I’m more than furious. I’m pissed the fuck off. The reboot was bad enough, but now I just found out that they stole the idea for their reboot from a small LATINA writer who’s working on a show called Brujas (which will be an all poc production team and cast). Fuck you CW. Fuck you Jennie Urman. Fuck you and your fake ass diversity. 

I need to get this off of my chest because it’s been bugging me since yesterday and I cried myself to sleep last night over it and I woke up this morning still upset over it. I was venting on another blog about the possibility of me not being able to see BTS next month because I don’t have the rest of the money I need, but I’m doing commissions to write things for people and make moodboards for them on top of that, I have a nsfw blog where I’m selling stuff on there as well, and an anon had the nerve to ask as to why I can’t get a job and that I just can’t expect things to just fall in my hands. Well it’s not that easy for me to get a job and I feel like a broken record, but here’s why.

I have a disability. Not only do I have to deal with a foot condition that I was born with, but I have to deal with a knee that my dumbass messed up when I was 15 after hitting it on the metal frame of my sister’s bed. While those things didn’t stop me from dancing, I need to be cautious and if my knee hurts, I wear a brace. I have to wear insoles with metal in them to help me correct my feet and to make walking more comfy for me. Plus I have depression and anxiety and I also have a bad memory. These things along with me not being qualified enough, makes it hard to find a job.

I’m not saying this for sympathy, I’m saying this because it upset me that a stranger judged me for something that I can’t control in a sense. I want to work so badly and I wish I didn’t have to deal with these things, but I have to deal with the cards that life gave me. I want to be a makeup artist and I’m trying to go to beauty school so my dreams can come true, on top of trying to get away from my controlling, abusive father so cut me some slack and don’t judge me for finding ways to make money.

I’m really trying here 💔

You guys,

Kimberly, VA of Allura spoiled a while ago that the paladins fell asleep for some time. The thing is she was looking at Josh, Shiroโ€™s VA not Jeremy which is Lanceโ€™s VA.

So, that means Shiro also went to sleep. Which gives this image a little more depth.

No one fucken folds like that!!! Lol Whatever, the thing is its folded with Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Coran, and Allura in one side and Lance, and Keith in the other.

This side was probably the side that went into a deep sleep, since Allura and Shiro are in it. Which means Pidge, Hunk, and Coran also go to sleep. So, what happeneds to Lance and Keith?

Well, Jeremy did kinda say that Lance and Keith would be in the Astral Plane together,

No official confirmation, but we get the message, plus we always see a Blue and Red star sticking out the most,

I know a lot of people think that the pink star is Alluraโ€™s star? But I think that star is Shiro,

For me, those three stars that stick out the most are the quintessence color of the people who will be stuck in the Astral Plane.

Just my thought.

Also, at that same time, someone had asked about L/K friendship and Kimberly literly quoted โ€œfriendshipโ€

Hmmm, anyways, they might think theyโ€™re are dead, hence why we see this,

They think the paladins are dead, but they are just asleep, and or lost/stuck.

Link: https://twitter.com/shirosaclone/status/982750900266721280?s=19