: and fudge

wut: i take it back share with me petey

an actual genius: too late

an actual genius: see you at the station

A/N: pt ii - more of a filler, the good stuff is coming with the next update. Click here for pt i and here for James (mom) Potter

sup swagmasters, i just reached 1,000 like holy moly why did that many people click my follow button, yeah idk. but srsly uh thanks err’body, i literally only joined tumblr in july and have already made so many great/fucking horrible friends (tagged below! i really hope i didn’t forget anyone LMAO)

  1. time to be cliche as fuck, i normally don’t fit in, in other fandoms, i’ve made several of hundred of different accounts on different social medias and never really got anywhere, but here ehhh not really still BFJHDSBJFH jk i finally found a fandom i love like ! wow ok we get it!
  2. internet friends are such a joy like wow people from around the world i can talk to that tolerate me (jk literally everyone is so sick of my shit, wow just like irl!) but ahhh srsly i love every mutual even if ur not tagged
  3. and finally (for my discord buddies) AYEEE IM SO GLAD WE SMASHED THAT MF FOLLOW BUTTON TO 1,000 

ps. zarkon and minions are STILL such a turn on ! ugh yes!!! 😩😩😩😩😩 

  • here are the fuckers that i talk to on a daily basis whom’stve’nt’ing’t keep up with my shit, oh wait no they don’t!

(the list:)

@svance@bwuh@lanceypoo@nunvil@girlgalra@allurla, @hi-its-jane@softbroganes@winterzinea, @zaniadracaenia , @adampdrrish@astralprojectingkeith, @lesbianezor , @shaoes (slap bracelet spouse, wow get a tumblr u n3rD) and my mom


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I just read is it punk rock to fall in love and I'm sorry but whAT ITS SO GOOD I was going to read all of it last night but it was 4am and my eyes were betraying me and kept falling asleep and tbh jealous that Remus can sleep at 8pm wow I could talk about it for literally days GOOD JOB SWEATY ITS W O N D E R F U L and preCIOUS!!!!!!

I’m so glad you like it awwwwwww Im having fun writing it but get some sleep wtf. you’re even more precious, thank you so so so so so much. 💞💞

WELL, HERE WE ARE. A month ago (exactly) I decided to revamp my original character Kaey, & today I hit my first 100 followers, which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I have high hopes for this revamp, & I do know I have felt a lot better since distancing myself from his fandom ties. Either way, I’m here to celebrate my first month + first milestone.

Hopefully things will begin to resolve themselves within my real life, & Kaey will really get the kickstart he deserves. For now, I present a few individuals who have made this blog possible with their unrelenting support, patience, & enabling. But, to all: thank you for following me.

   –   MY CREW

@dalishflame // Viv is literally the light of my life ??? I love her & Atreion so much, she is one of the very good reasons I decided to stay on tumblr like… I owe so much to Viv & Atreion ?? I love our ship, & our friendship, & Viv is such a trooper she tolerates my bs & anxiety & is still such a loving & supportive person. I love u Viv, & Kaey loves u Atreion. <3

@needlcd // Rain is the reason I want to watch Game of Thrones. She writes so beautifully & Arya is just so perfect, I love her as a little sister/daughter to Kaey, & I love all of their aus & the little things we’ve developed for them. So! Worth! It! Rain you are so nice & so eloquent & if there were awards for rpc like the golden globes or something you’d have them all, no joke; you are literally so nice & fun & you try so hard to keep a neutral stance & I respect you so much.

@hittcr & @maestrodarte // Hana is basically my & Kaey’s best friend? I love you so much you don’t even know? I love Eliot & Leo & we have developed so many wonderful things together & it is literally a pleasure every day to talk & write with Hana. ilu bb.

@iimperatriice & @beliiiever // Carleigh! Is! The! Literal! Best! Her Emily is perfect & I haven’t had the chance to write with her Diana yet but she just makes me so happy all the time. You are the real MVP. You are the chilliest & greatiest friend I could ask for online. You are incredibly patient & understanding & so fucking selfless idek how you manage to do it. But I seriously love writing with you across all of our accounts, I love talking & chatting with you, & I am so psyched for our future interactions because I know they will be great! Stay amazing friendo!

@aclassikrem // Krem is love, Krem is life. I adore Raven so much, I love our ship & all the time & development we’ve been able to put into it. I am so blessed to have a friend like Raven, I literally do not know how I came to deserve such a wonderful rp partner. ilu !!!!


