im a clown

✅Fight with twin sister that made me disconnect with her again
✅Text from Mother where she tried to invoke sympathy for breaking boundaries yet again
✅Dentist appt that has me so terrified I’m already shaking
✅Major surgery on Monday

Week is looking pretty bleak. Happy to have my squad with me.

i always forget my grandma used to be a clown so it caught me the fuck off guard when she saw this

and no hesitation saying “oh it’s that creepy clown- oh he’s drinking that’s against clown code”

edit: i see y’all likin this post go follow @influenssa bc the version of the gif i saw had some shithead cropping out credit

jason to the batfam gc at 3am: @ duke @ babs this could be us but u playin (by the old mans rules) :/

duke: god i wish that were me

babs: im the girl in red who knew that had to be done

duke: im the girl in brown pretending to be shocked in case she’s caught on camera, so she can just say she was forced to participate and is left off the hook

jason: damn you’re good thomas

bruce: you know we can all read the groupchat right.