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How about the lions becoming human or whatever race with a side of langst?

Fuck yes!!!!!! Mama Blue to the rescue!!!!!! :D
The new ability had come out of nowhere. One minute Pidge was frustrated with a new upgrade, and the next a human version of her Lion was pointing out what was wrong with the programming.
After that, a human form became available to Black, Yellow, and even Red. Green looked quite similar to Pidge’s mother, Colleen. Black explained that they chose their form based on an important female figure in their Paladin’s life, with a few differences. Like Green having bright lime colored hair and golden eyes.
The hair color matched the Lion’s metal, and all of their eyes were golden. They were a physical manifestation of their own Quintessence, while their metal bodies stayed put.
And yet, Blue still didn’t have her human form. That function was damaged, and she’d had no time to repair it since she’d been reactivated.
Lance didn’t blame her one bit, but he did feel slightly jealous every time he saw Hunk and Yellow, a bubbly yet bulky blonde reminiscent of Hunk’s mother, chatting away and baking in the kitchen or Keith actually laughing while training with Red, who may have been short and slim figured but was fast on her feet.
What really hurt, was that nobody seemed to care about it. Their Lions took his place as the friendly guy to the team. Pidge had Green to keep her active, Hunk had Yellow to soothe his anxiety, Shiro had Black to calm his flashbacks or nightmares, Keith had Red to tell him when to stop training for the day.
Nobody needed him around anymore.
Most of his time was spent in Blue’s cockpit, blurting out his frustrations and worries and fears while she hummed to him to calm him, upset she couldn’t assure his worth with words like she wished to do. He didn’t know if anybody even noticed that he was hardly around anymore, aside from missions. He kept it to himself, knowing that the Lions made his team happy, he couldn’t be selfish and beg for attention. He was raised better than that.
The tipping point was during a mission to destroy a Galran main support ship. They had formed Voltron to fight back, but that’s where everything went to Hell. An overcharged laser cannon hit Blue, inflicting horrifying damage and actually snapping the leg off of the main body. They were forced to split up, Blue returning to her previous Lion form but unable to move as her pilot wasn’t responsive.
Blue was sent flying at high speeds into a planet so very very far away from her sisters, crashing into a black ocean that felt thick and heavy against her metal skin as they sunk to the planet’s ice cold core.
Her Lance was bleeding, badly. He was burnt and sliced up from the electricity of the laser. She drew in power from the sludgy ocean and forced herself to form a human body inside her own cockpit. Fluffy, curly blue hair bounced around her tan shoulders as her slim, twiggy body smoothed out her blue t-shirt and jean shorts, grimacing at the sticky dark red liquid staining her bare feet.
Wasting no time, she hurried to where her first aid kit was stored and pulled out everything, more than a little frantic. She almost slid on the bloody floor while dashing back, but she caught herself and pulled away his armor, leaving him in his black undersuit. She’d left a working light on before she’d shifted, as it was pitch dark outside her windows, and proceeded to tend to the burns and slashes carefully.
She pulled him onto the floor with her, and tucked his head onto her chest, purring soothingly, light glinting off of her golden eyes. She tilted her head back to look at the ceiling.
She hoped her sisters found them soon.
If you want a part two, let me know! Instead, have this Mama Blue and langst ;)
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Edit: there’s more of this AU!

Jimin is always getting random af texts in early hours of the morning from an unkown number, he soon finds out it’s the most popular (bad) boy in school, Jeon Jungkook. 13/?

They’re all one big happy family!! The dance went perfectly!! They all get along and everything is picture perfect. But for how long? 

Edit: I forgot to add the last photo but its there now!!

Tony: Okay, my dear interns, it’s time to go home.

(Y/N): Just five more minutes please.

Tony: No, you kids need some sleep.

Peter: But-

Tony: No “buts”. Go… you have until the count of three

(Y/N): Please, Mister Stark!

Peter: We don’t wanna go!

Tony: Ugh, fine, you can both stay the night here but you have to call your parents.