@xaedificare ( ilu josie ur so cool pls keep it up !!! ) || @contritoscorde || @boldxinxdeed || @greymagicus || @queenspy ( im so glad to see u back !!! ) || @daemonslae || @afirmbelieverinnopantsfridays || @magicbound ( ur really cool 2 thank u for following me !!! ) || @cuervocanto ( im also so glad u follow me 2 like wow !!! ) || @kingxfmischief|| @boldxinxdeed || @ahvir || @dionadaiir || @neverarhyme ( ilu 2 bb !!! ) || @evermerciful || @iikranay ( u r v cool my guy !!! ) || @babaycga || @acxlyte ( i miss u & vali buddy !!! ) || @empathicstars || @killednobles || @templariumrose || @kingoftheravens ( u r v cool 2 !!! ) || @fereldenhero ( buddy !! ) || @assassiniism || @lastbled || @outlivings ( ilu !!! ) || @couldntbcloved || @xenawarricrprincess || @dawnryse || @siimplewolf ( ilu 2 friend !! ) || @batteredoptimist || @thedarkempath ( & ilu 2 marie !!! ) || @vattghcrn || @bambola-amata ( <3 !!! ) || @sxbjectxvii || @breakhischains || @tornwoes || @strikeforth || @taezr

   –   & FOLLOWERS

Again, thank you all for following me !! c: I really appreciate all the love & support. <3

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it’s embarrassing how many anon asks i send you all the time but i just have so much to say but no vld blog to post on and you’re my favorite so here we are. anYways imagine adams shock when his boyf shiro, beloved son keith, and his favorite student lance all reappear in giant robot cats like wow i’m emo what a reunion

DHSKDJDMDDJ its okay im glad u do muah!!!!
ALSO I KNOW………… just…. reunion with adashi doing the spinny hug thingy…… with tears running down their faces….. nd adam like apologizing for saying he wouldnt wait for him………. nd desperate kisses……..

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Hey guys, I am really happy with this fic and I hope you are too :3 This toom me a while to write and it’s the longest one I have done so far.

Prompt: soulmate AU where you see in Black and while untill you touch ur sm, and Dan starts seeing in colour the morning after a huge concert and’s freaking out because he touched his fave band member.

Dan opened his eyes to see a ray of yellow light streaming in from the windows, he knew he should have closed the blinds after the concert last night- wait, Dan was seeing yellow!

Dan sat up within seconds and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked around the room to see various colours illuminating it.

Dan couldn’t believe he was seeing in colour, after 21 years of seeing in black and white. He blinked a couple times to fully take in what was happening. How?Who? As the tiredness slowly drifted from Dan, memories of the night before came flooding back to him.

Dan was standing at the front of the crowd at a concert. Not just any concert though, a Screams in the streets concert, his favourite band of all time. He was ecstatic to be finally seeing them live. Screams in the streets had been his favourite band since his best friend PJ introduced them to him, two years ago.

The melodic tunes coming from the instruments accompanied by the angelic voice filled his ears. Dan had to admit that he formed some-what of a crush on the lead singer, Phil Lester. Phil’s beautiful voice was always there with reassuring lyrics. During the concert, Dan and PJ managed to shove their way to the front. Dan looked up at Phil and was memorized by his beauty. He looked even better in real life.

Phil looked down and locked eyes with Dan. He smirked and winked and Dan swore his heart skipped a beat.

Through out the concert, Dan and Phil kept meeting eyes and every time Dan looked down to hide his blush. Dan swore he almost passed out when Phil touched his hand. A tingling sensation went through Dan’s hand and all the way to his body. 

Dan was leaning against the stage and had his hand held in front of him when Phil bent down and grabbed it.

Dan put his hands to his chest to help slow down his breathing. This couldn’t be possible, could it?

“PJ?” Dan shouted across the flat, waiting from a reply. He picked up his phone to see it was only 9:36 am. He knew PJ wouldn’t be up but this couldn’t wait. Dan pulled his bed covers off and slipped a pair of trackies on before making his way to PJ’s room.

Dan knocked on the door before opening it. He walked over to the bed and sat next to a growing PJ.

“Go away” PJ mumbled, pulling his sheets over his head.

“PJ this is important” Dan said pulling his covers from his head.

“Well it can wait till breakfast-” PJ was cut off by Dan shouting “ I can see in colour!” PJ sat up straight and looked Dan in the eyes.

“What? How? Wait, who?” PJ stuttered.

“Well the thing is we were at a concert. It could have been anyone. But my mum said that when you meet your soulmate you go all tingly. Well that happened last night… when i touched when I touched Phil…” Dan said blushing.

“Wait, you’re telling me that your soulmate is the guy you have drooled over for the past two years? Phil- fucking- Lester! Dude, this is amazing!” PJ exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Yes but Phil Lester is a famous singer. I am just boring Dan Howell. Even though we are soulmates, he doesn’t know me” Dan said sadly.

“Dan, yes Phil is famous but he is your soulmate. He is ment to be your lover for the rest of your life! If you got that tingly feeling, then he would have as well. He doesn’t know who you are but you know who he is. There are ways to contact him” PJ shouted.

“Yeah but how?” Dan asked. He knew he had to contact Phil.

“We will tweet him. I mean, he just started seeing in colour. He is gonna be on the look out for his souldmate, right?” He reached for his laptop. Dan nodded and watched as PJ brought twitter up. He typed something out and turned it around to show him the screen.

