im a bit salty can you tell

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I’m a huge fan of the mcu, but I’ve never read a comic. I get so much shit for it all the time though (only really online because I’m a girl) but I’ve found that people irl don’t really care? I live in the most rural place where there are just no comic book stores. Anyway I was thinking about buying some online, what ones do you think are the most vital to the movies?

dont waste your money on comics or a marvel unlimited subscription just cause some neckbearded assholes think theyre better than you for consuming them. you watched movies, you liked them - bam. youre a marvel fan, they can grumble all they want about being ‘real marvel fans’ cause thats really the only bit of satisfaction they will ever get after wasting their life on reading hundreds of comics clearly not for their enjoyment but for the feeling of entitlement they will never otherwise get in their miserable lives. cant you tell im salty about stereotypical mostly male comic readers that are probably crying on their keyboards cause brie larson isnt wearing a tight enough outfit? lmfao

anyways, if you wanna read comics for yourself, depends on your fave characters as to which comics you’ll enjoy the most! in regards to which comics’ storylines most influenced marvel movies, you can probably find lists online or i could make one for you later in the day!!

you: wow did u see the snk season 2 trailer eren looks amazing and the ackermans are back!!!

me, an intellectual: Yes but did you even notice Armin. Of course you didn’t because he had literally 2 shots in the entire trailer and I bet season 2 will have even less Armin even when it’s his arc because Armin isn’t the ‘main character’ Eren is. WHILE IN FACT THERE ARE 3 MAIN CHARACTERS AND LEVI AIN’T ONE SO WHY DOES HE GET ALL THIS OFFICIAL ART AND ARMIN GETS REPLACED-

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my new blog! As you probably can’t tell based off of my blog name, this is going to be a Kiran based ask blog! I’m Ched, aka the artist of this blog and I’m pretty excited to start answering your asks (as kiran of course :P) Please do keep in mind that since I’m new to managing an ask blog and just this stuff in general, I’ll be keeping the ask box cap a bit low at 15 max. Aside from that, I look forwards to meeting and interacting with you all!

If you’re curious about me, I’m putting a few fun facts about myself under this :>

Fun facts with Ched

  • I’m a lefty! (Idk i just really like to tell people this XD)
  • I’m currently learning ASL (american sign language) in school right now
  • I’m bilingual(I guess?) , I speak both English and Chinese, but I’m unable to read and write Chinese
  • Aside from Fire Emblem, I also like Splatoon, Pokemon(Haven’t caught up since Sun & Moon tho, sorry!), and just overall Nintendo stuff.
  • I also like playing Terraria, Starbound, and Stardew Valley! Hollow Knight is another one of my favorites but i’m bad at it -3-
  • One of my motivations for creating this blog was due to a lack of active fire emblem ask blogs (tho i’m not really looking hard for them either so if you know any feel free to point them out!)
  • I also follow like 10 different FE writing and headcanon blogs, so I may end up running my blog similar to theirs than what you expect from a normal ask blog
  • Oh and one of my favorite FE characters is Nils(NOT Niles)

aand i ended up rambling about myself… hope yall dont mind :P

Bamon is canon, you can’t tell me shiiiit

I’m still crying laughing over Ebock’s face lookin’ confused as fuck (and maybe a tinsy bit salty) at Damon when he moaned “Bonnie.” Like oh my gosh! 

She was like “WTF did you just say?”

And then she realized that they had Damon’s wife, soul mate, and mother of his witch babies company present in the room. 

Bahahaha!! Bamon is cannon as fuck, no one can tell me otherwise.