(Y/N) and Peter: SLEEPOVER!


So after the kids “defeat” IT and they all hug Bill as he breaks down while holding Georgie’s coat I can’t help but feel as if Bill would refuse to leave without Georgie’s body. Like all these months he has been looking for him even though he knew deep down that he was dead but he always had that hopefulness that maybe, just maybe he would be alive. The scene where Bill shoots Georgie AKA Pennywise is where he comes to terms that his little brother is really dead. So after they stop IT he WILL NOT leave his little brother’s body to continue rotting down there.

Just imagine the kids all dirty and beat up and bloody trudging their way silently through Derry with George’s little body while Bill continues to sob hysterically but no one says anything because even though they stopped IT.

They did not win.

Sick of you

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Yes! Anon:  What about some Draco Malfoy imagine? Maybe like he is only kind and sweet with you. But doesn’t want that nobody finds that he is like that so when people are around, he is rude to you. You choose the end hahaha!!!

A/N: Hope you like it! I got a carried away. 

please dont hate me

“You look so cute when you blush!” my boyfriend Draco said. We’ve been together only a few weeks and I really enjoyed his company, he was always sweet to me.

“You know? It isnt fair that people say that girls look cute when they blush, they just make us blush even more!” I told him. At the moment we were near the Forbbiden Forest, it was sort of our spot.

“Well, I think it’s cute” he said looking at me s I covered my face with my hand.

“Shut up!” I said laughing “let’s go, I dont want to miss dinner”

“As you wish, my princess” 

“how you doin? guys” I said looking at Draco’s friends

“Hey Draco, Y/n” Blaise answered 

“Y/n, why dont you go to your friends while I am here?” Draco said looking at me

“I don’t want to, I want to stay here”

“And I don’t want you to be with us”


“I don’t like you to be with us! You are useless here” he said looking at me with something I could only descrive as disgust.

“Ok, I’ll go” I said as I walked away, he never treated me like that when we were alone. What was his problem?

“Weren’t you a little to harsh there Malfoy?” I heard Pansy, but she said in tone that sounded like she was mocking me.

“Nice one mate” was the last thing I heard as I walked away.

A little time later I was in the library when Draco came to me

“I’m sorry about that Y/n”

“I don’t know, are you?” I looked over my book

“Yeah, I dont know what happened to me” he sat next to mee and I putted my book down.

“That makes two of us”

“Y/n, I am really sorry, sorry for treating you like that babe, I am sorry”

“Ok, I belive you, just, don’t do it again ok?”

“Ok, I wont do it again, sorry again princess” 

But he will do it again. Repeteadly

Since that day I avoided to talk to Draco’s friends. But I couldn’t avoid them forever, it just kept happening, they would mock me everytime they saw me and Draco will be getting on their side, but the straw that high tumbler came when me and Draco were in a hallway talking, when Blaise and Pansy came to us.

“Draco! We just wanted to know if you were still be with us during dinner, without your stupid girlfriend, of course” Pansy said looking to me like I was just a piece of garbage.

I just stood there looking at Draco, hoping he would do or say anything, but he was just looking down, avoiding my eyes

“Yeah, maybe she could go with her mudblood friend” that was it. I couldnt stand them anymore. They could mock me but whenever someone mocked my friends I got angry, and specially my friend Emily, who was a muggle born, she was in Hufflepuff and I met her before I even met Draco. In thirth year I was in the Black Lake reading a muggle book wich I found in a library on Hogsmade when she came to me and told me that she was reading the exact same book. Since then we were friends ndwe would recomend books to each other all the time, wich was one of the tings Draco didnt accepted about me.

I was a half blood that came from a long line of purebloods until my father met a muggle and married her, and I was alays intrested in the muggle world, but since I met Draco I had to read the muggle books when I was alone.

But when I heard Zabini call Emily a mudblood I got out of there with tears forming in my eyes, not sad tears, anger tears. I was angry that every time Parkinson or zabini said something about me Draco wouldnt say nothing or he would get on their side.