@AmazingPhil This is my friend. look familiar? ;)

Dan scrolled down to see the attached image. It was a picture of him from a couple of weeks ago.

“Thanks dude” He said, pulling PJ into a hug. They pulled away when PJ’s laptop made a noise,

@KickthePJ very! seems I can see in colour now!

@AmazingPhil @Danisnotonfire is the one this belongs to.

PJ pressed tweet and smirked at Dan. “You’re welcome” He said before closing his laptop and throwing it to the end of his bed. He lay back down and pulled his covers back over his head. “Now get out” He mumbled. Dan got up and walked back to his room. He picked his phone up as he sat on his bed. Dan turned his phone on the see his notifications that read;

@AmazingPhil followed you.

Message from @AmazingPhil 

Dan smiled to himself as he unlocked his phone. He went strait to his messages.

Hi your friend PJ, is it? tweeted me saying this was where I could contact you :3- P

Dan clicked the reply button and typed.

Hey, Yeah that was him. so… we’re soulmates huh? - D

Within seconds Dan got a reply

Yeah I guess were are. so ur a fan of my music then? ;)- P

Nah, i have no idea who you are ;p no srsly i love ur music! :3- D

Hahaa, would have never of guessed :p- P

yep, u guys guys helped me through a lot really…- D

really? like what? if u dont mind me asking?- P

its fine ur my soulmate after all. uni dropout- D

oh wow. well, im glad to have helped :)- P

Yes u did- D

so Dan would u like to meet for coffee? - P

Dan stared at the message for what felt like hours. Phil. Phil- fucking- Lester wanted to meet up with him.

uh sure. where?- D

today? 1 ish? Starbucks?- P

sure. can’t wait! <3- D

Dan replied only to realise what he had send moments after.

see u there <3 xx

He sighed in relief to see Phil wasn’t freaked out.


Around 12, Dan decided to take a quick shower. After he was done he spent way to long according to PJ, choosing his outfit. Deciding on black skinny jeans and a black tee. Dan straightened his hair and was out the door, walking to Starbucks at 12:48.

When he finally arrived he looked in the window to see a nervous yet attractive Phil. Dan walked slowly over to the door and opened it. He made his way over to Phil and stood behind him.

“Is this seat taken?” Dan asked, laughing when a small squeal came from Phil. He turned around and blushed when he saw it was Dan.

“That was mean” Phil fake pouted. Dan sat down in the seat next to him. He turned his head to look at Phil, almost bumping their heads from how close they were.

“Hi” Dan whispered. 

“HI” Phil smiled back.

5 Years later

Phil was never usually this nervous when it came to preforming, but it’s not like he proposes every time he does. Dan noticed how nervous Phil seemed and gave him a hug. “Don’t look so nervous. You have done this many times before. You’ll be great as always” He said giving Phil a kiss before pulling him towards the stage. “Good luck. I love you!” Dan shouted as Phil walked on stage.

The concerts went by as per usual. After singing the last song, Phil was shaking from nerves. “Before we leave tonight their is something I want to do. Dan will you come out here a sec?” Phil extended his hand and waited as Dan walked onto the stage and took his hand. “ As you all know this is my soulmate Dan. Me and Dan have been together for a long time and I want to be with him forever more. Dan, I love you so fucking much and it would make me the happiest person alive if you would do me the honour in becoming my husband. Will you marry me?” Phil got down on one knee and pulled the small black box from his pocket. 

Dan’s hands flew to his mouth as tears fell from his eyes. He quickly nodded and Phil slipped the black ring onto his finger. He stood up to be tackled in a hug by a crying Dan. “ I love you” Dan sniffed.

“I love you too” Phil smiled.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever takin any time to go all the way back to your first posts to now and just seen your art progress? I have to say looking at your progress makes me super proud to see and I'm glad you kept all ur old posts bc it's really amazing and encouraging to see where hard work and practice can get u so Thankyou so much for being such a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. I'll always be supporting you and your work! If ur ever feeling down remember u are AMAZING and u are amazing bc u r u

wow this is so kind?? Thank you so much. It means a lot that you recognize my progress. I feel like its slow but Im glad its there! this means a lot. I wish I could thank you more! 

anonymous asked:

Honestly I don't even know you and yet I like you way more that some people I meet and interact with every day. You seem like such a kind ,sweet and nice person. So thank you for being on Tumblr and thank you for creating this blog I really love it and seeing your name in my notifications really makes my day ~

wowowowow dude this makes my heart feel all fuzzy inside and i cant stop smiling like real hard and wow oh my gosh thank you for liking my blog, it really means a lot to me that it makes ur day oh gosh my heart is spazzing a lil rn,, im really glad u sent me this bc its made my saturday 10x brighter and woww anonie, you are so ducking sweet 💛💛💛

hope you have a wonderful day today!!!!!