I got out of the castle and went to the other side of the Black Lake, the side that was near the wall that kept Hogwarts away from the world. I sat with my back againts the wall and screamed. Even tough me and Draco had only been together for four months I was already sick of him and his friends.

Part two?

Sorry, not sorry

What makes me really sad is that I think that Lucifer would have actually killed himself for Michael on that battlefield (or cemetary whatever) back in season 5. A slight chance of it if Dean didn’t interrupt their scene.

They would have circled around each other, then try to fight with archangel tricks, but keep on talking through the whole scene until eventually at some point, they’d randomly get to memories of Heaven when they were reunited and happy. They would stop everything they’re doing, realising that this is wrong.

“What are we even doing right now, Michael? What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?” Lucifer would say, “Would you look at us?”

Michael would’ve dropped his dagger, but Lucifer wouldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to because something would’ve told him that he can make his brother shine in victory. And Michael would have looked at him pleadingly and reach out with one hand, ask him to do the same.

“You’re right, brother,” he would finally say, “Please, drop your weapon. It’s over—”

“No, not yet.” Lucifer would object, and turn the blade in his hand, offering it for Michael to take, “You are right; I am a monster. For doing what is wrong. And we shall end this.” Michael would look down at the blade, and back to his brother, bewildered and deeply hurt.

“I am not going to.”

“Please, Michael. This is what you wanted.”

“No! this is what Father wanted.”

They’d approach, step for step, word for word until Lucifer is able to grab Michael’s hand and force him to take the dagger, and he’d be smiling with pain visible in his eyes,

“It is indeed what Father pleased, and you are a good son, Michael. So please, make him proud of you for me.” he’d say, “Our motivational quote was; A good soldier’s gotta do what a good soldier’s gotta do, remember?”

Michael would hold onto Lucifer’s wrist, the one hand that holds the blade that’s directly pointed at the younger one heart. He’d be silent for a while, not look up at the eyes that stare at him with encouragement.

“I do remember,” he’d whisper, “How Gabriel used to chant ‘Heroes fight for what is right’, how we’d combine our grace to create, how we…loved each other—”

A shaky breath would leave Michael’s mouth when he feels Lucifer pierce the blade through his own heart, making him gasp for a short amount of air.


“You still remember,” Lucifer would whisper gratefully, “Everything.”

Michael’s hand would tighten around Lucifer’s wrist, he wouldn’t let go. He’d be forced to watch his younger brother die in front of him, blood trickling over his hands. The color would drain out of Lucifer’s eyes whilst he looks at Michael as and he slowly dies into his arms. Michael would shout his name, scream, cry, over and over—hold him back, slowly kneel down with his brother in his arms. The one he raised. The one he loved. He’d bury his face into Lucifer’s hair, and stay there. He wouldn’t leave.

“Of course I remember,” he’d murmur with a sheepish smile that he wouldn’t hold longer than two seconds as tears would be free’d, “How could I possibly forget?”


Henry Gets A Haircut hcs pt 2

This was made because DAMN I forgot a few that I like a lot, mostly because I didnt focus on the reader too much in the first part. Some of this stuff is sitting in my outline, notes and idea document, so I though y’all would wanna know a few. Enjoy.

  • Angela and Patrick used to have a good relationship until she forced him into therapy. He resents her now, and barely speaks to her if he can avoid it. When she wants his attention, she snaps at him in his second language, Vietnamese.
  • Patrick is bilingual. English is his first language, but he is fluent in Vietnamese, as I hc him to be half Vietnamese. (See HERE)
  • The Reader is a lightweight of the highest degree. She watches what she drinks carefully, and usually stops after her second or third, and her drinks are more chaser than alcohol. If someone is more sober than her (usually Patrick or Belch, Henry and Vic always get fucked up), she might go a little over for the sake of fun, but only if she feels safe. Her tolerance with weed is low too, and a hit or two will make her all fuzzy. A third? Shes buzzed as fuck.
  • Patrick got an undercut with long fringe in sophomore year and there is no photographic evidence because he destroyed it all when he grew his luscious locks back. The reader has exactly 8 photos of him with it on her phone.
  • Vic and Henry take a lot of the spring break camping photos and have some gems. They include; One of The Reader shrieking as Belch runs after her with a fish he just caught. One of the gang (minus Vic) sitting on a log watching the sunset. One of Patricks leg on fire because he got too close to the fire (he was fine alter). One of Henry and Patrick fighting with fishing poles, taken right before each of them got a lure snatched on their skin. And best of all, one of The Reader (on the shoulders of Belch) and Belch going toe to toe with Henry (on the lanky ass shoulders of Pat) and Patrick in a game of chicken while at the lake. (The Reader and Belch lost.)
  • Tents for camping went as such; Henry and Belch, banished to a tent of their own because they snore and kick and roll around. The Reader, Patrick and Vic in the other. Vic moves around, and it keeps Patrick (who is a light sleeper) up at night. Patrick either kicks Vic out or leaves for the Trans-Am to sleep.
  • Victor Criss has taken a crazy amount of photos of the Reader and Patrick in various sleeping positions since they became friends. His favorite he’s taken is on a wall of his room (to be shown in the future) from a night at Patrick’s house when everyone slept over. The Reader and Patrick are passed out, with Patrick laying on his couch and the Reader splayed out on top of him, with her cheek pressed against his collarbone. Patrick has a tight arm wrapped around her and a gentle thread of his fingers in her hair, while the readers arms are wrapped around his middle. Patrick’s chin is propped on her head.
  • The Reader attends church with Patrick at least once a month, and always goes to Sunday breakfast with his family. Vic has ragged on her for this since the dawn of time. Though not particularly religious, she has always believed it was worth her time to join Patrick in something he is interested in- even if she thinks the stark difference between him and the catholic church are sizable.
  • Charles Hockstetter likes the Reader and thinks her to be a positive influence on Patrick because of her good grades and polite personality.
  • Angela Hockstetter loves the Reader and invites her to anything and everything. She has met the Reader’s parents on numerous occasions and created a very good relationship with them. Patrick thinks his mother meddles too much in the Reader’s life for comfort and is always on his toes around his mother when she brings her up.
  • Patrick Hockstetter thinks of the Reader as his “Best Friend”. In comparison, the rest of the gang are simply his friends.
  • A word for the Reader to describe feelings for Patrick: Querencia // A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.
  • A word for Patrick to describe feelings for the Reader: Accismus // Feigning disinterest in something while actually desiring it.
  • The Readers first kiss was Dan Wilkins in sophomore year, but if anyone asked, she had her first in seventh grade. He kissed her while they hung out with the bowers gang and a few of his friends by the canal side and to this day, she regrets it.
  • Patrick was friendly with Dan Wilkins and inherently introduced him and the Reader to each other. He has not spoken to Dan in three years out of resentment since witnessing the kiss between him and the Reader.
  • Patrick’s first kiss was with a guy in eighth grade. He has yet to tell who is was, but Vic speculates it was with Ken Michaels, who moved away that following year and was openly bi.
  • Henry tried to poke fun at Patrick for being indifferent to his partners, but it ended as suddenly as it started after Patrick (circa junior year) admitted to the amount of bed partners he had already scored. Double digits. It earned a token of respect from Henry, and now he just doesnt mention it.
  • The Reader and Abraham Terrence (ex boyfriend number 3) are in several of the same classes together still, and he is still hung up on her. She avoids him at all costs.
  • Patrick has told the Reader nothing about his fridge or Avery, however, she has an inkling of there being something wrong he’s done, even if he hasn’t fessed up to it.
  • The Reader has cried in front of only Patrick one (1) time, and he had no idea what to do. In the end, he settled for silence and the offering of cigarettes, and let her cry it out. It was never spoken of again.
  • Patrick fucked Getta Bowie in January of Senior year and called her by the Reader’s name at climax. The two are not on speaking terms. Awkward.